Bears GM Ryan Pace Discusses QB Plans

Nick Foles is the only Bears quarterback under contract in 2021, so there’s a good chance the organization will see at least a few changes at the position in 2021. GM Ryan Pace acknowledged as much during a conference call today, noting that the front office would literally explore every avenue as they determine who will be under center next season.

“Everything is on the table in regard to the quarterback situation,” Pace said (via the team’s website). “And, honestly, that includes players on our current roster, that includes free agency, trade, the draft and a combination of all those. We have a plan in place, and now it’s about executing that plan.”

As Pace noted, it won’t just be himself and head coach Matt Nagy making the decisions at quarterback. Rather, the front office will also be relying on input from offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, quarterbacks coach/pass game coordinator John DeFilippo, and offensive analyst Tom Herman, who the team hired yesterday.

We’ve already seen a pair of major quarterback trades this offseason, with the Bears seemingly being connected to every major trade option. However, Pace acknowledged that the team could find themselves setting an unofficial trade deadline if they don’t eventually reach an agreement with another team.

“You obviously have a lot of different things planned out with free agency and the draft, and the last thing you want to do is put yourself or the team in a bad position where you get kind of stuck,” Pace said. “So you have internal timelines based on the calendar year with free agency and the draft, and you operate from that.”

Pace seems to be willing to explore every option, but he wouldn’t give any clues as to whether the organization will retain former second-overall pick Mitch Trubisky. When asked if Trubisky could be back in 2021, the GM noted that “everything is on the table.”

“We’re not going to lay all that out right now,” Pace said. “Those are all internal discussions we’ve had. I would say, again, everything is on the table with all the quarterbacks.”

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30 comments on “Bears GM Ryan Pace Discusses QB Plans

    • rondon

      Great article in the Chicago Tribune about how he fell in love with Trubisky and listened and consulted no one when Fox and others around him clearly preferred Watson. Pace, who incredibly still has a job, is the one and only reason that they are “stuck”.

  1. arty!

    How do people take a guy that passed over 2 stud QB’s for a backup at 2 serious?

    • parx

      How can you say we’re considering all avenues and also claim to have a plan, if you have a plan wouldn’t that mean you are past considering avenues? The bears are the worst run sports franchise on the planet, I hate them so much, such stupid idiot morons

      • crosseyedlemon

        Could Pace and his committee even assemble a card table without an owners manual?

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          Kinda wish I hadn’t had a mouthful of iced coffee when I read that comment…

  2. Yep it is

    The only thing on the table is how much longer this clueless GM is still there. Amazing that in a multi billion $$$ league the owners are so clueless on their employees.

  3. jfive

    you moved up and drafted mitch, even hired the hc to guide him—u should be forced to retain mitch for yours and nagys final season….prove us wrong!

  4. Technically correct

    “…the last thing you want to do is put yourself or the team in a bad position where you get kind of stuck,”

    It’s refreshing to hear someone admit that he’s almost done.

  5. dugdog83

    Do you even have a plan MacGruber?

    Of course….. we’re just gonna wing it.

    Winging it is not a plan.

  6. phillyballers

    Mitch’s self esteem must be riding high. He should change his IG profile pic to Forky, wear a Forky t-shirt for interviews and make light of it all.

  7. mils100

    I don’t think there is a real solution for 2021. Wilson and Watson aren’t happening, a Lance or Jones in the first round seems like a bad fit for a team w/ other issues.

    I ‘d jettison Trubisky and Foles and look to sign Fitzmagic as a really solid 1 year stopgap or Mariota, trade a late rounder for Minshew, etc. It’s not as exciting but it’s probably the best plan for 2021.

  8. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Guessing Trubisky is gonna have an easy, relaxed couple of months…

  9. crosseyedlemon

    So the plan is basically to turn the decision making process into a clusterf–k by committee. Brilliant strategy Ryan!

  10. ponytail01

    They will probably draft a quarterback in rounds 2 or 3 and sign Colin Kaepernick.

    • Dexxter

      With the state of the Bears QBs over the past 30 years… I’m sadly on board with this.

  11. Stat

    I’d love to see Mitch succeed but the fact Pace traded up for him and ignored his staff saying they preferred a guy whose now a top tier QB should’ve gotten him fired

  12. Classicfinder

    I could see a tremendous overpay for Watson, which in Pace’s mind should buy him a couple of years. In reality, it would be a mea culpa that should get him fired immediately.

  13. shortsighted

    2021 will be a very poor year for the Bears and their fans. No cap space, no QB, an offensive line to improve and their best offensive player upset. Those are some of the internal problems. The worst external problem is their schedule which is the third most difficult in the league. Those internal problems are all related. Getting a top QB will cost picks and money, how then do you resign your best offensive player and draft quality linemen or his replacement. Looks to me like they need to sign Robinson, draft a QB and OL’s and do their best to put players around Foles. Then when they go 3-13 they can draft their QBF next year.

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