Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Open To Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Bears

Russell Wilson has not demanded a trade, agent Mark Rodgers tells’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). However, the quarterback has told the Seahawks that if a trade were to be considered, he would be willing to join the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, or Bears. Wilson, armed with a no-trade clause, will not consider any team outside of that group. 

The Jets, Dolphins, and Panthers have been heavily linked to Deshaun Watson and would surely be interested in Wilson. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t make the cut. Ditto for the Broncos, Patriots, 49ers, and the Washington Football team, who were runners-up for Matthew Stafford. Of course, it’d be difficult to imagine Wilson in San Francisco, anyway.

Given the Bears’ recent struggles, their inclusion on Wilson’s short list is a bit surprising. Ditto for the Raiders, though they could parlay their current top two quarterbacks — Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota — into additional offensive support for Wilson. The Saints would be especially intriguing for Wilson, though Drew Brees has yet to make his retirement official. Meanwhile, Wilson-to-the-Cowboys would spin this year’s quarterback carousel out of orbit and send Dak Prescott elsewhere.

Wilson, 32, has been the face of the Seahawks for years. He’s also been sacked at an alarming rate. Recently, Wilson expressed frustration with the Seahawks’ inability to protect him. As a pro, Wilson has been sacked 394 times with 40+ sacks in each season since his rookie year.

The Seahawks furnished Wilson a brand new deal less than two years ago. Today, his average annual value of $35MM/year makes him the third-highest paid player in the NFL. So far, the Seahawks have rejected all trade inquiries on him, but that hasn’t stopped teams from trying.

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65 comments on “Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Open To Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Bears

  1. Cowboys shouldn’t be interested because they could just sign Dak and not have to trade anything. Saints can’t be interested because their cap situation is terrible. So that just leaves the Bears and Raiders, in my opinion.

    • JOHNSmith2778

      Saints can restructure a bunch of contracts to make room. Wilson only takes up 19m cap to his new team. Saints would find a way to get under the cap if it means handing the keys from Brees to Wilson.

      • CoachWe

        That might be a challenge. The Saints are 70 mill over the cap. they need to part ways with some talent, but if they get creative,…

      • @JOHNSmith2778: The Saints have, by a pretty significant margin, the worst cap situation in the league. While it is theoretically possible for them to make room, too many things would have to happen for them to be able to fit in Wilson. They’d have to restructure like 15 players.

        Also, lists Wilson’s cap hit at $32 million. Would only the $19 million base salary (the remainder is a bonus) go to the new team in a trade?

        • mcmillankmm

          Signing bonus stays with the old team that signed him…so $19M this year, $24M next year, and $27M the following makes him way more valuable to the acquiring team….which is why 3 first rounders is probably the starting point in negotiations

        • dan55

          Bonsues are paid by the team that initially signed the player. So in this case, the Seahawks would pay the bonus and the team that trades for Wilson would pay his base salary.

      • CursedRangers

        Exactly, and Dak will have a salary cap hit of almost $20M more next year than Wilson. Not to mention Dak is coming off an injury.

        Cowboys are going to have to cut a couple of players to be able to sign Dak.

    • san888

      Problem with Dak is Dak thinks he’s a top 3 QB. Very good QB but not in Wilson’s class.

    • arty!

      Dak isn’t under contract. Dallas can tag & try to trade him, but All Dak has to say is ‘No, not signing w/ the new team.’.

    • Hawktattoo

      So Hawks would get a QB with a higher salary and pay a 39 million dead cap hit for 1 first rounder??
      No thanks…lol

  2. korn_cakes33

    Why the Raiders? They feel so out of place with the rest of those team.

    • axisofhonor25

      Considering he’s worked with less than optimal offenses on the past, he can do worse. Also Bears haven’t had a viable quarterback since ever. Cutler doesn’t count.

      • DarkSide830

        im not saying the bears offense is bad, I just dont think its as big a step up from Seattle’s then Wilson thinks it is.

        • Tom Emansk1

          In terms of offenses it’s probably a lateral move but the Bears do have a better defense. I can see why he would think he could step in and make them a contender.

  3. deuceball

    Cowboys could give Dak a non exclusive franchise tag. If Dak signs elsewhere then they get 2 1st rd picks to use for a russell trade. Panthers will offer Dak the contract he’s looking for

  4. amk1920

    This is how it always starts. Will be stunned if Wilson is not traded this summer. Seahawks have totally botched the window to get a 2nd ring.

    • DarkSide830

      i don’t know. Wilson’s not the type to sit out. I think next year is more likely.

  5. bradthebluefish

    Wilson, why do you want to go to a team that has to trade THREE FIRST ROUND PICK TO GET YOU!!! Your team gonna get progressively worse.

    • arty!

