Dolphins To Acquire Titans T Isaiah Wilson

The Titans are moving on from Isaiah Wilson after just one season. They will trade the 2020 first-round tackle to the Dolphins, according to Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter).

Titans GM Jon Robinson issued an ultimatum of sorts to Wilson recently, but word soon emerged that the Titans were shopping the disappointing blocker. The Dolphins, who already drafted a first-round tackle in 2020, will acquire another Round 1 edge blocker from that class.

The Dolphins will send a 2021 seventh-round pick to the Titans in exchange for Wilson and a 2022 seventh-rounder, Albert Breer of tweets.

Considering the price the Titans paid to land Wilson — the No. 29 overall pick last year — this marks a major discount for the Dolphins, who will be landing Wilson at a cheaper rate as well. The Titans will incur $9MM-plus in dead money by trading Wilson after his rookie year. Though, it remains to be seen if Wilson’s troublesome 2020 will void any guarantees in his rookie contract. The Dolphins were high on Wilson going into the 2020 draft, per Wolfe (on Twitter), and they are taking a flier on a player who is signed through 2023.

Wilson played just four snaps as a rookie, running into multifront trouble last year. He was issued a trespass warning for attending a party at Tennessee State University last summer. That preceded a September DUI arrest. The Titans suspended Wilson in December and ended his season by placing him on the reserve/NFI list days later. Wilson voiced a desire to leave the Titans, in a since-deleted tweet, earlier this year. The Dolphins, who selected Austin Jackson with the third of their three 2020 Round 1 picks, will give Wilson a second chance.

The former Georgia tackle’s stock has certainly nosedived from where it was at this point last year. The Titans selected him with the hope he would succeed Jack Conklin at right tackle. Former swing tackle Dennis Kelly ended up starting there instead. Kelly is under contract through 2022. The Dolphins drafted tackle Robert Hunt in the 2020 second round and still have guard/tackle Jesse Davis under contract.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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27 comments on “Dolphins To Acquire Titans T Isaiah Wilson

  1. shimmy_rosenbloom

    Damn shame they had to trade this kid one year into his career. Maybe his fellow Poly Prep Alumni can put him back on track.

  2. radzyfsu

    Now the the dolphins have 4 1st round busts from the 2020 draft on their roster.

    • amk1920

      Which is why they should be all over trading the #3 pick and more for Watson. They are a horrible drafting team.

    • UberSTCrew

      Calling two 21 year olds (both who are extremely talented) and a QB who had an average rookie season busts? You just revealed yourself as an NFL noob. Your comment won’t age well.

    • jopeness

      from specifically the 2020 draft? or in total? not sure all 4 as this trade plus their original 2 do not measure out.

      • elscorcho the marlin

        Dolphins had 3 1st rounders in 2020. This trade would be the fourth. So, the only thing that checks out from the original comment, is the math.

    • radzyfsu –
      It’s not real bright to be calling Tua a bust after one season (which wasn’t horrible). Every hear of guys named Elway, Manning, Aikman, etc? Check out the stats from their rookie year. Did they turn out to be busts? Use your brain, dude

  3. kevin

    can’t hurt to invest low on high upside players . see if a new coaching staff and roster can turn em around. worse case u u what lose a few spots in the draft best case the guy turned into a best on the line

  4. bhd360

    Oh man this is rough for Tennessee. Hard to think of a team essentially punting a 1st round pick like this anytime recently. Woooof

    • atuck_sfg

      Niners with rueben foster, drafted in the first round in 2017 let go before his second season started in 2018. Million dollars worth of talent but it’s worth nothing if you can’t keep it together off the field.

      • Ak185

        Ehhh but Foster played and was actually very good. He started most of those games. Wilson played four snaps. I see why you said that but Foster wasn’t a complete and total loss for his team-San Fran at least got some starts (quality starts at that) out of him before dumping him.

    • dcahen

      !Back – so you’re saying the Dolphins OL issues are solved now that they picked a bust for a 7th rounder? Now get a receiver & let’s count on a guy who was a bust to solidify the OL. Brilliant. If a decent OL like Sewell is available; better snatch him up.

  5. Mr Goodkat

    Well well well. What happen to “if he doesn’t want to play for the Titans he’ll just have to retire”?

    Almost like that never happens…shocker.

  6. dust44

    If Flores can get this guys head right hes a steal and the starting RT. They could have a very good very young OLine. But man dude makes some poor life choices.

    • jopeness

      I really think Flores is the best from the BB branch thus far. and from what I’ve seen from limited MIA games, being a giants fan in the nyc tv market, he’s got some damn fire and seems to maximize the players he has.

      • jolink65

        Yeah, as a Patriots fan I really hated to see Flores go, especially to the Dolphins. He was someone who a lot of people were hoping would grow under Belichick and be there for awhile. He’s been great for Miami.

  7. Rob Mason

    Dolphins already traded their 2021 7th Rd Pick to Pittsburgh in the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade. Is this a compensatory pick or how is this going to work then?

    • Lars MacDonald

      Miami has two potential picks in the 7th round that are both foggy right now.

      1) They got a 7th rounder from Atlanta in the Charles Harris trade. This pick could be going to Chicago in the Adam Shaheen trade. This was a conditional pick in the Shaheen trade.

      2) They may have KC’s 7th round pick from the DeAndre
      Washington trade. Miami traded a conditional 6th rounder for Washington and a conditional 7th rounder.

      So, they might have one, two or zero picks in the seventh round to use in this trade. If it’s zero, they can trade for a 7th rounder pretty easily.

  8. CubTN

    Jon Robinson is lucky that Titans’ ownership has no President with NFL experience to report to. He combined a miserable draft with a miserable offseason in free agency.

    • Ak185

      After some successes two years building the current roster, Robinson seems certainly to have faltered this year and last. I don’t blame so much for the Clowney signing as I do for having the lack of pass rush to necessitate the FA dive to begin with. Their pass rush needs some work, badly, and their run defense even has suffered after shipping Casey out. They have pieces here and there but a couple of smaller soft spots have emerged on the roster and have yet to be addressed. Given Indianapolis’ return to contention, the Titans are going to need a good draft this year to stay ahead in their division and make up the difference.

  9. I Beg To Differ

    Austin Jackson was the 2nd of their 3 first round picks not the 3rd. The 3rd was that cb they drafted.

    “The Dolphins, who selected Austin Jackson with the third of their three 2020 Round 1 picks, will give Wilson a second chance.”

    • Ak185

      Yeah, the Igbinoghebe pick was one that I really didn’t get, especially given the Dolphins’ heavy investment in their secondary as is and the fact that it seemed a bit of a reach to me.

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