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Pro Football Rumors passes along the latest news and rumors on NFL player movement 365 days a year, but those aren’t the only updates you’ll see on the site. On our right sidebar, you’ll find a number of additional features and featured posts. Here’s a rundown of a few of them:

  • Using your iOs and Android devices, you can use our app to follow the latest stories on PFR, MLB Trade Rumors, and Hoops Rumors. The Trade Rumors app is highly customizable, allowing you to add feeds for any of the 92 MLB, NBA, and NFL teams, as well as for any of the thousands of players in our archives.
  • While many of the top players have already come off the board, you can keep tabs on the remaining 2016 veteran free agents by position using our list, which will be updated throughout the spring.
  • Our top 50 free agents list has been updated to reflect the contracts signed by the players featured on the list. Only two players in our top 50 remain unsigned.
  • Since the 2015 season ended, many teams have hired new head coaches and made changes at offensive and defensive coordinator. For a complete breakdown of this year’s notable coaching changes, check out our recap.
  • Looking for a full team-by-team rundown of the 2016 NFL Draft? We’ve got you covered.
  • The NFL isn’t known as a trade-happy league, but a number of big-name players have already been involved in deals this year. You can revisit all of this year’s moves by using our recap of 2016 NFL trades.
  • The Pro Football Rumors glossary highlights a number of aspects of the NFL’s salary cap, free agency, and Collective Bargaining Agreement. Feel free to let us know if there’s a specific concept that you’d like us to discuss in a future Glossary piece.
  • We value your input at PFR, which is why we regularly publish polls and have a regular feature called Pigskin Links, in which we highlight a few interesting recent articles from football blogs. You can find our poll archives here and our Pigskin Links pieces right here.
  • Want to weigh in on the hottest topics in the NFL? Keep an eye out for our Community Tailgate feature where we encourage you to make your voice heard in the comment section.
  • In addition to following us on Twitter and in your RSS feed, you can also follow us on Instagram.
  • While a handful of our notable articles can be found under the “Featured Posts” section on the right sidebar, the PFR Originals archive rounds up all the original posts from our staff. Recently, we looked at potential landing spots for free agent tackle Eugene Monroe and running back Arian Foster.
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