Trevor Lawrence To Undergo Surgery

Trevor Lawrence will throw for teams much earlier than his draft-eligible quarterback peers. Instead of throwing at Clemson’s pro day in March, Lawrence will do so Feb. 12 before undergoing surgery, Adam Schefter of tweets.

The widely expected No. 1 overall pick plans to undergo a procedure on his left shoulder labrum, according to Schefter. Lawrence appears set to spend his first NFL offseason recovering but is expected to be ready for training camp, where he will likely be on track to start for the Jaguars.

Doctors discovered this injury recently, per Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). Lawrence will undergo the procedure this month in order to be in better position to return by training camp, Mike Garafolo of tweets.

This news obviously should not be expected to affect Lawrence’s status atop the draft. The surgery will be on three-year Clemson starter’s non-throwing shoulder, and the Jaguars are amid a rebuild. But this sudden development will begin the QB prodigy’s NFL career in less-than-ideal fashion.

Roger Goodell said Thursday he expects most of the elements from last year’s virtual offseason to return, so it is certainly possible Lawrence would not miss any onsite activities while he recovers from this surgery. The first in-person work for teams in 2021 may well be training camp, as opposed to the pre-pandemic schedule that had rookies at team facilities for rookie camps, OTAs and minicamps. But Lawrence looks likely to spend a good chunk of the league’s second virtual offseason rehabbing his surgically repaired shoulder.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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19 comments on “Trevor Lawrence To Undergo Surgery

  1. petersdylan36

    Just curious… who pays for the surgery? Does it come out of his own pocket? Does the university pay for it because it most likely happened at the university?

      • DarkSide830

        i would think a valuable guy like him would have insurance, but I immediately figured that would somehow violate NCAA rules.

    • NCAA requires athletes to have health insurance and I believe (but could definitely be wrong) that Lawrence is still a ‘student’ and therefore covered. It would seem weird to me for him to relinquish all health insurance for the time frame between the end of the college football season and the NFL draft.

    • compassrose

      Maybe they thought his passing was a tv hoax. Lol I have no idea you could tell the first game he played as a freshman he could make almost any throw you wanted him too.

      He will get on a better diet and lifting program and put on more muscle and be better. Not sure if anyone should show but the Jags unless a team thinks they can trade up to get him.

      Can you imagine the package it will take? I think 5 1st rnd picks plus a bunch of second and third too. Problem is the other team will hamstring themselves for years and not put a good team around him. This is a waste of time get the surgery done sooner.

      • keath

        I mean, the reality is – regardless of what anyone thinks of him, be they scouts or fans or pundits – Lawrence is going #1 to JAX. Period. That’s not going to change between now and Draft Day, no matter who may want to trade up, no matter what they may hypothetically offer, and no matter which other QBs “rise” up the boards. Meyer doesn’t go to JAX without assurances from the owner that they’re taking Lawrence #1, of that I’m quite certain. It’s as done a deal as has ever been in a given NFL draft year, so him going through these motions – pending surgery or not – for scouts/coaches is, for once, quite silly to me.

  2. Misterants

    Honest question because I don’t watch much college football: is this guy really that good? It seems like every year the top qb in the draft is heralded as the most nfl-ready best qb the game has seen.

    I remember similar hype around goff, wentz, trubisky (sort of), “johnny football”, mayfield, shoot even dashon kizer!!

    Is lawrence just another over hyped qb coming in? Or is he ACTUALLY an instant probowler?

    • keath

      None of these guys you listed were EVER hyped as much as Lawrence. In that way, it could easily be an overhype situation, given that you just never know and drafted QBs have a generally poor track record of success overall in the first place. That said, I think it’s more realistic to compare him to Andrew Luck than anyone else who’s come out in the last 20 years or so. Meaning, his floor is incredibly high and easily predictable, insofar as success is concerned, but he has the hype of a near-unlimited ceiling potential which may or may not ever come to fruition. So in this way – my $0.02 is that he’ll be almost certainly good (i.e., long career as a franchise QB a la Luck, Stafford, etc.) but has the raw potential to be in that top-tier someday if things go correctly with the other consequential factors around him (coaching, O-Line, weapons, team culture, health, etc.).

      • Fan0Sports4

        so Luck or Stafford, the jaguars don’t have team culture (toxic), weapons, o-line or anything unless you consider Meyer to be a good coach (which some don’t).

        • The irony is the best quarterback almost goes to the worst team. A real uphill battle, like Joe Burrow is facing, already suffering a season-ending injury behind mediocre protection.

          Speaking of hype, Joe Burrow had almost as much hype as Trevor Lawrence, and largely justified the pick with his gutsy and savvy play as a day one starter.

  3. MileHighFan

    Labrum surgery is a major red flag for a QB. How funny that last year’s can’t miss QB and this year’s can’t miss QB are now both question marks due to injury.

  4. Corey P

    My only thought on him wanting to throw would be to help his draft eligible teammates. It gives those guys a chance to showcase their talents with their regular QB throwing to them and could boost their draft stock a bit more than what they do at the Pro Day or other pre-draft workouts with different QBs.

    That’s the only reasoning that makes sense to me.

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