Fallout From Chargers’ 2016 Decision

In response to Dean Spanos’ decision on Friday to keep the Chargers in San Diego for at least another season, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Ron Roberts of the County Board of Supervisors jointly issued a statement (Twitter link via Faulconer):

“We appreciate Mr. Spanos’ commitment to staying in San Diego for the 2016 season to work with the region on a stadium solution. We look forward to discussing his vision for a new San Diego home for the Chargers, and will be working with him and our negotiating team on a fair and viable plan to put before voters. We have agreed to meet again in the near future.”

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Rams owner Stan Kroenke, whom Spanos could eventually join in Los Angeles if he’s unable to reach an agreement with San Diego, also released a statement (Twitter links – 1, 2, 3 – courtesy of the LA Daily News’ Vincent Bonsignore):

“The Los Angeles Rams have reached an agreement with the San Diego Chargers to join us in the new InglewoodDean Spanos (vertical) Stadium. If they choose to exercise their option to relocate within the next year, we look forward to partnering with the Chargers in Inglewood, but the decision of course is Dean’s to make.”

Spanos’ decision to stay or leave will obviously come down to whether he can get a new stadium built in San Diego. The Chargers would prefer their next venue be a joint stadium and convention center in downtown San Diego, reports ESPN’s Eric D. Williams, who notes that the team isn’t a fan of its current location, Mission Valley.

In an effort to move forward on their stadium/convention center plan, the Chargers are expected to create a citizens’ initiative in San Diego for a November ballot, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (Twitter link). If the Chargers get the necessary 60,000 signatures from voters, that would enable them to bypass requirements set by the California Environmental Quality Act, per Cole. Should the Bolts get their initiative on the ballot this year, the deadline on their LA decision could extend to 2018, write Kevin Acee and David Garrick of the San Diego Union-Tribune, and the extra year would allow for legal challenges or a second election.

Regardless of what happens long term, we know the Chargers will spend the 2016 season in San Diego, which has seemingly caused mixed reactions among some of their players. While franchise quarterback Philip Rivers is excited – “It’s good to know we get to make another run at it here,” he said, per Michael Gehlken of the Union-Tribune – a couple of his teammates came off as less enthusiastic about the news, even tweeting ultimatums to the club’s fans.

“The stadium better be packed. The fans got what they wanted,” receiver Keenan Allen wrote.

“Every home game better be sold out,” linebacker Melvin Ingram added.

According to ESPN’s attendance numbers, the Chargers had the 18th-most fans (a total of 534,180) at their games during the 2015-16 season and finished 22nd in capacity percentage (94.6). The figures rank as the Chargers’ highest in both categories since 2009.

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19 comments on “Fallout From Chargers’ 2016 Decision

  1. Dave W.

    Stupid comments from both Allen and Gordon – seriously guys, this isn’t really about whether 5,000 more fans come out to each game in 2016! It’s all about whether Spanos and the city are able to come to some agreement, which is unlikely, meaning it will probably just be like an ugly long break-up!

    • costergaard2

      Very stupid. The fans pay the bills. Never forget that.

  2. mattmonteith

    Wrong Melvin. The LB is Melvin Ingram.

    • Dave W.

      My mistake, but still dumb…..

      • mattmonteith

        I hadn’t even noticed yours. I was referencing the article. They corrected it right away.

      • Connor Byrne

        My mistake, actually. Sorry about that. Fixed.

      • mattmonteith

        Gordon is dumb too. He’s developed the not-so-healthy habit of frequent all-nighters at one of the local casinos. Has been spotted there regularly shooting craps until the wee hours of the morning. Not exactly the type of thing that’s going to help a young player reach his peak performance.

    • mattmonteith

      Very quickly corrected. Another reason I love Trade Rumors.

  3. GiveMeYourWorstProspects

    Billion dollar league and probably a millionaire owner and want the city to give them a stadium.

  4. Cheddahbob

    I just dont understand the NFL. The Stl city proposal asked the Nfl to give an extra 100 million but Stl was told that the plan was unacceptable bc of the extra money but they then turn around and give the go ahead to SD when its the same amount of money that Stl asked for. How does that even make sense? Im not sure cities and fans should trust the Nfl at all and that includes these billionaire owners. All corrupt.

    • skb678

      St. Louis wanted 400 million, they are giving San Diego 300 million

      • CheddahBob

        Rams asked for 300 million from the nfl

        • CheddahBob

          Sorry St. Louis* not used to that yet.

  5. REALLY! Melvin & Keenan should I expect 13 plus sacks and 1500 yds in recieving of course i want it to happen but lay a “better fill the stadium remark just plain stupid! Especially when you still might move, a 4-11 record and what the owners put san diego through! You might want to think before speaking

  6. redking

    If the players want fans to show they need to win.

  7. BayAreaSportsFan

    So the players logic: we failed to leave, despite working out a billion dollar plan in another city and are forced to stay in San Diego because the other owners decided, so obviously the fans better respond to our attempted mutiny by showing more support than they did in the first place?

    How about the chargers learn to play football and the fans might show up? The only reason the chargers are still in San Diego is because the owner doesn’t want to be a tenant of a stadium he wants to own it, but he also doesn’t want to pay for and thinks the league and taxpayers should provide the cash for his investment without getting anything in return. One billionaire profits.

  8. HibbardsHustler

    All these teams leaving California, please one of them be coming to Toronto.

  9. redking

    Ingram and Allen are two overpaid injury-prone chumps. Players like that are the reason the Chargers never win anything.

  10. Vincent Reagan

    Well, if the SAN DIEGO Chargers’ players expect every game to “sell out” then defensive players NEED to learn HOW to properly tackle the opposing team! If I was living IN San Diego on opening day I’d be at the games!!! And I know the citizens of San Diego are supportive of our Chargers! An additional point. I thought the Chargers are owned by Alex Spanks the Greek shipping tycoon! Not Dean Spanos! I’ve read several stories the past couple of days which cite that the owner is Dean Spanks. Is this an obvious oversight or has something happened with/to Mr. Alex Spanks?

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