Patriots Not Interested In Carson Wentz?

Prior to the Rams landing Matthew Stafford, the Patriots explored a deal for the 13th-year quarterback. Such efforts may not apply to all of this year’s starter-caliber passers on the trade market.

The Patriots are not believed to be a serious suitor for Carson Wentz, according to Jeff Howe of The Athletic (subscription required). While Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers has amplified the Pats’ issue at quarterback, they appear uninterested in competing for Wentz.

The Bears and Colts are viewed as the top teams in play for Wentz, for whom the Eagles are seeking a Stafford-type trade haul. Other teams have discussed Wentz with the Eagles as well. Not much has emerged on the Wentz front in the past few days, pointing to teams not reaching the Eagles’ asking price. Philadelphia is tentatively expected to collect a first-round pick for the 28-year-old passer, but nearly a week after rumors emerged the five-year veteran was on the market, he remains an Eagle. The Patriots hold pick No. 15 overall.

A low-cost flier on Cam Newton did not work out for the Pats, who are prepared to try someone else in an effort to replace Brady. The Patriots were interested in Marcus Mariota last year; the Raiders may be willing to trade their backup. And longtime New England QB2 Jimmy Garoppolo‘s status is not certain in San Francisco, with the 49ers in on the Stafford sweepstakes as well.

The Pats passed on the likes of Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston last year, waiting until late June to add Newton. Total QBR slotted Newton 30th last season. Wentz came in at 28th, though he ranked 11th in this metric in 2019 and first in 2017 — prior to his season-ending knee injury.

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26 comments on “Patriots Not Interested In Carson Wentz?

  1. phillyballers

    Wouldn’t be interested in that contract either. There will be a guy available for the Pats.

    • jscout33

      Basically. Everyone thinks they’re getting multiple 1sts for their castoffs, so let them all swap that around and then see who doesn’t have a landing spot. Asking price for guys teams are trying to push out the door is crazy.

    • BG99

      Any acquiring team is not picking up his entire contractual obligation. The Eagles are covering at least a 3rd of the deal (guaranteed money via bonus), to which Wentz’s compensation is median pay for a starting QB in the NFL.

      There is also the option that Wentz redoes his deal prior to any trade, thereby lowering the Eagles” asking price.

      • PatsFanBiff


        The cap hit for the team (let’s assume the Pats trade for him in this discussion) would only be like 25M. Same for 2022, and iirc, can release him w/o further cap hits.

        25M a season for 2 yrs isn’t ridiculous, by today’s standards.

  2. Is this really news? Belichick has been talking about the Pats cap situation for a while. Not sure why he’d want to add that massive deal on what is a gamble that Wentz can return to form.

    • PatsFanBiff

      Not really a massive deal. Philly eats part of the 2021 contract and 2022 is roughly 25M. After that he can be released w/o further cap hits

  3. markdavisbarber

    So it’s February 10th and Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow a week ago. This means we have 5 more weeks of made up rumors…

    How about if the writers actually do some homework and come up with some ideas that could work and make sense. By the way, why is it that it’s “The Patriots” and not “Bill Belichick” who had no mentions?

    How about Jacoby Brissett, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Nick Mullens, Teddy Bridgewater, or even Mitchell Trubisky as a revival under the Belichick tutelage? Carson Wentz is an auto fill reporting job.

  4. MileHighFan

    Belichick is now getting a lesson in what it’s like to not have a franchise quarterback on your roster – sort of like the pointless hand-wringing exercises that 12 of the other 15 non-playoff teams go through every off-season.

    He’s got nothing left to achieve, thus at this point Belichick ought to go out to dinner with Robert Kraft, find another napkin, and scrawl on it, “I resign as HC of the NEP”.

    • bradthebluefish

      The last thing for Belichick to achieve is to prove that The Patriots Way can live on beyond Tom Brady.

  5. Brad

    Knowing the cap situation and Wentz not being very good, Pats saying they aren’t going after him make me think they are going after him.

  6. mhsaltz1963

    Brady and New England would have won SB’s without Belichick.Belichick and New England would not have won SB’s without Brady. Just sayin’.

    • wagner13

      I seriously doubt the Patriots win their first three rings without Belichick. That defense and offensive line were among the best in the league. Sure, Brady played the most significant role in his last three rings with the team, but the Patriots were not world beaters their first few years strictly because of their passing offense; it took coaching and effective defensive personnel use as well

    • cavemanb

      I would argue at least four of the Super Bowls they won together were more because of BB, maybe even five of them if you include the interception to end it over the seahawks

  7. IBackTheNats6

    If wentz is going to cost a first rounder it makes a lot more sense to trade up for a qb or use a veteran for one year

  8. GMB 883

    There are 3 issues in making a deal for Wentz that do not make any sense for BB and his Patriots.
    1) The cost – meaning draft pics and or young talent relative to the overall risk
    2) His overly inflated contract – like $34M in 2021 or similar
    3) When he struggled he pouted vs battling back for his starting role. If he doesn’t want to be coached, it will never work in NE w/BB. Maybe that’s not entirely true about him but either way it’s way too much risk.
    Better off with a lessor name (Marietta etc.) and trying to trade up for a top 4 in draft.

    • BG99

      1. The cost is higher because the Eagles are picking up part of the cap hit.
      2. The cap hit for 2021 is actually $25m for any acquiring team.
      3. The supposed “pouting” was disputed by the HC at the time. According to Doug, Wentz was not happy being benched (who would) and was helping Hurts in every manner a backup does. Why would anyone want to stay on a team where they draft your replacement, where they don’t give you the players on the offense, where the OL gets you killed on every play?

      Wentz does hold much of the blame for his back-slide, no question about it. But let’s get the facts right.

  9. bradthebluefish

    Jameis Winston never had a run game in Tampa Bay. He was always forced to push the bowl down the field. Image what he could do with a run game, good coaching, and his brand new eyes. He’d be killer with McDaniels and their play action.

  10. Yep it is

    The Patriots could bring back Brady in his prime and not win with the scrubs Belicheat has assembled on that team. How many has he cost the Patriots with his arrogance? They probably could of won 10 with the talent they had early on. Belicheat then wanted to prove to everyone he was the “ Master Mind.” How many should of Brady won had Belicheat just surrounded him with top tier talent?

    • PatsFanBiff

      Belicheat, how original. Guess what buttercup? Brady had shizzit for receivers in ’19, still won the division.

      Also, *should HAVE. When trying to ridicule someone else, have the intellect to use proper grammar.

  11. gppsofla

    Seems odd that in all of these discussions never a mention of Kaepernick… even as a backup. He may not be ‘the 2nd coming’ but has shown flashes and has had success… why not take a flyer?

    • rkmarx

      Better question: why take a flyer? The guy’s been out of the league forever, and just having him on the team would be an unwanted distraction to everybody. I don’t have a problem with the guy, but he’s not a viable option at this point.

    • PatsFanBiff

      If it came down to a Vet QB, I would be ok with that.

      I still think they should draft Mac Jones at #15 if he falls that far. Bring in a vet to tutor him, maybe a Fitzmagic year with the Pats and let him have the honor of playing for each AFC East team lol

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