Rams To Meet With Jared Goff And Carson Wentz

Though Rams general manager Les Snead has said he’s “97% sure” which quarterback his club will select with its recently-acquired No. 1 overall pick, reports have conflicted as to whether Los Angeles prefers California’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. In an effort to choose between the two, the Rams will meet with both QBs in advance of the draft, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com (Twitter link).Rams Draft No. 1 Pick (Square)

Los Angeles has already worked out both Goff and Wentz, and has surely spent the past few months watching game film of the two signal-callers, so it’s not clear what else can be learned by more meetings with the pair. Additionally, it’s somewhat difficult to believe that the Rams would trade up to No. 1 — and sacrifice so much draft capital — without having a clear idea of whom they want to select.

There are several reasons why the Rams may have yet to announce whom they’ll draft, with one being simply that they haven’t decided between Goff and Wentz. Los Angeles might also be trying to create a smokescreen in order to generate interest in the first overall pick (an idea postulated by PFR’s Zach Links earlier this week) — such a scenario would probably have to include the Rams moving down to No. 2 via a three-team trade, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk outlined earlier today. Alternatively, it’s possible the Rams are hoping to create a buzz around the team by not announcing the pick, allowing the club to get headlines while they make the move to Los Angeles.

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8 comments on “Rams To Meet With Jared Goff And Carson Wentz

  1. Mr. Bamboozaul

    The Los Angeles Rams, selects Jared Goff, quarterback, University of California, take it to the bank!

  2. Matthew

    Two more reasons not to announce:

    1. Creating leverage with the player’s agents to get a contract in place before the draft. Not as important as it used to be, but there are elements the team may want in place, plus you wouldn’t have to deal with all of that over the Summer. Any team would love to have the contract done swiftly.

    2. The team may be cautious about jumping the gun and then finding something out at the last minute that changes their minds…and causes ugly press.

    There’s really nothing they gain by announcing early.

  3. radzyfsu

    They are wasting their time. Paxton Lynch will be the best QB in this draft

  4. SoCalBaseballDude

    The Rams will pick Goff. He has played against much better and more athletic competition, has been great in the red zone during his days at Cal, super smart kid, great bloodlines (dad was an MLB guy), and has already played in a large market. The ridiculous thing out there about his hand size and not being able to throw a wet ball is just that – ridiculous. He had a private workout in a driving Bay Area rainstorm and lit it up as he did during his Pac-12 career. Wentz is definitely a stud….no doubt….but Goff is the man the Rams want.


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