Eagles Veterans Unhappy With Sam Bradford Trade?

The Eagles decision to trade Sam Bradford to the Vikings seemed to make sense on paper. The team received a haul for the quarterback, and they had second-overall pick Carson Wentz waiting in the wings. However, as Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com notes, several of the team’s veterans weren’t happy with the front office’s decision to trade Bradford.

Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook appeared on PFT Live recently to discuss the move. Westbrook noted that the team’s decision to opt for a rookie quarterback may indicate that the organization isn’t serious about competing in 2016.

Jan 3, 2016; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) prior to the game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

“I kind of feel for those veterans like Jason Peters and Malcolm Jenkins, because I know and I was in the situation,” Westbrook said. “I had Donovan McNabb my entire career in Philadelphia but at some point they benched Donovan McNabb when we were in Baltimore and they put in Kevin Kolb. You just wonder, ‘OK, what are we doing here?’ Because we felt right now we had one of the better quarterbacks in the league in Donovan on the bench.

“It’s a little bit different situation with Sam Bradford because he hasn’t been one of the better quarterbacks on that same type of level as Donovan but if I’m on this football team here in Philadelphia right now and I’m a veteran I’m saying, ‘Well, hold on, timeout. We’re building for the future but that future does not necessarily include me and I have a problem with that.’ It’s good for the organization but not necessarily good for those veteran guys and so I would be a little disappointed.”

Well, that would seem like normal hyperbole, but Florio made a point of asking Westbrook outright whether some current Eagles had an issue with the trade.

“Definitely,” Westbrook said. “There’s no doubt about it and I’ve talked to a few guys that have expressed that. A few guys have said, ‘We’re trying to win this year because I don’t know if I’m going to play next year and I’m definitely not sure if I’m going to be able to be in Philadelphia next year. So as much as we want this young guy Carson Wentz to be successful we’re concerned about winning this year. We’re concerned about winning now.’ …

“I think that there’s an understanding from the fans, the coaching staff as well as the front office that, ‘Hey, we’re going to need to take some time to build this thing the right way.’ Unfortunately for some of the older players, some of the veteran players, that doesn’t necessarily mesh with what your goal is as far as winning right now.”

For what it’s worth, Bradford led his team to a 7-7 record in his 14 starts in 2015 (albeit in an entirely different scheme). The 28-year-old actually had one of his more productive NFL seasons, compiling a career-high 3,725 passing yards to go along with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

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14 comments on “Eagles Veterans Unhappy With Sam Bradford Trade?

  1. David knigge

    Anyone who watched the second half of last season and this preseason knows that Sam Bradford was the best quarterback on this roster. And when you’re playing in a division as weak as the NFC East, you have to realize that Philadelphia had as much of a chance to go to the playoffs has any of the other teams. They’ve sacrificed this season for a first-round choice and a conditional fourth. No hyperbole about it.

    • drum18

      And they saved money.

  2. Bradford will Shine as a Viking, and show why he was a #1 pick. He has never been on a playoff caliber team, or had a decent O-Line in front of him. He will flourish, rebuild, and cement his legacy starting in Minnesota. At the end it will be a steal of a deal. Skol

    • ib6ub9

      he still isnt on a playoff team.it was a good trade for the Eagles. Bradford is going to be awesome if he can just hand off to AP and stay out of his way.that is if he can get the starting job because he is not even good enough to be starter yet maybe hill will get hurt so he has a chance to start

      • tylerall5

        You can’t be serious. The only reason why hill is starting is because Bradford has had what, a little over a week to learn a whole new offense. Not to mention he hasn’t been able to build a rapport with his receivers. And saying that the Vikings aren’t a playoff team is like saying a Cadillac isn’t a luxury car. This coming from a Steeler fan.

        • ib6ub9

          Vikings maybe 8-8 that’s if AP has a very good year. they have no good QB. Bradford and Hill suck sorry

        • ib6ub9

          oh another nonplayoff team

    • Sammy

      Bradford is average, at his best he’s a good qb. I understand why people want him to be so much more but wouldn’t expect it. Even if Eagles went to playoffs with Bradford they weren’t winning the superbowl. If you aren’t winning it all there’s really no difference in a 7 win season and a 15 win season. Ask Carolina

    • natsfan3437

      I agree with you he hasn’t been bad when he’s played and the Vikings have a good oline a solid wr core and a great hb to where he doesn’t have to be leaned on

    • hill

      Absolute no brainer for Philly.

      Sam wanted out.

      They drafted a QB #2.

      And got good value for an oft-injured and ordinary QB.

      I respect Minnesota for pushing all their chips in the middle and Philly for recovering a big chunk of value when they dealt all those picks to Cleveland: granted, Minnesota is still a 9 or 10 win team so that ’17 pick is probably ~#20.

      Win win in my book but a big risk for the Vikings.

  3. Bill Utah

    Ppl this trade had to be done!!
    Eagles were going to cut him next season anyway, most likely.
    Be honest were not a super bowl contender at this time.
    We trade next years first round pick to get Carson, which we just got back!
    Any team in the league would have said yes to trading a QB that will not be back next years, history of getting hurt
    This 1st rd pick was and is a must
    To draft a top Wb or WR

  4. Joeycalexc

    Bradford sitting week 1 and will be hurt sometime this year. Who cares if veterans are unhappy. They won’t be around when eagles are legit super bowl contenders

  5. ib6ub9

    Eagles will do better without Bradford he is not a #1 QB. would rather have first round pick seeing its going to be a high pick with it coming from the vikings

  6. marckahn

    The haul the eagles got for him was something you cannot turn down. The birds are not winning super bowl so who cares about this year.

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