PFR Originals: 11/6/16 – 11/13/16

The original content and analysis produced by the PFR staff during the past week:

  • In the first installment of PFR’s 2017 Free Agent Power Rankings, we analyzed the best players who will hit the open market next spring. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins topped the list, followed by Cardinals edge rusher Chandler Jones and Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. The ranking will be updated regularly as 2017 free agency approaches.
  • Prior to last week’s Broncos/Raiders matchup, I asked PFR readers to weigh in on which club would emerge with the AFC West title. Both Denver and Oakland still have a solid chance to take the crown, while Kansas City is also in the running. The Chargers, currently in fourth place in the division, still have an opportunity to earn a postseason berth, as well. The Raiders are the favorites, according to PFR readers, edging out the other teams with more than 51% of the vote.
  • Week 10 offers an exciting slate of games, so I asked PFR readers which contest was the most important. Using Brian Burke of ESPN’s playoff probability leverage, I ranked the most critical games based on the chances that the result would affect playoff odds. Bengals/Giants (on Monday night) narrowly edged out Vikings/Redskins as the most crucial game.
  • Zach Links rounded up the best of the football blogs in the latest edition of Pigskin Links.
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