Ryan Fitzpatrick Content To Wait Out Jets

Free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is content to wait until training camp, if necessary, before signing his next deal, says Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). The Jets, whom Fitzpatrick spent last season with and are hoping to re-sign him, unsurprisingly want to lock up the signal-caller well before camp.

While the Jets’ goal is to have Fitzpatrick back in their uniform as soon as possible, there remains a wide chasm between the Ryan Fitzpatrick (Vertical)two sides with respect to the 33-year-old’s value. The Jets reportedly offered Fitzpatrick a three-year, $24MM deal that could be worth up to $36MM with incentives. In terms of annual value, $8MM would place Fitzpatrick in company with offseason free agent signings Robert Griffin III ($7.5MM) and Chase Daniel ($7MM) – neither of whom has been nearly as successful as Fitzpatrick in the NFL. While the Jets’ reported offer features upward of $15MM in guarantees, Cole notes that amount isn’t fully guaranteed.

Fitzpatrick, meanwhile, is looking for a mean yearly value in the range of $12MM to $16MM, according to Cole, and would like a contract with the upside of $16MM to $20MM per annum with incentives factored into it. At his current asking price, Fitzpatrick would reside in similar territory to Nick Foles ($12.25MM) and Andy Dalton ($16MM).

After the Jets acquired Fitzpatrick from the Texans last year for a mere late-round pick, he went on to have his best season for a 10-6 club that narrowly missed the playoffs. The career journeyman unexpectedly totaled personal highs in touchdowns (31) and yards (3,905), and is now angling to parlay that showing into a contract reflective of it.

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6 comments on “Ryan Fitzpatrick Content To Wait Out Jets

  1. bobhutt99

    Please wait it out Fitz Turn down that $15 million guarantee. I heard K-Mart will offer you $100 Million. Just stay away forever. You’re lucky that the Jets are stupid enough to be the ONLY team to want you. You were one door away from being out of the league last year. Now you think you’re a star. Woody use your brain. Pull the offer. Fitz can you say Attention K Mart Shoppers. Clean up in aisle two!

    • Keith

      Quite possibly the least intelligent comment of all time. Harvard graduate at K-Mart…riiiight.

  2. Bobbie jackson

    The only way to play his hustle. Is do nothing. He was given a Taylor made suit. And now he can go get alteration somewhere else. He’s letting fame get to his fat head. In many key games, late money time ourth quarter. You can’t crumble and throw three picks. Nice knowing you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  3. bobhutt99

    Keith a Harvard graduate who at best is a career backup scrub QB to turn down $15 million guaranteed when he was almost out of the league last year and made $3 million at his advanced age shows he FAILED basic Economics 101 at Harvard. Doesn’t sound too smart to me. His only bargaining chips is he knows his competition on the Jets really suck. Doesn’t bode well for Gino and Bryce either!

    • spliced thrice

      But it’s the Jets

  4. member

    When the mediocre QB and the mediocre team come to terms, the “saga” will end.

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