Extra Points: LA, Chip, Rice, Bucs, Jets

Negotiations between the Rams and Chargers are going well, according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole (video link), as the Bolts continue their quest to leave San Diego for Los Angeles. Cole offers a couple of reasons why the Rams hope the Chargers – not the Raiders – join them as LA’s second NFL team. The Rams believe marketing the Raiders in LA would be a challenge, given their past history in the city. Further, the Rams don’t want the Raiders’ rowdy fans in the state-of-the-art stadium and shopping complex they’re building in Inglewood. It appears the Rams won’t have to worry about it, as Cole expects they’ll reach a deal with the Chargers – perhaps in the next two weeks.

More from around the league:

  • New 49ers head coach Chip Kelly had control over the 53-man roster in Philadelphia, but that won’t be the case in San Francisco. Kelly says he’s “real comfortable with” general manager Trent Baalke controlling the 53-man roster, per the team’s Twitter account. Kelly also claims to be comfortable with quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert. “Obviously Kap is an extremely talented football player and you need a good quarterback to win,” Kelly said, per Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News. “But I was also impressed from the film I watched in terms of how Blaine played this year. Both of those players made this an attractive situation.”
  • Free agent running back Ray Rice is “still hopeful” about a return to the NFL, he told Jonas Shaffer of the Baltimore Sun. Rice, of course, hasn’t been able to find work in the league the last two years as a result of a domestic-violence incident. “I’m not ready to give it up. My second chance, it might take a little longer than I expected, but you know what? I know I still have a lot of game left. I’m not worried about that part of it,” Rice said. The soon-to-be 29-year-old averaged a paltry 3.1 yards per carry in 2013, which currently stands as his final season.
  • Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter told Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio the notion that he used other head coaching vacancies as leverage so the Bucs would fire Lovie Smith and promote him is “total, 100 percent B.S.”
  • Before CFL receiver Eric Rogers agreed to a deal with San Francisco on Wednesday, the Jets made him an offer, tweets the New York Daily News’ Manish Mehta.
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16 comments on “Extra Points: LA, Chip, Rice, Bucs, Jets

  1. Edgar ibarra

    Ohhh last time i check,its the city of inglewood and they dont want rowdy fans..ok just checking

  2. RaiderRob

    Because the Rams would be second to the only NATION THE RAIDER NATION. IT WOULD BE KNOWN AS THE RAIDER STADIUM .

    • Football Dave

      There are a lot of Raider fans in LA but All of them are low income and wil not spend money on tickets , merchandise and food. Also Los Angeles is full of Cowboy, 49er , Steelers , Patriots , Seahawks, Packers and Rams fans . These fans out number the Raiders fans . We all laugh at the Raider fans and we don’t want them near us . They are negative people . Employers don’t want to hire Raider fans because there lazy and will find any excuse to collect unemployment . Keep the Raider trash out of LA

      • Now this is what a stupid person sounds like. Low income or not, raider fans will save and use every penny they have to buy tickets to the games. Also, you will be very surprised as in how many successful people are die hard raider fans. You are the type of person that probably be confronted and beaten up because of the nonsense you say. We are loyal fans wherever they play. Just make sure you show up when we come to town and make it our stadium.

      • Mike Remitt

        Are you serious? How much do you earn if you dont mind me asking? How much does tiger woods earn? Jessica alba? Tom hanks? Carlos santana? I bet i earn more than you.

    • Raider Fan

      Football Dave is clearly an idiot. He wants to talk down on Raider fans but clearly has issues with grammar. You sound smarter when your quiet.

      • ‘you’re’…

    • dwhitt3

      Only problem with your comment RaiderRob is the inaccurate statement that “Raider Nation is the only nation”. That’s completely false. #SteelerNation all day!

  3. Football Dave

    Rams and all of LA don’t want the Raiders fans in the new stadium . The Raiders will spit wads of mucus on the walls and floor . They will urinate outside the restroom . These fans will start fights with innocent bystanders . Also Raiders fans are low income people they were counterfeit merchandise and they will not spend money at the new stadium . They will also vandalize the new stadium .

    • Louisville Raider

      Grammar is not your strong suit is it “Football Dave”. Stop while you’re ahead, so you don’t make an even bigger arse of yourself than you have already made yourself out to be. Spend a couple of bucks and take a grammar class at the local CC. You can use it.

  4. redking

    The Rams have deposits on 45,000 season tickets. If the Chargers go to Los Angeles they will have a similar number, 4 or 5,000.

  5. db2259

    Football Dave just grouped a football fan base into a race and socioeconomic class. It’s football you idiot. Go call Finebaum with that nonsense.

  6. mcdusty31

    Football Dave = idiot

  7. OneNationRaiderNation

    Last time I checked Levi stadium in Santa Clara had more harmful incidents involving police so to say raider fans are rowdy is a misnomer.. Also since reading this I hope the ama counting to be aways behind the hawks and the cardinals and I hope the become the 49ers of getting a new stadium. Plus as long as rams r in lis Angeles then they better hope that they win two super bowls because last time I checked the raiders when in lis Angeles say what you want they brought a championship to city which id’s probably more than what the rams would bring.

  8. Hoosier Hysteria

    Spanos should get NFL to waive relo fee. If nfl wants bolts in LA and Rams don’t want raiders, then “cowboy up”. SD media hyping raiders to SD…silly notion. If people in sd won’t build new stadium for chargers, why would they vote to build raiders a stadium? We hate the stinking raiders! Stay in Oakland! You deserve each other!

  9. dbcgallegos

    I’m a Raiders fan and no not all Raiders fan have counterfeit jersey…lmao. And not all Raiders fans are gang bangers…lmao. Unfortunately the colors in which the Raiders wore in the 80’s and 90’s fit the indentity of gang culture in Los Angeles. Abuse of alcohol and other drugs while tailgating causes a lot of fights no matter what team you represent. I’ve been at a Eagles game in philly and thought I was gonna get a Philly cheese steak stuff up my nostril. So Dave being ignorant is not from birth it’s taught and I feel sorry for you. But I live about 15 minutes from Inglewood in Lakewood and I would love for the Raiders to come to LA but they belong in Oakland period. Go Raiders!!

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