Poll: Who Should The Seahawks’ Top Priority Be This Offseason?

Yesterday, we passed along a report that suggested the Seahawks’ top priority this offseason is extending All-Pro safety Earl Thomas. However, giving Thomas a new contract would likely affect the team’s ability to negotiate a new contract with cornerback Richard Sherman this offseason. Both Thomas and Sherman are eligible for free agency a year from now, and if the Seahawks want to extend both players this offseason, they would likely have to cut receiver Sidney Rice.

Additionally, the Seahawks must decide if they want to table negotiations with the aforementioned players in order to retain receiver Golden Tate and/or defensive end Michael Bennett, who are hitting free agency this offseason. While the club may be able to re-sign or extend multiple players, it likely won’t be able to fit all of them under the cap.

Who do you think the Seahawks should prioritize this offseason?

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5 comments on “Poll: Who Should The Seahawks’ Top Priority Be This Offseason?

  1. Jonathan Barlock

    The Hawks should also try to resign Doug Baldwin. I really think they can repeat next yr.

  2. Justin Olsen

    Earl Thomas. I’d like to keep all 4. And I think Thomas and Sherman are virtual locks to sign long term extensions. But when I see the list of free agents I see Earl Thomas as a guy you cannot replace. Its not a knock on any of the other players. We should have a full year of Harvin and that would make losing Tate easier to handle. Bennett is special, yes. Sherman really is one of the top 3 CB’s in the game. However, Thomas holds this defense together.

    If I had to rank the Seahawks FA priority list I would go with….

    1. Thomas
    2. Sherman
    3. Bennett
    4. Baldwin

    I am a huge fan of Tate and I think he is very much underrated. But we will have Harvin for the season.

  3. Steven Prigge

    It’s both Thomas and Sherman without question. They’ll happily trade/cut Sidney Rice and any other deadweight to make it happen. They clearly don’t need him to win…

  4. jason jones

    For next season it has to be Bennett. Thomas and Sherman are signed through next year, but we need Bennett’s versatility on the line. Long term it would be Thomas and then Sherman.

  5. Steven Stalter

    @Jason Jones….exactly. Get Bennett done, and you have the rest of the year to get something done with Thomas and Sherman.

    I think Rice is gone. I have a feeling Clem may be gone as well, if not this year, then next. I’m not advocating for it, just a feeling. Browner is gone. Thurmond may also be gone.

    I have trust in Carroll and John……no worries, they will do what’s right for the club.


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