“Growing Sense” That Ray Rice Plays In 2016

There is a “growing sense” that embattled running back Ray Rice, who has not appeared in a game since December 2013, will get another chance to suit up for an NFL club, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets. Schefter’s sources further indicate that such an opportunity could come sometime later this season.

Ray Rice

At this point, it is unnecessary to rehash the events that precipitated Rice’s suspension, which precipitated his release from the Ravens, which precipitated his being blackballed by the league. It is fair to believe that, if Rice’s last season in the league had been up to his usual standards, his exile may have ended fairly quickly. However, in 2013, Rice was running behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league and was also battling some injury problems, and he ended up posting just a 3.1 yards per carry average, easily the lowest mark in his career.

Rice has remained patient over the course of the past several years, and he has repeatedly expressed remorse while remaining steadfast in his belief that he will get another chance to play. He has been on the speaking circuit as he attempts to keep his name on the front burner and as he attempts to reach as many young athletes as possible. He was recently asked to speak to the Rutgers football team, and he also shared his lessons with the Ravens’ 2016 rookie class. He even stated back in July that if a team is willing to take a chance on him, he will donate every game check to charities working to combat domestic violence.

Schefter added during his appearance on Sunday NFL Countdown that Rice has been staying in shape and has the league’s backing. In fact, the NFL is also considering Rice for a role in the league office once his playing career is officially over (which, if Schefter’s sources are right, may not be anytime soon).

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2 comments on ““Growing Sense” That Ray Rice Plays In 2016

  1. JT19

    The guy deserves another chance. While I get that he plays a pretty replaceable position and that his last year was uninspiring, he’s done enough to deserve at least a tryout offer. Other players have committed acts just as worse (if not actually worse) and got another chance. Rice was an effective three down back in his prime so I could at least see a team offering him a spot as their receiving back/third RB.

  2. bradthebluefish

    I have one question for you all, what would Ray Rice’s wife want for him?

    Does she want him to suffer and thus have the family suffer? Or does she want him to move forward and have everyone make the best out of a bad situation?

    I’m not her, but if I were, I’d want him back in uniform, do what he loves to do, and have him support their family.


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