NFL Execs On Tony Romo’s Trade Value

The Cowboys insist that Tony Romo is still a part of their plans going forward, but that hasn’t stopped speculation on whether Romo could be traded this offseason and what his price tag could be. Tom Pelissero of USA Today Sports checked in with a handful of NFL executives to gauge Romo’s trade value and got a wide range of answers. Tony Romo

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One GM feels the Cowboys could get as much as a second-round pick, provided that the Romo could pass a physical. Another executive predicted the Cowboys could ask for a second or third. Another said a third was the absolute max Dallas could get. Other responses ranged from a sixth-round choice to a conditional late-round pick.

Imagine me going to [the owner] and saying, ‘Listen, I’m going to make a trade for a 36-year-old that’s got back issues that’s a backup,’ ” one anonymous GM said. “He’d be like, ‘You’re crazy.’ ”

Of course, it’s hard to peg Romo’s value without having a good handle on his health or the quarterback landscape in the offseason. Romo’s market would vary depending on which teams needed a quarterback and exactly how desperate they are. As I have noted before, this year’s draft class is pretty thin at QB, and that could help the Cowboys’ case if they choose to deal their one-time franchise star.

The executives mentioned the Jets, Broncos, Cardinals (if they were to dump Carson Palmer) and Bears as possible suitors. The 49ers need a QB, but as Pelissero notes, Romo isn’t a great fit for Chip Kelly‘s offense.

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19 comments on “NFL Execs On Tony Romo’s Trade Value

  1. Mike McDougall

    Texans are 6-3 and need a QB. Romo could make them a contender.

    • Ross Smith

      The Texans don’t have the salary cap or will want to accomodate with parting picks to acquire Romo. Need to ride it out with Brock.

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      Y’all do know that Romo has never made the Cows a contender right so how would he make anyone a contender ya crazy.

      • Louisiana Farmhand is a MORON

        You are a complete moron and idiot! Could you even spell football?

        • Louisiana Farmhand

          Nice name y’all. Laugh out low

      • Luke Alexander

        you do realize the cowboys were one play away from the NFC Championship game with Romo in 2014

        • Louisiana Farmhand

          Almost in NFCCG…wow that so impressive. Sarcastic. It not impressive or good

  2. Giants51

    He’ll be 37 next season and has a history of injury…… I’ll pass…??

  3. hill

    It’d be a very Bears or Jets thing to do

  4. Mikel Grady

    Worked for Broncos on manning when everyone else passed

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      I reckon multiple teams wanted Peyton and he turn offers to visit down. Then he chose his own team, they ain’t choose him. So nah you wrong this ain’t close even if Tony become free. Those guys on different levels. Peyton is all time great. Legend. Tony ain’t. He above average sometimes, maybe good sometimes. But mess up a bunches and played on popular team. He ain’t good. He done. Y’all know true.

      • Louisiana dumb hand

        “They ain’t choose him”. -_-

        • Louisiana Farmhand

          What a dumb hand? How smart is hands? Y’all trying be bullies and mean but that not good.

  5. Louisiana Farmhand

    Romo ain’t got nothin left he belongs in the porta potty, along with his HOF chances y’all know it super true ya know it . Truth baby. Smooooooth.

    • WubbaLubbaDubDub

      ^^^ I love this guy.

  6. Astros_fan_84

    I think the Cowboys should hold out. They don’t have to move him.

    I’d keep him and see if a team gets desperate during preseason. It’d be great if the Cowboys got a Sam Bradford type deal. A good training camp would boost Romo’s value.

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      Y’all know they can’t get no high pick for an old, broken down and high paid guy that loves to throw the ball to defense players ya know

      • madmanTX

        Terry Bradshaw be trolling…

  7. Big D

    Romo has been great with subpar talent around him, but hey haters are gona hate, so what, he lived the American dream, and will lough all the way to the Bank. Whoever gets him will get an extra motivated player

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