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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones declared last week that he does not intend to move on from quarterback Tony Romo after the season, but the belief around the NFL is that Dak Prescott‘s backup will be in another uniform in 2017, reports Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Tony Romo (featured)

While some expect the soon-to-be 37-year-old Romo to bring back a healthy return in a trade, general managers Schefter spoke to indicated otherwise. In the opinion of those GMs, Romo would net anywhere from a mid- to late-round conditional pick. One reason is that the Cowboys wouldn’t hold much leverage in trade talks because Jones, who’s close with Romo, would enable the four-time Pro Bowler to choose his next team. If that’s the case, the to-be-determined club wouldn’t have much incentive to surrender a significant pick for Romo, who’s due base salaries of $14MM, $19.5MM and $20.5MM over the final three years of his contract.

A high-end starter from 2006-14, Romo has played in just four games since the beginning of last season because of various injuries – including a broken bone in his back that left him inactive the first nine contests this year. When Romo went down during the preseason, the assumption was that he’d reclaim the starting job upon returning. But Prescott, a fourth-round rookie, had other ideas. The 23-year-old has gone from caretaker to star over the course of the season, having accounted for 21 touchdowns (17 passing, four rushing) against a meager two interceptions in the first 10 games of his career. Prescott also ranks third in the NFL in yards per attempt (8.35) and passer rating (108.6), and has helped the Cowboys to a league-best 9-1 record. The team hasn’t lost since dropping a 20-19 decision to the Giants in Week 1.

Trevor Siemian

In the near term, Prescott’s brilliance has pushed Romo to the bench (he returned last Sunday in a No. 2 role). Down the line, it could lead Romo out of Dallas in the offseason. One potential suitor is the Broncos, who have gone 7-3 with roughly average play under center from Trevor Siemian.

The 24-year-old Siemian addressed the Romo rumors on Wednesday, telling Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post, “Not too worried about it, truthfully. This is a really important game for us. We have plenty of focus toward this coming Sunday. You can’t worry about that stuff too much.”

Denver does indeed face a crucial matchup Sunday against AFC West rival Kansas City, which is also 7-3. While the Broncos and Chiefs currently hold playoff spots in the AFC, they’re looking up at the division-leading Raiders (8-2), and the reigning Super Bowl champions will likely need more from Siemian if they’re going to overtake Oakland. In his first year as a starter, Siemian has completed 60.1 percent of throws, averaged 6.97 yards per attempt and tossed 12 scores against seven picks. With Romo likely to hit the market after the season, Siemian could be playing for his job over the next several weeks.

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18 comments on “Latest On Tony Romo’s Future

  1. Wally-the-green-monster

    Romo is an asset. He’ll draw a second round pick at least. Dallas has an alternative in that they can always opt to keep Romo on the team.

    • DarkGhost

      36 year old QBs with massive contracts, significant injury history, and 2 play off wins in his entire career don’t get 2nd round draft picks

      • Jay Dee

        Vikes spent a lot in picks and salary to bring in Sam Bradford, whose career has been a joke compared to Romo’s.

        The likelihood is that Romo will agree to a pay cut to go anywhere which makes it much easier for him to be traded. He will get a reasonable deal and Dallas will get a reasonable draft pick.

    • I Call it like I See It

      My 1st of two points. One, no one is giving up a high draft pick much less trading to get Romo. Why? Because he’s 36, old, brittle and injury prone. Also, he will come with a severe cap hit to any team that trades to get him. Remember his cap number comes over and what team is gonna take that on with his history of injuries.
      The second point is, let’s all calm down with the outstanding play of a rookie QB who was picked in the 4th round. Folks, he went there for a reason. Playing behind that O-line helps, and having a veteran OC helps too. Remember a few years ago when the NFL was singing the praises of RG III, Colin Kapernick, Tebow, and JaMarcus Russell, they were all the next big thing to play quarterback, the next prototype of what the league needed. Where are they all now? Let’s give Dak a few years to see if the league catches up to him or he continues to play at a high level.

  2. BallzDeep

    Romo is going to cleveland… they need a washed up QB while the QB they start this year sits for a few.

    • Dalton1017

      To go to the browns would be a death sentence. They have a horrid o-line. Romp will choose to go to the Broncos because that is his best chance to get a ring. I think the cowboy pair him up with Doug Free and get a 2nd round pick

    • justinkm19

      Romo would never accept the trade

  3. drew

    Did every one forget

  4. drew

    Did everyone forget what Tony Romo did for the Dallas Cowboys when the o line sucked and had no defense,also when he had an epic showdown with Payton manning, that was one of the best games ever, Dak is only good cause of the o line. ,other than that he would do nothing, it shows his hesitation at time and the lack of skill. The cowboys had an easy schedule this year. Romo is the man!!!!

    • drew

      Romo is elite. Everyone will see as soon as Dak chokes, I have seen lots of rookie moves on his behalf, Romo gas to sit there with his headset and guide the kid through plays,pathetic,if I was Tony I would give no advice at all!!!!! Point blank. Let him figure it out him self. Supposedly he’s good!!!!!

      • Sportsguy98

        Seriously? Romo has been a solid player for Dallas that could never win the ones that mattered most. He is also fragile. I don’t know maybe wanting to spend time with his kids and eventually grandkids in an upright position sounds appealing. You sound like you want to put him in the same class as Aikman and Staubach. Tap the brakes. Guess how many more playoff games Tony has won than Dak? Two…that’s it. Yes Prescott looks great behind that line and Zek makes everything better. But two years ago Tony had a solid line and running back. Nothing to show. Sure Prescott makes some mistakes, but good gosh the guy is more poised than a lot of 10 year vets. That’s not just my opinion either. Clearly the coaches see it, analysts see it and more importantly his teammates see it. But I guess you’re the expert here and those that play the game or are involved first hand just don’t know anything.

        • JT19

          In Romo’s defense, they probably should’ve had at least one more playoff win two years. That was the year when the officials ruled that Dez didn’t have complete control over the ball going to the ground. Not a Cowboys fan, but that rule/play still bugs me.

      • JT19

        Not many, if any rookies, fully master the playbook in their first year. Usually, the NFL playbook is light years more complicated than a college playbook so there is an adjustment period. Also, sure, Romo could just let Dak figure it out, but that doesn’t look good since a veteran QB is brought in to help mentor a younger QB. Especially if another veteran QB (most likely Drew Bledsoe) helped Romo out, that would be very hypocritical of Romo not to help out a younger QB.

        • Stevie

          I don’t think Dak needs a lot of help figuring things out. He earned his bachelor and masters degree in 4 years while playing major college football.

      • Frank

        Let’s hope he don’t choke Cowboy fan!

  5. dtwb93

    Denver is a perfect fit for Romo. They have the defense to make up for the mistakes and the skill players to put up big numbers offensively.

    • TheMichigan

      Sieman buddy

  6. Got 5

    I believe Romo is staying in Dallas

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