Seahawks To Sign RB Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy is going to Seattle. The Seahawks and the running back have agreed to a one-year, $5.5MM deal with $3MM fully guaranteed, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). Eddie Lacy (Vertical)

Lacy now joins a running back group that already features C.J. Prosise and Thomas Rawls. Presumably, Lacy will be at the top of the order and receive the bulk of the carries. Now, the Seahawks will likely move away from other free agent RB targets like Latavius Murray and Jamaal Charles.

Even though Lacy has had problems with consistency and conditioning over the years, he was my top-ranked running back in this year’s free agent crop. The Packers were interested in retaining Lacy, but they apparently didn’t offer him much money to stay. The Vikings were also in the mix. The Vikings may now circle back to Adrian Peterson and, speculatively, I wonder if this could spark the Packers to also get involved with No. 28.

The ex-Alabama star averaged a so-so 4.1 yards per rush and posted a career-low three touchdowns in 187 carries in 2015. Last year, he was averaging 5.1 YPC through five games before an ankle injury ended his season. If healthy, Lacy could be one of the league’s very best rushers. He could then parlay that into a lucrative multi-year deal next year.

The running back market has been slow to develop this year and Lacy’s deal might finally get the ball rolling. So far, only Lacy and a few other backs on PFR’s top 10 list of free agent RBs have come off the board.

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51 comments on “Seahawks To Sign RB Eddie Lacy

  1. packer fan52

    Now the packers only have like 2 running backs. We need to draft one

  2. packfan87

    Stubborn Ted Thompson doing what he does best…. so much for his draft and develop theory…. how many has the Packers let walk this year?

      • TheMichigan

        Jamaals done.

        He’ll never return to his level of production after those ACL injuries.

    • bdpecore

      4 players. 3 (Lang, Tretter and Lacy) who had injury concerns and Hyde who a jack of all trades but master of none. All four were paid more than fair value which Ted is not willing to do. I’m ok with Eddie leaving and moving forward with Montgomery, a draft pick and hopefully a veteran like Jamaal Charles for experience and depth. All of the players Green Bay let walk are not going to be worth their new deals.

      • GoPackGo12

        Come on I’m a Packers fan and Lacy is worth 3MM guaranteed. If you can explain where TT plans to spend all the cash he’s hoarding I might buy in.

      • packfan87

        I agree, but if you are not going to be extremely active in free agency, what’s the purpose of constantly preaching draft and develop? They needed to get Cornerbacks in free agency, bolster the defense, and that hasn’t been done. Yes they re-signed Perry, but our defense was still horrible last year with him in lineup. They need a secondary more than anything and a replacement for Peppers. Nothing being done. And Eddie Lacy averaged over 5 ypc. Would have been a nice tandem with Montgomery for 5.5m

        • bdpecore

          Claiborne or Revis would be a good pick up plus we can add another edge rusher like Barvin or Dumervil and still sign a RB like Charles.

          • JohnDoughman

            Your comment lost all credibility as soon as you mentioned Revis as a good pick up. This isn’t 10 years ago…or even 3 years ago. He’s washed up and nothing but a name at this point. I bet Randy Moss or T.O. would still be a good pick up right?

            • bdpecore

              Revis is likely going to miss the beginning of next season for his off the field issues. If you can sign him now on the cheap and get him for 8-12 games it would be a low risk/high reward deal Ted likes offering. Revis is only a year older than Woodson when everybody was saying he’s done and had lost a step or two. What’s the worst that can happen? We lose a few million in cap space. What’s the best outcome? He returns to form and strengthens our secondary.

        • packfan87

          And if you’re going to go on the rant of how successful Ted has been in getting to playoffs, that is ridiculous… playoffs is not the goal, the super bowl is. And for the Packers to have arguably the best QB in football and no defense to support the offense, and to constantly be stubborn by not bolstering the D. They are wasting precious years that they will never get back…. they should be all in every year. Last year was a prime example of where stubbornness gets you.. defense was horrible the year before last, they did nothing. Why did we almost not even make it to playoffs, defense… why did we almost lose to Cowboys, defense. Why did we get destroyed by Falcons, defense. Injuries occurred, yes… but no trades were made, no signings were made to rectify injuries that happened in pre season

          • bdpecore

            I’m not going to say that but by not overpaying free agents, constantly adding depth by drafting and developing younger players and extending our own guys early we stay out of cap space hell like so many teams are in every year. Ted simply refuses to pay free agents more than what he deems they are worth. Some consider that stubborn or stupid but in the business world it’s considered being savvy and making calculated/difficult decisions.

