No First-Round Picks Offered For Carson Wentz

It’s unlikely that the Eagles have been offered a first-round pick for Carson Wentz, according league sources who spoke with to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer. That goes for “this year” or any year “in the future,” Bowen says, which means that the Birds may have to settle for far less than they wanted. 

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The Lions fetched two future first-rounders and a third-rounder for Matthew Stafford, but it’s hardly an apples-to-apples comparison. To get that package, the Lions agreed to take on Jared Goff‘s whopper of a contract. Meanwhile, Wentz has an outsized deal of his own. Wentz, 28, is signed through 2024 with $47.2MM guaranteed through the 2022 season.

The Colts and the Bears have been linked to Wentz. In theory, teams that missed out on Stafford like the Broncos, Panthers, and 49ers could get in the mix. The Patriots were also one-time Stafford suitors, but they’re not interested in the former No. 2 overall pick.

The Eagles claim that they want to move forward with Wentz, but, by all accounts, he still wants out. It may behoove Howie Roseman to make a deal sooner rather than later. If Wentz is on the roster by the third day of the league year in March, the Eagles will owe him a $10MM signing bonus. They can escape that obligation by dealing him beforehand, though they’ll still be on the hook for $33.8MM in dead cap charges.

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62 comments on “No First-Round Picks Offered For Carson Wentz

    • Technically correct

      It’s still funny to me that some of the commenters on this site were saying it would require two firsts and a third to get Wentz less than a week ago. So this news is definitely a shock to those who don’t pay attention.

      We knew the Colts were a smarter organization, but good job Bears! You finally didn’t make a Bears kind of decision.

      • bush5104

        You mean trade a future 1st to move up one spot to take a QB that was drafted 10 spots (or 300 spots, in hindsight) too esrly? Yep, that was a Bears move.

        • wordonthestreet

          The Bears did not include a future first round pick in the Trubisky blunder

    • DarkSide830

      the ship has sailed on him coming anywhere near 2017 again here, and if you watched any Eagles games you’d doubt a change of scenery would help either.

      • 13Morgs13

        Yep I agree. He will never be the 17 Wentz. I think u can still get a good player just not the MVP Wentz 17’

        • phillysydney

          I could not disagree more. Behind an improved OL, Wentz will be improved. With some time, he will get out of his head and get back to trusting his instincts and abilities. That’s a must to become elite for any QB. Philly should not trade him unless they get value for what he could become. They have already invested the money. And granted that appears to have been a poor decision at this point in time. But there is no need to compound that mistake with a stupid trade.

          • DarkSide830

            the line sucked but he was beyond bad last year and hasnt been worth the money he’ll be making since 2017.

          • Got to agree with DarkSide830. Wentz made horrible decisions and held on to the ball way too long. He was also super inaccurate on many throws. There were actually a few people on youtube and Twitter who broke down how bad Wentz was this year.

      • martevious

        The problem with Wentz was the whole situation. Offensive line issues. No weapons. Lack of confidence from the coaches; and it doesn’t seem the coaching staff did anything to help him.
        In the right situation, with his confidence back, he could be good again.

        • jeb39999

          Yeah but teams aren’t paying a first rounder for the hope that he turns things around. The eagles will have to settle for less if they want to move him now.

  1. amk1920

    He isn’t better than Goff, who the Rams had to tie 1st round picks to get rid of. No chance Wentz gets a 1st.

    • whosehighpitch

      I hope they trade him and he lights it up, it’s pathetic they bring in a Reich branch and he still don’t want to stay in Philly. My guess the problem is not the head coach but upper management

  2. whosehighpitch

    When your MLS franchise is the best run team in the city. What a mess

    • Are you talking about Philly? 76ers made an excellent move to change coaches and they’re the best record in the east. Flyers are doing great as well.

  3. Buster79

    He was bad last year and his contract makes it worse. They can’t ask for that much if they’re trying to dump him.

  4. phillyballers

    For all the flak given to the Cowboys and Redkins for franchising Dak and Kirk…

    Wentz’s situation is a dumpster fire. Cost them a 1st swap, (1) 1st, (1) 2nd, (1) 3rd, and (1) 4th.

    Goff’s was a dumpster fire that cost them a 1st swap, (1) 1st, (2) 2nds and (2) 3rds to get in the first place and (2) 1sts and (1) 3rd to dump.

