Colts’ T.Y. Hilton: Retired Andrew Luck “Having The Time Of His Life”

Andrew Luck is “having the time of his life” and he’s never felt like this before, longtime teammate T.Y. Hilton says (Twitter link via Stephen Holder of The Athletic). Hilton’s comments are just the latest indication that Luck will not be returning to the NFL, despite the constant speculation about his plans. 

Luck, who won’t turn 32 until the fall, shocked the world when he retired just before the start of the 2019 season. He was just 29 at the time, but he felt that he could no longer play through the pain of his injuries. Ever since, fans have been wondering if the former No. 1 overall pick could have a change of heart,

He knows we would love to have him back,’’ owner Jim Irsay said earlier this year. “But only he can answer that question deep in his heart and his soul: ‘Hey, do I really want to come back and be a quarterback for the Colts again in the NFL?’ It’s easy for us. He knows how much we’d love to have him be our quarterback…He knows that he can come back anytime he wants, but at the same time we respect he’s made that decision.’’

Meanwhile, Hilton is on the verge of his 32nd birthday in April. He recently re-signed with the Colts on a one-year deal and acknowledges that it could be his last NFL contract.

[I] probably need to stop talking to [Luck] so much,” Hilton said. “He might make me retire. He’s making me kind of jealous.”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Colts’ T.Y. Hilton: Retired Andrew Luck “Having The Time Of His Life”

  1. mhsaltz1963

    For the most part, Luck is in one piece. Hopefully, he doesn’t have concussion syndrome. He should never look back; owners see players as pieces of meat that are basically interchangeable. The NFL is a brutal business. Enjoy your life Andrew.

      • parx

        I’m sure Luck will end up as a coach someday but at 32 to have that money, I would retire too, but I’m 33 without that money…no one is trying to end my career with a blindside hit though at work

        • eyeamthelaw

          I’m taking parx out by the water cooler tomorrow and the doing a celebration dance for the whole office

      • mhsaltz1963

        It’s more of a brutal business off the field. And not everyone becomes rich playing in the NFL.

  2. joeyvottossocks

    He’s young, smart and a millionaire. I know I’d be having the time of my life too.

  3. despicable_you

    He’s got a killer neck beard and a flip phone, guy is just diff level chilled.

  4. BSHH

    As the elders among us found out for themselves: There is a really “Dirty Dancing”-song reference in the first paragraph!


  5. secretsatan

    George Bluth having a love affair with an ice cream sandwich while in prison time-of-your-life? Or something slightly less grand?

  6. MileHighFan

    Being a star quarterback in the NFL is the equivalent of winning the lottery – every year.

    Who couldn’t be happy with that kind of money? What’s surprising is that star quarterbacks play as long as they do.

    • mhsaltz1963

      You’re so right. Get through your rookie deal. Play out your payday contract. Get out. You’re set for the rest of your life and hopefully you’re not drooling at 50.

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