    • GoPackGo12

      4. Lang, Hyde, Lacy and Tretter. I’m fine with the Tretter and Hyde decisions but to let both Lacy/Lang walk? What is Thompson going to do sit on the 26MM we have in cap? Not a fan of how badly he’s been low balling guys either this offseason.

      • bdpecore

        $5.5MM for Lacy who has done nothing the past two seasons is ridiculous. I’ll take Charles for half the price especially since Montgomery clearly will be our #1 option in the backfield.

        • GoPackGo12

          Charles who has done even less than Lacy? He’s played in 8 total games the last 2 years. Plus it’s a one year deal and if he hits the full 5.5MM he stayed healthy. If we have 26MM to spend where’s tide wad Thompson going to spend it?

          • bdpecore

            RB and ILB are the two most replaceable positions on a team. Look at how the Pats are holding out on a stud like Hightower and continue to have a revolving door at RB.

        • UncleTeddy

          Charles was made of glass when he was an ELITE back. The fact that Ty hasn’t changed his number should also be a HUGE red flag as far as him being the #1 goes.

  3. whereslou

    I still hope they take Mixon if he is there when their comp picks come up. He deserves a chance after making a stupid mistake. Unlike other guys he had owned up to it and paid the price for it. They could make him do a tour around the state to the HS and talk about what he did wrong and what he should have done. I think Mixon will be a beast and could play with a chip on his shoulder.

  4. crazysull

    AP to the Packers? And I completely forgot that Charles was on the market.

    • GoPackGo12

      Just named 2 RB’s over 30. That will keep Thompson from buying in right there

      • packfan87

        If they were 26 and asking 5.5M he wouldn’t sign em. (Lacy). Same ypc. Better blocker

        • bdpecore

          The rumor is that both the Vikings and Packers offered similar money but he chose Seattle because they have a run first offense. So you cannot blame Ted for not offering. It wasn’t his choice to have Eddie leave.

  5. fisher40

    He’ll be motivated to get a longer contract after this year. Watch him have a monster year with the Seahawks. F’in Thompson. 40 mil under the cap and we watch our core free agents walk. He needs to go after this year

  6. GoPackGo12

    The list of “hopefully in the draft we take” list is growing. We can add a RB and guard to the list that already includes CB and edge rusher now.

    • packfan87

      Draft, develop, low-ball, let em walk, ignore free agency unless it’s a steal, use Aaron Rodgers name to lure cheaper free agents, scare 1year prove it free agents by your unwillingness to pony up, earn bad reputation of not paying loyal players… aka Ted Thompson

      • bdpecore

        Rumor has it Packers offered similar money but Eddie chose to go to Seattle because the have a run oriented offense.

        • Velmert

          I’m gonna guess he went there because Carroll, unlike McCarthy, won’t call him out for being a fat-ass in the post game press conference. 267? I guess he gave up on the P90X. With Daily Dozen Donuts in Seattle, i’m gonna say he’s at 290 by Week 5.

      • Billy The Kid

        I fully agree. Playoffs are just that. Playoffs. We have a SB caliber QB that is clearly being wasted for the majority of his career because of draft and develop meatheads. Funny how everytime we’ve actually signed a bigtime free agent we win a Super Bowl. Coincidence? Yeah right-tell that to Belichek & Co. How many trophies for Brady now? On a team built mostly by free agent veteran signings? Wake Mark Murphy. TT has to go.

  7. UncleTeddy

    TT is that cheap uncle who sends you a generic card with a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon in it for your birthday.

  8. bdpecore

    Good pick up for the Packers. Add a good veteran CB who knows our system on a prove it one year deal.

      • gopackgo

        DAME lacy weighed in at 267LB at one of the FA visits Seattle can have him and I wounder if he has unlimited McDonald’s clause on his contact.

  9. Thronson5

    Kind of shocked by this. The Seahawks have some decent backs. Lacey can be a valuable player for them but he has health and weight issues. Think they should’ve spent that money elsewhere like their O Line.

  10. GoPackGo12

    So apparently Lacy weighed 267 when he met with the Packers just last week………

  11. JohnDoughman

    I’m happy for Eddie. You have to face addiction head on and he got himself out of a very bad personal environment. There was too much temptation for him in Green Bay…Cheesecurds are delicious…Brats are fantastic…and I hear they’re thinking about building a Krispy Kreme on Holmgren Way….I’m proud of you Fat Eddie Lazy for finding yourself a new home without so much temptation around every corner.

  12. usafmike76

    Bring in AP. Give him 15-20 touches each week to pair with Montgomery and Michael.

  13. turbo

    I don’t understand why people are bashing this guy. Pete has a secret plan – if FeastMode (nod to YesWeCano) loses 20 pounds, he plays running back. If he doesn’t, he plays offensive line.

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