49ers Open To Starting Colin Kaepernick?

Could Colin Kaepernick once again serve as the 49ers’ starting quarterback? After Blaine Gabbert‘s poor showing against the Cardinals on Thursday night, it’s certainly possible. For the first time since the season started, coach Chip Kelly left the door open to a possible QB change, as Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News tweets. That change could take place before the Niners travel to Buffalo on Oct. 16. Colin Kaepernick (vertical)

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It’s only October, but the Niners’ season clearly isn’t moving in the right direction. At 1-4, the 49ers’ offense is averaging 290.3 yards per game, the second lowest in the NFL. In terms of passing, they’re dead last with 175.4 yards per contest. Something has to change, and that change just might happen under center.

Of course, the 49ers’ issues go far beyond the quarterback position. San Francisco’s offensive line gave up seven sacks to the Cardinals’ defense last night and Colin Kaepernick won’t be able to do much with that kind of protection, even if he recaptures his old form. The O-Line situation only got worse when Anthony Davis opted to retire (again) late last month.

It will be interesting to see how a potential quarterback change could impact the team’s plans going forward. Gabbert is scheduled to hit the open market after this season. Kaepernick’s contract could be terminated with little penalty, but the Niners could also retain him through 2020 if they wish.

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16 comments on “49ers Open To Starting Colin Kaepernick?

  1. Sheldon Harris

    When Nick Foles was so successful in Chip Kelley’s offense I thought anyone could do it. I’ve been proven wrong. But seriously though, when Kap struggled last year everyone clamoured for Gabbert even though we all knew how bad he is. Now that Gabbert is reassuring us that he’s the same guy he’s always been the Kap detractors say, “Why play Kaepernick? He sucks!” Well, Gabbert has always sucked and you screamed for him to replace Kap so why now should Kap stay on the bench because he’s not good? He’s been far more successful at this level than Gabbert and you all were willing to bench him in favor of Gabbert. I do believe it’s time to reciprocate.

  2. ernestofigueroa87

    That pile of refuse shouldn’t be in the NFL or our country.
    colin is a disgrace.He’s filth.He’s worthless.

    • WubbaLubbaDubDub

      Heaven forbid that anyone think differently from you.

      This site is about sports. I prefer when it stays that way.

    • RenoChris

      Kap has every right to do what he does and you have the right to not like it. There we are done it’s a wash, no more comments on the topic please lol

  3. ripperlv

    Krap is really earning his money in this country he disses, another spoiled athlete. I recommend his give all his money to the depressed and abused masses!

    • Loso

      We know only white people making these racist statements (not all)Fuck you get use to it or just jump off a bridge

  4. Skol72

    is it really gonna matter who is QB-ing in San Fran. as long as Chip Kelly is the coach, they are going no where. he will go down as one of the worst NFL coaches ever. his knowledge at the NFL level is laughable. its time for the 49ers to get rid of him and any management that hired him. if none of you believe in what im saying, just look at his stats as a NFL coach beyond wins and loses.

  5. Ravens_Last_Place

    How does Baalke even have a job? That’s the real question here.

  6. Tracy

    I am biracial I was born on the 4th of July my dad was a US Marine as were all of his brothers one died fighting for our country, my brother was a US Marine!!!! I cry and Stand and put my hand on my heart wherever, whenever the National Anthem plays Love our country our military our Flag our Police there is good and bad but more good!!!! I was raised poor and went through discrimination as did my mother but…. I love NFL I am a Bronco fan YAY!!!! I watch nothing that has the former starting QB from 49ers ( won’t even say his name ) if he is ever made starter will never watch 49ers!!!! I know lots thousands or more who feel the same way!!!! When he was good player if he said or helped someone maybe!!!! He gets paid to sit on bench he should not get paid to discgrace the NFL Americans the flag and ruin our enjoyment of football season!!!! Give the GOOD PLAYERS the GOOD Publicity!!!! Give back our football season to the fans and give back respect to America the flag and All good police and all good People!!!!

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