Peyton Manning HGH Allegations Resurface

It’s possible Peyton Manning took back the Broncos’ starting quarterback job Sunday in helping the AFC’s top seed to a 27-20 win over San Diego. The 39-year-old’s name is also in the news again for the wrong reasons, however, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes. Deborah Davies of Al Jazeera told CNN’s Reliable Sources that the media outlet has another source to corroborate a recent report that accused the Mannings (Peyton and his wife, Ashley) of having human growth hormone – a banned NFL substance – shipped to their house in 2011.

Last week, the existence of Al Jazeera documentary “The Dark Side,” which centers on the global epidemic of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, came to light. In the documentary, ex-Guyer Institute pharmacist Charlie Sly claims the Indianapolis-based anti-aging clinic supplied Manning and his wife with HGH as he was recovering from a serious neck injury. Manning quickly refuted the allegations, calling them “complete garbage.” He also threatened legal action. The story faded from the headlines soon after, but Davies has revived it.

“[W]e had a second source,” she said. “Absolutely impeccably placed, knowledgeable, and credible, who confirmed exactly what Charlie Sly said. Shipments of HGH were repeatedly, repeatedly sent to Ashley Manning in Florida and other places in the U.S. . . . There are different kinds of sources. There are some you can name, there are some you can’t. This is a source we cannot name. We could not name. The value of that source was to add to the level of confidence we already had in what Charlie Sly was saying.”

On why neither Davies nor Al Jazeera revealed the existence of a second source sooner, she stated, “It would simply have led to another range of speculation, another set of fishing expedition questions.”

Whether the source actually exists may never be known, but the timing is poor for both Manning and the Broncos – who now face the potential of having to deal with more steroid-related questions as they get ready for the playoffs.

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11 comments on “Peyton Manning HGH Allegations Resurface

  1. frank


  2. PEDyton Manning

    They should do well in the playoffs, as long as Charlie Sly get Ashley Manning her HGH “wink wink”.

  3. You all are haters can’t release source it’s all bs

  4. ahale224

    Who has the energy to make all those commercials without HGH. And what nobody wants you to know, is that they hid them in that chicken parm sandwich.
    peyton is on HGH

  5. ahale224

    The music notes didn’t show up. Sorry.

  6. ChristianRocker

    This just seems like Al Jazeera is trying to get some attention back on them. The original story faded quickly and they are just like “wait, no we have another source! Come back and pay attention to us!” A source that can’t name, which I know some sources can’t be named but this just seems fishy.

  7. JD396

    My anonymous source who has an anonymous source told me that someone with an anonymous source got information from his/her anonymous source that a confidential informant’s anonymous source has information that might be able to identify the anonymous source who knows that an anonymous football player was supplied with HGH.

  8. Marcus DeBose

    After Lance Armstrong stared into the Camera and lied for 14 years, it will be a long time before I believe any of the guys again. They are on top because they will do A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to win.

    • JD396

      I don’t even think it’s winning that they’ll do anything for. The most competitive people are competitive and successful because they have a healthy relationship with losing as a natural part competing.

      It’s people who are 1) obsessed with making $$$ or 2) buy their own hype and need to win to satisfy their bloated egos that need to cheat to win.

  9. patricka2

    What there a point to this reporting? It’s not like this has merit since the source wasn’t reported initially. Sounds like either the clinic or the reporter trying to keep their name out there.

  10. Andrew

    I don’t care what they claim. And a source you cannot reveal is not a real source. I have a source at says All Jaz funds terror groups, however cannot reveal it. See how stupid my claim sounds with a secret source ? Same goes for yours.

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