    My thoughts are a late 1st would have been the best compensation they could get, no signficant player in return. And it still could be, if a team trades back on draft day and picks up additional picks. But his contract is bad. No way around that. I doubt they just cut him. I wouldn’t not this year. I’d rather trade Jalen if I had to keep Wentz. Their cap situation is bad, cut him in 23 or 24 and just ride it out. Hurts isn’t making them a SB contender anyway.

  5. eagles1191

    Trading Wentz is a mistake. Yes he had a bad season, so did everybody on the Eagles. If we are trading Wentz because he had a bad season, then trade it release. #17, 10, 91, 55, 24, 97, 86, 26. You get my point, if a lot of our core players had down seasons, then it must have been the coaching. They addressed the coaching staff, so before you trade a 28yr old QB, for peanuts, why not see if the new staff can help build an offense to his strengths.

    QB is the most important position in football. In 88 years, the Eagles have had 3 great QB’s. Jaws, Randall, Donovan. We have seen the struggles at QB (Hoying, Peete, Garcia, Pederson, Vick, Kolb, Feeley). They better get this right, if you trade Wentz, you better be sure. Since Mcnabb, Wentz is the only QB that has shown promise and shown the ability of being a franchise QB, and now they want to trade him.

  6. wu tang killa beez

    They should keep him if they can’t get much for him, with Pederson gone he should be more opened to stay ?

  7. Jp5472

    There was an article earlier this week showing Wentz’ numbers over his 5 seasons are only a little better than Hoying’s. Plus, the rumblings over his lack of leadership over the last three years appear to be true with how this season played out, and how he’s acted since. He’s an overrated locker room cancer. One great season does not make anyone an elite quarterback. He was hyped up, and its played out. Get what we can and move on. We certainly don’t want this situation unresolved before next season. Cancers need to be removed.

    • Polish Hammer

      And how has he acted like a cancer? Not one teammate said he was bad in the locker room but quite a few defended him and said he was a good teammate and leader.

      • DarkSide830

        you havent been paying attention to all the supposed leaks of the past few years? heard of that Alshon fellow?

        • Ak185

          “Supposed leak” is a lot different than”confirmed source”. And Jeffrey was another “supposed” source as well. Players do not have trouble associating their real names with on record criticisms of actual cancers. It’d be best if we reserved the term for those who deserve it.

        • Polish Hammer

          Alshon’s leaks were whining about throwing to Ertz too much and not himself. No player has bashed him, however quite a few went on record in support of him.

  8. Jp5472 2

    There was an article earlier this week showing Wentz’ numbers over his 5 seasons are only a little better than Hoying’s. Plus, the rumblings over his lack of leadership over the last three years appear to be true with how this season played out, and how he’s acted since. He’s an overrated locker room cancer. One great season does not make anyone an elite quarterback. He was hyped up, and its played out. Get what we can and move on. We certainly don’t want this situation unresolved before next season. Cancers need to be removed.

  9. The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

    I also am not rumored to be valued as a 1st round pick.

  10. MileHighFan

    It’s surprising that NFL GMs had that much self-control, as usually they act like the kid chasing the ice cream truck down the street, i.e., they can’t wait to empty the piggy bank for anyone who can fog a mirror.

  11. beanball

    It’s been all over the radio this week that Wentz won’t even take Howies phone call. They had to send people out to meet and talk with Wentz. Wentz and Peterson didn’t get along but both didn’t like Howie. Howie also pissed off Wentz at beginning of the year but not resigning his friend and only guy that ever gets open Ertz.

    97.5 also said reliable sources said to the Bears for 1st rounder, Foles and Cohen but the Eagles wanted more.

    Peterson did not put a good game plan around Wentz. He did for Foles. Reported he dumbed down the book for Foles. Peterson also put a good game plan around Hurts. But for some reason not Wentz. Wentz also audibled out of a lot of plays which probably pissed Peterson off. If you listened to any of the press conferences after the games Peterson had nothing positive to say about Wentz. Called him “the quarterback”. You could tell there were issues. Then the revolving door of the O line and only giving him practice squad receivers to throw too didn’t help. I would want out too!

    • Polish Hammer

      Sorry but you got that news backwards, it was Howie wasn’t taking calls from Wentz.

      • beanball

        I’m just telling you what they said on the radio. And they said it more then once.

  12. thebluemeanie

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned in the comments, but from what I’ve read and heard, the best offer they’ve received for Wentz is two second’s from the Colts.