      That’s what I say about Watson. Trading young players and high picks doesn’t build a winner.

      • CoachWe

        Exactly. their salaries are huge limiting the team in the FA market, and then the team can’t develop with draft bc they gave all their picks away. Stupid

      • If I was Seattle I’d be thrilled to rid myself of this selfish prima donna. “Mr. Unlimited” has a bunch of teammates that have to be really pissed off at him right about now, particularly the offensive lineman that he threw under the bus. This guys head/ego has gotten WAY out of control, and his best years are likely far behind him. Any team that gives up 3 first rounders for this headache deserves all the repercussions that will come with it.

  6. balloonknots

    These NFL QBs are going way too far with their demands. Shut up and play maybe focus their energy on figuring how to get past Brady in post season instead. Starting to hate the NFL and cry baby millionaires

    • CoachWe

      When your salary is 17-20% of the teams Cap, of course they cannot get all the FA help needed. Brady took team discounts for years, which allowed the pats to find support. Russ averages 35mill/year. That is 19% of this years Cap (183mil). Now he wants another team that would need to send three 1st round picks for him. This would further hamstring an organization. No money for FA’s & no picks for the draft. Who is advising these guys?

      • ron swanson

        Everyone acts like Brady is a saint for taking less. His wife is worth $521m, he could play for free if he wanted to.

        • balloonknots

          It’s not about the money – players are players – play ball. You are not the coach and the GM too. It’s gone too far and I’m sure players agents don’t help to that end either. Look if management is not getting with you players post season for feedback then shame on them as that’s bad management but at the end of the each person on the team from execs to coaches everyone is trying to do their job as best as they can. Respectfully players need ro stay in their lane.

          • balloonknots

            These cry babies qbs are going to loose the locker room and ability to lead with selfish attitudes. 1 player does not make a team

        • bostonbob

          Balloon, Brady didn’t marry Giselle until 2009 after 3 Championships and the almost undefeated season. He gave up money every year prior. He was smart enough to releasing

          • bostonbob

            Realize what a large chunk of the salary cap a deserved salary would take up. It’s all about the rings with him.

  7. goose252525

    Dear Russell,

    Maybe it’s not your offensive line. Maybe you are holding onto the ball too long and can’t out run some fast and talented defensive ends and linebackers. But great job in creating unnecessary drama…

  8. AshamedMethGoat

    I can’t imagine a package that would work for the Seahawks. First off, you never get fair value for a player of this caliber, secondly, the cap hit the Seahawks would take just makes a deal prohibitive, forcing the team to essentially punt on this year.

    He’s not going anywhere.

  9. silhouettesaloon

    The fact that he wants to go the Bears makes me question every single decision he’ll ever make on the field and now I hope the Seahawks trade him for a trove of assets

    signed a Seawks fan.

  10. Hawktattoo

    There is no way the Hawks will trade him and pay a 39 million dead cap hit. Other team would have to send lots of cash along with picks.

  11. Thronson5

    I actually think the two best case scenarios would be Raiders or Cowboys. Seattle could get back Carr or Dak plus some picks to fix that terrible line. I know Dak isn’t under contract but it coild happen.

    • Terrible line? That’s according to you and Russell Wilson, and not a whole lot of other people. 25% of his sacks were HIS FAULT alone. Don’t let the egotistical cry baby fool you

  12. louwhitakerisahofer

    Show him some tape of the Bears O-line. They’ll come off his list quickly.

  13. PutPeteRoseInTheHall

    Saints plan should be:

    Re-sign Jameis Winston

    Trade Winston, and obviously another couple guys to Seahawks for Wilson

  14. Tatsumaki

    Raiders should do everything they can do try for Wilson and watt.

    Trade Derek carr, ruggs and 2nd rounder for Wilson and metcalf/locket

    Joyner 9 million
    Ot Trent 15 million
    Mariota 11 million

    Sign watt 3/45 with escalators

    • wagner13

      The difference between Carr/Ruggs and Wilson/Metcalf is more than a second round pick…

    • martevious

      Why would the Seahawks go for that? Wilson is a future Hall of Famer; Carr is just another quarterback.
      Metcalf is a star. Ruggs is not, and maybe never will be.

  15. greenhorn79

    Sorry! If you sacrifice to play the game and the team doesn’t try to protect the most important player on the team in which you saw how the cowboys did when they lost Dak. I would want out too. You are one hit away from ruining your career. If the team doesn’t care about your well-being then it’s time to move on. I would be selfish too if it ended up me losing my job forever.

  16. ncbravesfan95


    The Falcons send their first round pick and Matt Ryan to Seahawks for Wilson and a 4th round pick

  17. thebare54

    Who ever you go to don’t break the bank ! Your great and got your money of a team sign you make sure you got a say who is out there to help you

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