49ers Could Cut Colin Kaepernick

49ers coach Chip Kelly has said that Colin Kaepernick‘s controversial decision not to stand for the national anthem will not affect his standing in the team’s quarterback competition. However, there’s now word that Kaepernick could potentially be released before the start of the season for football reasons. Colin Kaepernick

Regardless of politics or not, he has a very, very big uphill battle to make this team,” insider Jay Glazer said on FOX. “I’d be shocked if he’s on the 49ers by the time this season ends. It has nothing to do with political views whatsoever. He lost a ton of weight this offseason, had three surgeries, couldn’t work out, lost that double threat, that size-speed ratio. No political views, he just hasn’t been effective. He’s regressing as a player. I’d be shocked if he’s on this roster by the end of this year. He may not be on it in the next two weeks.”

It would certainly be surprising if the 49ers cut their one-time franchise quarterback before the start of the season, particularly given that his $11.9MM salary is guaranteed for 2016. By releasing Kaepernick, the Niners would effectively be saying that regardless of salary, Christian Ponder and Jeff Driskel are both better quarterbacks than he is at this moment. It’s also possible that the Niners view Kaepernick’s presence as a distraction and they may not want him lurking over Blaine Gabbert‘s shoulder in 2016.

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12 comments on “49ers Could Cut Colin Kaepernick

  1. aarongill

    They’re not going to cut him, they will next offseason when his contract is non guaranteed it makes no sense right now. Driskel isn’t ready and ponder is ponder. Kap will be on the roster.

    • craig smith

      they are cutting him kap is kap lol he sucks

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    Kaepernick is worthless as a player and proving to be worthless as a human. If I were the 49ers I would cut him and kick him on his way out the door.

  3. KARMA, they should cut his sorry ass so he can really be oppressed.

  4. khines939

    You are a hater because he didn’t stand up right

  5. Calvin

    Great if he can’t respect the heroes of our nation he doesn’t need to be seen on Sunday’s

    • Michelle

      It’s not about disrepect of Veteran’s. It’s about JUSTICE FOR ALL. Every race should be treated with the SAME RESPECT And FAIRNESS. ALL RACES HAVE BLEED AND

  6. CodyGadbois

    All he’s been is a distraction… Can’t believe he’s gonna make 11 mill regardless

  7. JD396

    I’m way too close to the field of law enforcement to have much time for a millionaire crybaby anymore. Gag me with a spoon.

  8. commercecomet7

    No problem speaking his mind, just not while on the job ,in uniform. Imagine your car salesman giving you a lecture on Black Lives Matter in the middle of the car lot. 49ers gotta have some rules for on field conduct. ( to wit , wanna play for the Yankees? No facial hair! )

  9. $12 mill for #2016 down the drain … who wants him? Nobody. Cut him immediately … He’s a growing cancer on the team. He doesn’t deserve to be an #NFL player. The 49’ers besmirch every other player at risk by keeping Kaepernick. Cut him. He can then run for congress. But, your team will survive the hit.

  10. Pretty sad day for America when a 28 year old athlete has to teach his elders the meaning of the last three words in the Pledge of Allegiance…yet somehow HE is the problem. Go figure.

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