Nick Foles Unhappy With Rams, Skipping OTAs

4:28pm: Head coach Jeff Fisher spoke about Foles’ situation Wednesday, saying, “He has not been here to participate since the draft … We’re trying to work things out.” Fisher continued, “Nick has the feeling if things stay the same, he’s probably not gonna be on the roster” (Twitter links via Albert Breer of

Fisher also called Foles’ absence “more of a mutual thing,” writes Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk. Based on that, it appears Foles’ time with the Rams is done. Now it’s just a matter of whether they’ll be able to find another team to take him via trade.

10:35am: Nick Foles is none too pleased with the Rams this offseason. The quarterback, who was a regular when offseason workouts began April 18th, has not participated in a team practice since the Rams selected Jared Goff No. 1 overall, as’s Jim Trotter writes. Multiple sources have confirmed that Foles has been abstaining from team-run training sessions and the start of OTAs because the Rams drafted a quarterback. Nick Foles (Vertical)

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Acquired by the Rams in the trade that sent Sam Bradford to the Eagles, the two quarterbacks have wound up in strikingly similar situations. Last offseason, Foles inked a two-year, $24.5MM extension that included nearly $13.8MM in guarantees. Now, it’s clear that he is not the quarterback of the future in Los Angeles and maybe not even the quarterback of the present. Last season, Foles opened the season as the starter under center but was benched in favor of Case Keenum after throwing seven touchdowns against six interceptions.

Foles drew trade interest from teams in late April and the quarterback presumably wants the team to ship him elsewhere. Because the Rams have already paid his guaranteed $6MM roster bonus for the 2016 season, Foles would come at a very affordable rate for any team interested in acquiring him — only his $1.75MM base salary for ’16 would count against a new team’s cap. Of course, his new team would also take on the rest of his contract, including a non-guaranteed $10.75MM base salary for 2017.

Foles has plenty of starting experience and could be a good fit as a backup elsewhere. Meanwhile, Los Angeles could roll with Goff, Keenum, and 2015 third-rounder Sean Mannion on the depth chart. It remains to be seen whether Goff or Keenum can deliver in 2016, but the team probably sees more potential in those two players than Foles, a fifth-year pro.

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13 comments on “Nick Foles Unhappy With Rams, Skipping OTAs

  1. JustaBrewerfan

    I always thought that WR were divas. Apparently qbs who haven’t done anything in the league now feel like the kid who was picked on in the sandbox. Man up and beat out the rookie.

    • William

      Because they’re just not that committed about their #1 pick.


      • JustaBrewerfan

        How many times do first round picks bust? Why risk your career playing the whow is me card? I never said to be a best friend to the kid, be a competitor. Not a child.

    • CursedRangers

      Totally agree. This is tiresome. Why are they running from the competition. Worse case scenario you get paid $13M to ride the bench.

  2. StellaDSierra

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    • TJECK109

      You should contact Nick Foles… He might be looking for a job soon

  3. Giants51

    These guys are making Millions……. Fuck em…… I don’t fill sorry for any of them……

  4. Melvin McMurf

    i love this happening to the lams

  5. last time i checked he was just Nick Foles, he must have amnesia, clearly doesn’t know his role in this league. clipboard meets hand.

  6. hill
    daren hill

    Fragile mind.

  7. William Aaron Berry III

    You have give the team reason to want you.

  8. Paul Thomas

    Nick Foles would be a perfect fit on Dallas Tony Romo is talented he is no Staubach or Aikman or Danny White on my reasoned opinion.
    Romo health age and typically poor decision making is more than a passing comment.
    Nick Foles could sit learn behind Romo he is teachable and physically more like Aikman .
    I think he would be a bargain Kellen Moore is not spectacular I’m any of the tangible football wise .
    Jerry and his son should go for Foles he will be quite great given time and opportunity believe that!

  9. Terry

    Whatever happened to competing for a position. Players now hold out, demands trades, cry like babies to the press etc. etc. etc. if you want the starting job Foles then go out and bust your ass and out perform the other guy, like undrafted Tony Romo did, and you will be the starter. Foles sounds like Brett Farve now when Farve was told he had to compete with Aaron Rodgers for the job. He is a primadonna and a good example of what’s wrong with pro athletes today. They are spoiled, egotistical, babies and have no mental toughness or fight in them.

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