2016’s Major NFL Coaching Changes

Because most NFL coaching changes happen in January, those moves can often be overshadowed by the postseason and – subsequently – by the major moves that teams makes in free agency and during the draft. However, those coaching changes shouldn’t be overlooked.

A year ago, more than half of the league’s 32 teams made changes at at least one of their head coach, offensive coordinator, or defensive coordinator spots, and many of these hirings turned into major stories throughout the 2015 season. New Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase was lauded for his work with Jay Cutler, and new Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter had similar success with rookie Jameis Winston. Both Gase and Koetter turned their one-year OC gigs into head coaching jobs.

Meanwhile, in Denver, Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips enjoyed a ton of success in their first year as the Broncos’ head coach and defensive coordinator, respectively. Phillips’ impact on the defense, in particular, buoyed the Broncos to a Super Bowl win despite mediocre quarterback play.

Which new coaches could make a similar impact this year? We may have to wait to find out, but there are certainly plenty of candidates. The full breakdown of 2016’s major coaching changes from around the league is below. Interim coaches who were promoted to a permanent job, such as Mike Mularkey with the Titans, aren’t included.

Head coaches:

Offensive coordinators:

Defensive coordinators:

Special teams coordinators:

Other 2015 head coaches with new jobs:

  • Indianapolis Colts: Hired former Dolphins HC Joe Philbin as offensive line coach.
  • Minnesota Vikings: Hired former Eagles interim HC Pat Shurmur as tight ends coach.
  • New Orleans Saints: Hired former Dolphins HC Dan Campbell as assistant head coach and tight ends coach.
  • University of Illinois: Hired former Buccaneers HC Lovie Smith as head coach.

Other 2015 OCs, DCs with new jobs:

  • Baltimore Ravens: Hired former Buccaneers DC Leslie Frazier as secondary coach.
  • Miami Dolphins: Reassigned former DC Lou Anarumo to defensive backs coach.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Hired former Browns OC John DeFilippo as quarterbacks coach.
  • San Diego Chargers: Hired former Jaguars DC Bob Babich as linebackers coach.
  • Tennessee Titans: Reassigned former OC Jason Michael to quarterbacks coach.
  • University of Cincinnati: Hired former Dolphins OC Zac Taylor as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.
  • Washington: Hired former Colts DC Greg Manusky as outside linebackers coach.
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