Eagles Acquire WR Dorial Green-Beckham

The Eagles have acquired wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham in a trade with the Titans for offensive lineman Dennis Kelly, according to announcements from both clubs. "<strong

Not to speak on Philly’s behalf but they inquired about it,’’ Titans GM Jon Robinson told the team website. “They thought it was a good opportunity for him, and we thought adding Dennis would be good for our football team. We are moving on. I appreciate everything Dorial did when he was here. He bought in to what we were trying to do. But in the end we felt like this was the best decision for the team.”

In high school, Green-Beckham was considered to be one of the best wide receivers in the nation. However, off-field red flags pushed him into the second round of the 2015 draft, where the Titans snagged him with the 40th overall pick. That selection was made by the old regime in Tennessee and the new front office apparently wasn’t thrilled with what they’ve seen on him. DGB still has serious talent, but his work ethic in the NFL has been suspect.Green-Beckham hauled in 32 catches for 549 yards and four touchdowns as a rookie last season.

The Eagles’ wide receiver group is headlined by Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor with support from free agent pickups Chris Givens and Reuben Randle plus Chip Kelly holdover Josh Huff. The arrival of DGB could drastically shake up the Eagles’ WR depth chart.

Kelly, entering his fifth NFL season, has appeared in 30 games with 15 starts for the Eagles. The former fifth-round pick has appeared at both tackle and guard and should provide the Titans with some O-Line depth.

I like his versatility,’’ Robinson said. “He has really good size, he’s versatile, he’s played a lot of positions. He embodies the traits we look for in an offensive lineman – smart, tough, and dependable.”

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19 comments on “Eagles Acquire WR Dorial Green-Beckham

  1. joebunda

    This was a good trade for both teams. It solidifies the Titans’ o-line and makes me think they will have a run first offense. The Eagles got a young receiver who I think has the potential to be a top ten target in the next five years. Don’t be surprised to see a Wentz, DGB, and Sproles offensive trifecta in a few years.

    • 0213963

      Sproles recently made the comment after signing his one year extension this yearthat he was done after next year.

    • FloridaMan1988

      More like Wentz, DGB, Smallwood

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Yeah because Sproles is so young. Maybe he will forgo retirement after the 2017 season and suddenly become the feature back that he never was at any point in his career?

      • bsteady powers


    • Indian Andy

      DGB could implode on them. I live near Springfield, Mo. and have kept up with him since high school. His adoptive dad was a high school football coach and made life pretty easy for him. He was treated like a prince around town. His dad’s political influence got him out of DWI (or got him a slap on the hand for it). At Mizzou, he continued partying and another pot arrest. I’m glad my livelihood doesn’t depend on young guys like him.

  2. aarongill

    Horrible for the Titans. Trading a high potential second round pick from last year who has speed and is very big, for a backup lineman. I guess they gave up DGB for stealing Murray off them.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Stealing Murray? Murray has a horrible contract and was anything but productive last season. He had 1 great year and a few good years. He thinks he’s a star and he absolutely is not. If the Titans think they stole him, they’re the only ones who think that.

    • Polish Hammer

      Yeah they stole him, and thought so much of him they immediately drafted a RB.

  3. Andrew

    Rishard Matthews is about to have a huge year

  4. Ravens_Last_Place

    Eagles have been making fools of the Titans! They get them to trade for Murray AND send DGB to them for a backup lineman? Wow. Howie Roseman owns the Titans. Too bad the Eagles will continue their 0 for Super Bowl trophies streak.

    • CrushCity

      DGB will never amount to anything because he doesn’t care and has no heart. Eagles got trolled again.

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        Again? The Eagles are making fools out of the Titans. Usually other teams make fools of the Titans during the season, they’re not even playing yet lol

        • CrushCity

          Must be why Murray had more success in one preseason game in Tennessee then entire season with Eagles. Bahahahaha. Titans def got the worse end of that deal. Now they got Kenny Britt 2.0. Solid pick up.

      • Polish Hammer

        Yeah, they gave up a backup lineman that never contributed in 5 seasons for a kid with a ton of potential…Ill take the chance he finds himself or gets cut with minimal investment. Not like they gave up a top 40 pick for him.

    • Frank

      A second string receiver for a second string OL. This saved Titans from cutting someone who catches the ball. Murray contract was renogiated.

  5. WOW! This is a difficult one to figure out as a Titan fan. There must be more than meets meets the eye and I imagine GM Jon Robinson will explain how the Titans got the better deal. At the moment, I am unconvinced.

  6. Polish Hammer

    Seems like a sweet deal for Philly, but a guy like DGB always seems like one poor choice away from some very bad publicity and a lengthy suspension.

  7. Polish Hammer

    Also curious why this isn’t linked to the Eagles articles…

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