  13. Ak185

    This is not a huge surprise, but not because of a lack of faith in Wentz’s abilities. I think the contract is a huge ask for a team to take on. I also think that all other teams think that the Eagles don’t want to let him go. The dead money hit and Sirianni’s hiring are two reasons that on their own would be enough to keep Wentz under normal circumstances. It’s Wentz who wants out, not Philly who wants him gone.

    The thing is, even with Pederson gone and Sirianni in, it seems like Wentz is unhappy. Even though he’d be running a better playbook, his detachment would likely make any potential gain wasted. Philly needs to convince him to buy in, not get what they can from Indy. That trade, as much as it may soften the blow of Wentz holding out, still leaves them with a loss in that they determined the future based around an unhappy player. They’re still stuck with a coach that they may not have hired otherwise. Nothing against Sirianni as a candidate, but if Philly hired him for Wentz as part of their plan to fix him, they needed to mend the relationship first or cut bait and traded him before they tapped their head coach. Now, they have no option but to keep trying to get Wentz on board. The trade should have happened before the coaching hire-they can’t redo the Sirianni selection now. So they have to try to keep him.

  14. crosseyedlemon

    Even if Wentz could attract the kind of draft capital the Eagles are looking for, you have to question whether Howie is the guy that can right the sinking ship.

  15. meat eater

    Salary cap and dead money will kill the Eagles. Keep Wentz and trade Hurts. They can get a better return for Hurts and build around Wentz. If he is still terrible, they can draft another QB in a few years

    • Polish Hammer

      Very good point. And this all comes back to Howie. He gave Wentz the huge contract which is one thing, but he promptly then went and wasted a 2nd round pick on a backup QB despite having a ton of roster holes he ignored. With Wentz having a rough season, as the whole team did, you work to get him back on track. But with the new backup in town being a high draft pick you also have to justify the pick and now you got a QB controversy instead of working to get Wentz right.

      • crosseyedlemon

        The Eagles won a championship despite a QB controversy when Foles was there so I don’t think that is as big a concern as Howie continually shooting himself in the foot since that season.

        • Looking4wins

          That scenario is completely irrelevant. Wentz was hurt and couldn’t play. Foles stepped up and made it happen. When 2018 rolled around and Wentz was “healthy” and Foles was lurking in the shadows Wentz couldn’t handle it mentally. Let me be clear, it’s not an easy situation to over come, not sure I could do it. and howie situation will keep this team in disarray for years to come….my prediction we become the new Redskins with a meddling owner and GM.

        • Polish Hammer

          The Eagles did not win a championship in spite of a controversy, Wentz was clearly QB1 and got hurt. The controversy was after the fact, that they won the championship and then kept Wentz over Foles.

  16. n2northsiders

    Wentz isn’t a franchise quarterback. He’s an average starting QB at best.

    • Polish Hammer

      You say “he’s an average starting QB at best”, but when he was actually at his best he was at the league MVP level.

  17. flagsrup

    Wentz doesn’t want to be in Philly any longer. So this goes beyond any possibility of turning him around, mentally or physically in Philadelphia!

  18. Dwindy1

    Wind in his Hair says “Good Trade?” if Philly takes 2 2nd round picks for Wentz… They need to cut their loses and move on. As it stands, the Eagles will pay anyway and if they keep him they get nothing in return…

  19. Looking4wins

    He’s a head case right now…that’s hard to work out. if Jalen Hurts is lurking around Wentz will continue to be a mess, some guys can step it up others can’t.

  20. mgrap84

    I didn’t see a team giving up first rounders for him, not after the way he has been playing. I think the Eagles will have to pay part of that contract in order to move him. That’s a hell of a lot of money left for a guy who continues to get worse, but who knows maybe a fresh start is what he needs. It doesn’t always work but for some it does and works out great. I think all his problems are mental/confidence ones

  21. htbnm57

    Roseman and the Eagles couldn’t have handled this whole situation any worse. They drafted a QB last year which freaked out their fragile QB. This led to a strained relationship with their only coach to ever win A SB. They also signed too many old players for too much that didn’t work out ( which leaves them in cap hell) .Wentz crashed and now they can’t trade him because he costs too much and fell off a cliff. Somehow through all of this Roseman still has a job, Pederson is gone, Wentz is untradable and unfixable and they have no payroll flexibility.

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