Cowboys Organization Torn On Romo, Prescott

Tony Romo has graciously accepted his new role as the Cowboys’ backup quarterback, and some in the organization are now hoping he steps aside for good at the end of the season, reports Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. Even though injuries limited Romo to four games in 2015 and sidelined him for the Cowboys’ first nine contests this season, there’s no indication that the soon-to-be 37-year-old is considering retirement.

Longtime teammate and Hall of Fame-bound tight end Jason Witten indicated Wednesday that Romo’s nowhere near done, saying, “I don’t think he’s planning on retiring anytime soon. I wouldn’t bet against him” (Twitter links via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News).

Dak Prescott

Witten added that “it hasn’t entered anyone’s mind” that Romo has taken his last snap as a Cowboy, but it’s a possibility with the way rookie Dak Prescott has fared. Dallas has gone an NFL-best 8-1 with the fourth-rounder at the helm, and Prescott has been one of the NFL’s most effective quarterbacks in the process.

In the first action of his pro career, Prescott has accounted for 18 touchdowns (14 passing, four rushing) against two interceptions and completed 66.8 percent of his 280 aerial attempts. Moreover, Prescott ranks third in the league in yards per attempt (8.35) and fourth in passer rating (106.2), yet some on the Cowboys’ staff still expect the team to need Romo this season, according to Robinson. A team source told Robinson that four of the Cowboys’ wins this year could have been losses, implying that luck has been on Prescott’s side. While the Cowboys have gone 4-1 in one-score games this year, the source’s critique would hold more weight if the Prescott-led club didn’t have the league’s best point differential (plus-88) and third-ranked DVOA backing up its record.

In the event Romo does take the reins back sometime this year – whether through an injury to Prescott or a dip in the 23-year-old’s performance – it would provide much-needed closure to the organization, Robinson writes. By returning to the helm, Romo would answer on the field whether he or Prescott is the better man for the job at present.

Tony Romo

Of course, if Prescott continues to thrive, Romo’s playing days in Dallas could indeed be finished. The Cowboys reportedly aren’t considering a Romo trade, but if they do shop him during the offseason and don’t find a taker, releasing him to collect $5.1MM in cap savings would become a possibility. If that happens, it’s conceivable Romo could remain in the state and sign with the Texans, tweets Robinson (links here). However, Robinson notes that the Texans’ cap situation would likely require Romo to take a significant pay cut compared to the $14MM salary he’s scheduled to rake in next season.

The Broncos would also be in the mix for Romo, adds Robinson, though the Texans clearly have the bigger need. While Broncos starter Trevor Siemian has been mediocre in 2016, former Denver passer and current Texan Brock Osweiler has been an abject disaster in his first year in Houston. Osweiler, who received $37MM in guarantees from the Texans during the offseason, ranks last among 33 qualifying QBs in yards per attempt (5.61) and 31st in passer rating (74.1). The Texans have gone 6-3 in spite of Osweiler, which makes one wonder how much better they’d perform with a healthy Romo (not to mention J.J. Watt) in 2017.

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18 comments on “Cowboys Organization Torn On Romo, Prescott

  1. J.M. Hall

    Send him to Cleveland. God knows they need the help. With Kessler and a QB who is made of glass, they could use it. However that would mean the legitimate “End of Tony Romo”. Dak should remain QB. Romo is out of Dallas after this year. I don’t know…Romo in a Browns uniform? That could actually be somewhat interesting…

    • breezy

      Not a chance that happens. No offense, but the Cowboys front office has too much respect for Romo to send him to Cleveland, and if released, he also would not sign there. The team is rebuilding and looking for their identity. Not a location that a QB at 36yo would go to looking for playoff contention.

    • Big guy

      I hope that romo leaves the cowboys he is a good quarterback when he is healthy but when he’s not helping he’s no good to the team and for the last two season or I should say preseason he been nothing but disaster to the team I will never say that he’s not a good quarterback because he is

    • Big guy

      Don’t no one want to give Tony Romo has credit he is a good quarterback when he’s healthy but when he’s not healthy like any other quarterback in the league he’s no good to the team we got Prescott AZ for the season he’s putting us tax he took 20 Romo’s position and I believe with this young kid we can move on and probably make it into the Super Bowl in the next year to two years three years who knows but believe that Prescott has a very good future in the Cowboys and taking them somewhere pretty far what was I play with the Cowboys 11-12 years took them to the playoffs a couple times but I believe that Prescott it’s a very talented young man but don’t forget to give Tony Romo his props because Tony Romo is a good quarterback statistic says it all

  2. mattgarcia2324

    @j.m hall i agree. He will be in Cleveland. Next years QB draft class is weak. They may go defense with a top pick or trade down for a WR. Maybe a year or 2 in Cleveland and call it quits.

    • hopespringseternal

      Who calls it quits? Romo or Cleveland? Just hoping….

  3. bradthebluefish

    If Texans can get around the salary cap scenario then they could be in business. You have to figure SF 49ers and NY Jets are dark horse candidates to sign Romo.

  4. padreforlife

    What’s with this guy^

  5. Just remember Denver last year with Payton step back in to win the supperbowl . Roma is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Yes has not won a supperbowl but need a whole team to do so . I hope give him a chance to play again as a Cowboy . Show some class Mr.Jones let play a game at home .

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      And mess up the current team chemistry? Y’all crazy as a chipmunk driving a bulldozer. Clean y’all brains out. Romo gotta stay on his coucho. I reckon he a bum, ain’t no super bowl level QB ever.

  6. Louisiana Farmhand

    Torn? Y’all Romo ain’t never won nothing and lost a bunch a games. He whipped that there ball carelessly. He always was a better QB in fantasy football I reckon. Cause he had to throw to play catch up y’all. He ain’t no great. Not even for his own Cowboys he ain’t no great. Don’t go get it all twisted, nice guy not good QB the end.

    • RockHard

      I have a suspicion this is just another fan with a new account trolling lol

      • RockHard

        Farmhand that is..

        • fisher40

          He should be watching re-runs of Hehaw instead of annoying people

          • Louisiana Farmhand

            We all fans. If we not fans then why we here. Right. Truth.

  7. Dougie fresh rundmc

    I wanted romo gone before his first back issue, hes a statistically impressive qb who hasnt ever won zilch! Heck even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in awhile….they have had some talent since tony has been there.

  8. RockHard

    I could see a trade with the jets involving Sheldon Richardson for Romo. Throw in a pick either way and I think they could make it happen

    • RockHard

      I would think the pick would be coming from New York though considering Richardson would be on the last year of his deal

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