Russell Wilson Frustrated With Seahawks?

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is frustrated with the team’s inability to construct a solid offensive line, Jason La Canfora of (on Twitter) hears. The eight-time Pro Bowler has been sacked nearly 400 times across nine seasons, making Wilson’s camp nervous about his health, longevity, and potential to win moving forward in Seattle. 

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The Seahawks have been receiving calls on Wilson lately, but they’ve turned down every suitor so far. If Wilson is truly unhappy with team brass, that could potentially spark some activity. And, for what it’s worth, the Seahawks have at least pondered the possibility before. In 2018, the Browns approached the Seahawks and daangled either the No. 1 or No. 4 overall pick. Internally, the Seahawks reasoned that they would need both picks to consider such a blockbuster.

Wilson, 33 in November, managed 40 passing touchdowns last year en route to Pro Bowl selection No. 8. Still, Wilson wants to be more involved in the team’s roster construction.

It think it helps to be involved more,” Wilson told The Dan Patrick Show this week (Twitter link). “I think that dialogue should happen more often.”

Meanwhile, the Seahawks will have to weigh their affinity for Wilson against an impending numbers crunch. His four-year, $140MM extension signed in 2019 furnished him with an average annual salary of $35MM. There’s only two years to go on that deal, and, barring a severe drop in the cap, Wilson is probably on course for a raise.

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39 comments on “Russell Wilson Frustrated With Seahawks?

  1. compassrose

    I would be upset too. Build an OL to protect your QB. They stopped the draft DL to convert to OL fiasco but still have wiffed on draft picks.They need to pick up some FAs or make a trade or two. Protect your investment with a good OL seems obvious.

    • Ak185

      The ironic thing is that J.R. Sweezy was one of the few good linemen that they’ve had.

  2. arty!

    Russ should be mad. That’s a ton of sacks. I read another article on this, I think it was, but the author said to the effect that should players have some input/control on rosters since they are employees? Well, the coaching staff and GM are also employees. Seeing the success TB had with Tom, why not give some authority to your top echelon players?

    • JOHNSmith2778

      I think the best way for teams to do it is to be open and honest. Get feedback from your key players and let them know what you’re thinking as a front office member. If there’s a reason why the o line isn’t a priority or living up to standards, tell the QB what your trying to do. You don’t have to be on the same page but you should be communicating.

    • k_ramp11

      Because Brady has always given away millions he could be making to field a better team around him. Everyone else just wants to be highest paid at that moment in time. Gotta understand there’s a salary cap. If one guy makes 20% of cap, or at least that’s what his cap hit is, you can’t field of team of all stars around him. Simple math!

      • arty!

        That’s what MJ did during his first 3 titles. Less from the Bulls knowing he had plenty (from them) as well as his endorsements. MJ knew he needed better players to help him out.

  3. Greg M

    It doesn’t matter how many articles you write Zach or how many anonymous sources Jason La Canfora pulls out of his rear. THEY ARE NOT TRADING RUSSELL WILSON!

  4. phillyballers

    He, Wagner. and Lockett can restructure and they can cut Dunlap. 37M in cap space with several players they’d probably want to bring back or sign. Wont be easy.

    • paindonthurt

      They need Dunlap, or a replacement the way the team is structured. I wouldn’t count on Irvin at this point.

  5. antsmith7

    The only way to get done draft capital and cap room. I would hate to lose Russ, but I don’t see this team being good enough to get back to the SB without adding more high end talent.

  6. jb10000lakes

    Christ, here we go. Now it will be the high end QB’s prancing around the country like Lebron and Co. looking to make superteams.

    • Ak185

      Well, the Bucs and Brady just did that. The Rams almost won a title doing the same two years ago. I don’t think that it’s going to end.

  7. jb10000lakes

    Waaaaaahhhh. Maybe instead of insisting on being “respected” to the tune of $35M/yr, you take $20M and pay some decent linemen instead.

    • greenbowlpacker

      Find the lineman who is willing to come in free agency and how much Wilson will restructure. Bobby will need to restructure as well. Get Lindly center from Green Bay to come and bet they find the money.
      Linemen are tough to find. Very few teams don’t have oline problems.

  8. Hannibal8us

    Seattle’s OL has definitely sucked but a large part of his high sack number is that Russ holds onto the ball forever. It’s what makes him great but it’s definitely shortening his career.

    • Chester Copperpot

      I LOVE Russ, but this is the most true statement on this website. He holds the ball forever.

      • j-nels

        Love what Russ has done for the Hawks but agree with the statement. Add that he drops back and doesn’t step deep enough in the pocket. DEs will eat this angle up! I think he was hurt/injure the final few months. He is starting to realize his longevity. Love him but Hawks should use their Brian and trade him. Could they get Watson plus some?!?!? Aged Rodgers?

  9. GoChargers

    Seems like Seattle really fell off and became less dangerous when Wilson wasn’t on his rookie deal anymore. Once they had to pay the quartback then they couldn’t find a way to fill the rest of the roster out

    • mcmillankmm

      Oh yeah, along with that defense too…once they all started getting paid they had to start squeezing the roster

    • Chester Copperpot

      62-33-1 since he signed his first extension in 2015… some drop off.

      • GoChargers

        Didn’t say they were a bad team but they’re not the Legion of Boom by any stretch either.

        • phillyballers

          Well 3 lost divisional and 2 lost WC and 2 non appearances. They havent made it to the conference championship since he got paid.

  10. Tatsumaki

    Reads this article notices a ton of errors…. looks at author, yup that explains it.

    • 6stringer79

      The whole team has always been very humble and admits they are human when I have pointed out errors. I’m guessing you’ve never made a mistake in your job…??? Maybe constructive criticism instead of slamming someone?

  11. carlos15

    They can’t afford to pay for an offensive line to protect you because they’re paying you.

  12. Sivert10

    The Seahawks line is average but it is made to look worse by how long Wilson holds the ball. I did not find the statistics from this past year but usually he ranks in the bottom 3 in how long he holds it. Mobile QB’s are often praised for the sacks they avoid while still ranking in the bottom of the league in getting sacked. Less mobile QB’s get rid of the ball quick and make their average lines look better.

  13. InvalidUserID

    Team only has so much cap. Pay the QB top dollar leaves less for OLine, Russ.

  14. metsie1

    LOL. If Russell Wilson wants more say in roster construction he should become a GM or perhaps buy a team. In this case he’s the QB who gets $35M a year to be the QB. Maybe he should concentrate on that job first.

    • funkmasta198

      Exactly here we go with all these qb’s thinking they get paid to make team decisions. Your not the GM.. they pay you millions to play the position.. not to make the team decisions. Getting old.. quickly. Maybe If they weren’t paying you 35 mil a yr they’d have more money to spend on the OL. But i bet he ain’t willing to give that up

  15. TRoberts7

    Here is an idea, take a pay cut so they can go get you some protection.

  16. MileHighFan

    Wilson was extremely hesitant to throw in the latter half of this season, thus HE was the cause of many of his sacks.

    The numbers show the difference between the best and worst offensive lines is about two extra sacks given up per game, thus there isn’t really much to be gained by complaining.

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