PFR Poll: Will Saints’ Drew Brees Retire?

In the midst of the playoffs, it was widely reported that Drew Brees would retire after the season. Now, we’re in March, and Brees has yet to make any sort of announcement. 

Of course, Brees has nothing left to prove. The 42-year-old can walk away with one of the most illustrious careers in the history of the sport. He currently has the most yards in league history, and more touchdowns than anyone not named Tom Brady. He even has his post-retirement career lined up after signing a deal with NBC Sports last April.

Brees has missed significant time with health issues in each of the past two seasons and he’d be leaving the Saints in a pretty okay place, provided that they can re-sign Jameis Winston. The Saints also have Taysom Hill on the roster with hope that he can be the answer under center in the long run. So, what’s the hold up?

Over the past few weeks, many have speculated that Brees could be having second thoughts about retiring. The longer this goes on, the more chatter picks up about the Super Bowl XLIV champ actually playing in 2021 on the (effectively) final year of his contract.

At this point, do you expect Brees to retire? Cast your vote below (link for app users) and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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26 comments on “PFR Poll: Will Saints’ Drew Brees Retire?

  1. DarkSide830

    if I were a betting man id say no. too many people who think its 100% certain when Brees has never said he was for sure set on retirement. the lack of recent news suggests the status quo above anything else.

  2. dan55

    I love Drew, but at this point I think it’s best that he retires. He can’t keep up with the rest of the league anymore.

    • Tatsumaki

      What a dumb comment, not surprising coming from Dan. His qbr and td/int % says otherwise, while also playing last season with torn labrum, broken ribs and torn facia in foot last season. Idk what league you are watching but just go back to watching San Diego chargers games, oh wait!

      • dan55

        At this point in his career, Brees can only throw 5 yard slants to Thomas and screen passes to Kamara. His arm isn’t strong enough to go deep anymore. That’s why the Bucs crushed him in the playoffs this year. The reason why the Saints are good is because of good coaching and a good all-around team, not because of their quarterback. He’s a hall of famer, but he can’t compete anymore.

        • Alpha

          I agree Brees has made too many key mistakes in the playoffs. In the last two playoffs he’s avoided the down and distance golden rule and opted for big plays and in both cases it was unsuccessful.

          I think in 2018 he was done, looking at 2019 playoffs vs the Vikings he passed up an easy 3rd and 7 to throw a bomb to Ted Ginn. Against a cover 3 D Michael Thomas was open at 12 yards. Kamara and Smith drew attention from the underneath guys. Yet Brees threw to a double covered Ginn. Some say he felt that Taysom out did him on that deep throw earlier so Brees tried to show him up.

          2020 playoffs vs the Bucs … again Drew throws to another double covered receiver, Sanders but Kamara was open with 20 yards of field ahead. AK waved his hands but Brees never looked his way. Now these were key plays because they would have kept the drive alive. In both cases the other team when on to score on the next possession.

          It’s simple no one the Saints can’t stretch the field with Drew at QB. He just looked tired after a couple of drives.

      • Miklo916

        Dude you might what to check yourself cause these last couple years he hasn’t been that great not saying he was garbage to say he still has it is bull$h!t. He doesn’t have anything in the tank

    • Rocket32

      arty! Well he’s under contract for next year, so he’d either have to play 2 more years or get traded or released by the Saints now which probably wouldn’t happen, and is there really a Tampa like situation out there for Brees right now? Brady’s supporting cast in Tampa was much better then the one he left behind in New England.

      Is there really a QB needing team where if you add Brees they give him a much better chance at a super bowl then the Saints can give him?

      • arty!

        Understanding none of us are GM’s & the cap will sort itself out; Jets trade their 2nd round pick for Drew. #2 go OT, #23 go for top end RB & get A Rob in FA. Brees can carry the team for 4-5 weeks, while the RB adjusts. Then you have 2 supposed studs (highly drafted) at tackle and run it.

        • Rocket32

          arty! That makes zero sense. That still wouldn’t make the Jets better then the Saints already are, and why would the Jets trade a 2nd round pick for a QB who’s a year or two away from retirement? Only scenario where Brees leaving NO makes sense is for a team that already has all the pieces in place except for a solid QB, like Tampa did. Jets don’t fit that description.

          • cubs2016

            Well he’s an idiot sooooo. Idk why you’re even entertaining his ideas.

          • arty!

            My picks & trade is a win now move. Get the line built up & a solid running game which allows Drew to manage the games. He’s mostly turnover free. When Brees does hang it up, the next QB would have a much better foundation to work with than Darnold ever had.

            As for the 2nd round pick, its a crap shoot. Haskins, Rosen, S Barkley (only 1 full season under his belt), & the Titans OT are just a few recent 1st round busts, so what’s guaranteed w/ the 2nd’er?

    • soxsam32

      Why would he want to? He’s in a better position with NO than he would be anywhere else.

  3. brewpackbuckbadg

    What are the salary cap ramifications of him retiring, staying through his contract, or extending for a few years just salary for cap purposes?

  4. Tatsumaki

    Drew is back in San Diego working out like a dog, doubt he will hang them up now. The questions only for me is what team will it be for, hard to tell what direction saints are going. Brees will be back for at least 1 more season maybe more if loomis restructures and extends him.

    • bradthebluefish

      He’s working out in order to stay in shape. He’s not throw the ball or doing things to prepare for football.

  5. Yep it is

    He should retire he looked like a shell of his former self last year. He was hard to watch. I doubt he gets better with age. Not bashing him but dude it’s over.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    This is one of those trick poll questions, where if you guess wrong, they put a bounty on you.

  7. CaseyK

    Garoppolo to the Patriots. Brees to the Niners, and sign Alex Smith as the backup.

  8. phillyballers

    I think hes waiting for them to figure out the QB situation. He won’t leave them in a bad spot.

  9. kingcobra1979

    I am a saints fan. I believe he will retire. I think he told management and Tom Brady. His actions as he left the field suggest he made up his mind. I hope I’m wrong though.

  10. Ak185

    I’d really like to see Drew reclaim his touchdown record, but I don’t see him as having much left. That playoff loss was an awful way to wrap his career, and I’d like to see him end on a more positive note. I just am not sure that Brees, with the lack of depth at receiver (especially with Thomas going nuts and becoming a liability on the field) can have more success this year. Not to mention his injuries, which are probably a bigger reason for his workouts than his staying in football shape.

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