Extra Points: PEDs, Bosa, Tulloch, Buccaneers

Some assorted notes from around the NFL to wrap up the weekend…

  • Following a 2015 Al Jazeera America documentary that linked multiple players to PED use, the NFL is still planning on interviewing those players about the accusations, reports ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter). Schefter lists Steelers linebacker James Harrison and Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers, although the documentary also linked free agent linebacker Mike Neal and former tight end Dustin Keller.
  • With the Chargers and rookie Joey Bosa still engaged in a stare down over the defensive end’s contract, the third-overall pick’s mother has taken to Facebook with some interesting comments. “It bums me out for him so much,” she wrote (via Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union Tribune). “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day.” Manning, of course, forced his way out of San Diego after being selected with the top pick in the 2004 draft.
  • The Eagles have a need at linebacker, leading Philly.com’s Zach Berman to agree with the team’s reported pursuit of free agent Stephen Tulloch. The 31-year-old has a natural connection to the team, as he previously played for defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. “I have a lot of respect for that guy and his production,” Schwartz said. “Whoever is out there that can improve our team, whether it’s a guy like ‘Tully’ who is unsigned or guys that are on other teams . . . we’re going to watch preseason games and be looking at the waiver wire, who might be cap casualties.”
  • Charles Johnson spent his entire career with the Panthers, so it was a bit odd for the veteran to visit the Buccaneers, his longtime division rival, when he was a free agent this offseason. In fact, the veteran admitted that his battles against the Bucs played a role in him spurning the organization to return to the Panthers. “Don’t get me wrong, because Tampa has a great organization, but it was awkward playing against them so many years,’’ Johnson told ESPN.com’s David Newton. “You really have a hate factor for them and it was just really awkward.’’
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7 comments on “Extra Points: PEDs, Bosa, Tulloch, Buccaneers

  1. OCTraveler

    Bosa’s mother’s comment basically tells where Bosa’s attitude of entitlement originated – trade his rights to Cleveland or Buffalo before the Chargers have another Ryan Leaf meltdown in their lockeroom

  2. stxgb

    really regretting the Chargers picking Bosa. Nothing worse than a kid thinking he is better than all the players who have proven their worth. If he is thaf great play out your first contract and cash in on your next one. That’s when he will have the major leverage but until then sit down and shut up and play the game. Be appreciative of the fact you made it and quit being a spoiled entitled brat

  3. realfootballfan

    Offset language is now “trying to break the bank?” Hardly a Bosa fan and have been on record here saying he would be a bust because of his average athleticism, but the reality some of you bend to see things from the team’s perspective always baffles me. This is the same nonsense Mariota and the Titans were wrangling over last year. So you have your #1 pick holding out on a terrible team over what is essentially like $10 million because you might cut him before his 4th year. Yep, sure sounds like something the winning teams argue with players about. No wonder the Titans and now the Chargers were the teams getting into PR wars over such nonsense since both are amateur act organizations.

    • Its smart to create offset language for a risky guy. While every player has their own risks (both known and unknown future risks), teams are going to be more cautious with guys who have known red flags. Bosa had red flags coming out of college and the consensus amongst experts is that Bosa might not be that great because of his average athleticism (not saying he can’t be good, but he might not live up to his draft status). With those red flags/risks and his current attitude, I would definetly push for offset language. The guy is basically asking to receive his full signing bonus within his first two years (with most of it coming in his first year I believe). While this could definetly be an overreaction by the Chargers, what’s the harm for Bosa to lower his demands a bit? The way I see it, the only reason he would ask for his full signing bonus up front with no offset language is if he was worried about getting cut towards the end of his rookie deal because of issues pertaining to the offset language. If that wasn’t an issue, then why else would he have these demands (outside of being greedy)?

      • MikePLV10

        Don’t draft him then.. If the red flags are so glaring, MAKE A DIFFERENT PICK!! I am a packers fan and in no way care about Bosa or the Chargers.. But the fact remains this is a brutal game where careers can end instantly and violently.. The guy wants a guarantee of $10mil for 4 yrs, Chargers should give it to him and place language in the contract that prevents him from getting it if he tries to hold out for more later if he out performs that contract..

        • MikePLV10

          Although I wouldn’t give him all his vinous up front.. Spread it over 3yrs..

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