Jerry Jones Proposes Los Angeles Resolution

With the league having deemed Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis as delivering unsatisfactory efforts to preserve their statuses as NFL cities, Jerry Jones is pushing for a resolution in advance of Tuesday’s relocation meetings.

The Cowboys owner has submitted a resolution in front of the Houston owners’ summit that calls for a forced Rams-Chargers union in either the Inglewood or Carson sites, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports.

Jones has been a proponent of the Rams relocating to Los Angeles and is pushing for this outcome. Should this proposal come to fruition aStan Kroenke‘s Inglewood site, the Rams will lead a big brother-little brother relationship, Florio offers. However, if the Chargers and Rams come together at the Carson site initially proposed by the Raiders and Chargers, the co-tenants will be on equal footing.

Here is the latest on the Los Angeles relocation pursuit.

  • The league hopes for a vote this week to decide the future of the Los Angeles market, Ian Rapoport of tweets. If that doesn’t occur, sufficient space for a resolution has been cleared for the following week, if necessary to determine what happens regarding these three teams’ desire for relocation.
  • St. Louis’ $1.1 billion riverfront Stadium proposal was determined to “lack certainty,” with it calling for $400MM in league aid — more than expected, a source told the Bay Area News Group’s Matthew Artz. With the St. Louis proposal also calling for government approval, signs continue to point toward the Raiders staying in Oakland. Had the St. Louis initiative been viewed as more stable, Artz writes, owners would be more inclined to back the Chargers’ and Raiders’ joint Carson plan. Artz adds Dean Spanos has the most support from the owners and could be receptive to Jones’ aforementioned compromise. Sources continue to indicate the Raiders don’t have the trust from the owners, from a financial perspective, to be one of the teams that move to L.A. While a Chargers spokesperson told the Los Angeles Daily News the franchise remains committed to partnering with the Raiders, former 49ers executive and current Carson project liaison won’t rule out a Rams-Chargers partnership. Although he adds that the Chargers still plan on being based in Carson. “I would say that there is no way the Raiders or the Chargers want to go to Los Angeles and be in Inglewood.”

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9 comments on “Jerry Jones Proposes Los Angeles Resolution

  1. mcdusty31

    Bring the Raiders back, the Rams at least have a proposal…fine tune it and they can stay…San Diego and Oakland are still trying to figure out when they’re going to figure out what they’re doing.

  2. Hey as long as the taxpayers are buying they’ll go wherever… because the billions the NFL make aren’t enough… they have to screw hard working people out of millions for their stadiums.

  3. seth3120

    Agreed Mcdusty but I for one am tired of the NFL playing musical cities. If i had to give advice to any new fan of the nfl it would be not to be a fan of the local franchise. Pick a team the NFL won’t uproot on you. Dallas, Pittsburgh, Green Bay come to mind. If your city isn’t part of their core you are only renting a team. Teams like the Rams and Raiders have an opportunity to move because they couldn’t build a winning franchise. After 10 years of dismal seasons profit drops and makes them a candidate for relocation. You want loyalty and a fan base? Try looking for ways to make teams homes work instead of moving them like pieces in the board game risk. The Raiders might as well run the team from an rv at this point or at least have a headquarters in Los Angeles and have a traveling headquarters to random cities they move to. If I was forced to pick one I’d pick San Diego. A team with at least some success should have some local support if they don’t maybe a move is necessary but teams that have stunk for a decade need to stay put to see if they get fan support during halfway decent years.

    • TheMichigan

      Well who was the last team to pull up? Tennessee right? But after the oilers Houston got the Texans. Before that it was the raiders and Rams that shipped from LA to their respective cities like say 10-20 years ago. And now LA is getting one of those teams back. Considering the last relocation the relocatee got a team back (in the Texans) and Tennessee got a team, I think the thing that “franchises are always moving” and the NFL is playing “musical cities” is a tad extreme

    • Baltimore won’t be moving any time soon either the

  4. Vedder80

    The NFL is such a joke. The only uncertainty in the public finance for the Rams is a politician who filed a lawsuit after he couldn’t garner any support in the legislature to try and block the financing. He isn’t going to win, particularly since the same matter has already been litigated once. As for a forced Rams and Chargers union, what be the point? Oh yeah, to make even more money than the current Chargers and Raiders union. But why would Kroenke go to LA an not build his palace of excess?

  5. JD396

    The Rams vacating St. Louis is probably good news for whoever happens to own a franchise in Dallas… Oh, whaddaya know! Jerry Jones has a resolution in mind!

  6. Strauss

    Jones should be a corner man for a wrestler in the WWE

  7. David

    Paint a POS with a new paint job and it’s still a POS underneath.. SAn and STL need rebuilding not a new hime

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