Extra Points: Anthem, Raiders, Bengals, Jets

Discussion about who stands and who sits for the national anthem could come to an end next season if the owners have their way, the Washington Post’s Mark Maske hears. Maske reports that some NFL owners think there is a “strong possibility” they could enact a change to the league’s policy next season that could keep players off the field during the playing of the national anthem.

Maske quoted one person familiar with the owners’ deliberations saying, “I think that if players are still kneeling at the end of the year, then it could very well happen.” He continued with the source, who said, “I think most owners would support it, particularly if players continue to kneel this season.”

The thought this action could quell attention from the league’s anthem issues is a naive one. Players in favor of demonstrating their right to protest are sure to feel disrespected, while having no one standing for the flag is certain to draw ire from a wide range of fans. Whatever the decision, the NFL isn’t likely to escape the spotlight anytime soon.

Here’s more from around the NFL:

  • Raiders  head coach Jack Del Rio issued a statement on Wednesday stating “nobody should feel comfortable” following the team’s firing of defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr., NBC Sports’ Scott Blair reports. Del Rio continued, saying, “We couldn’t continue doing what we’ve been doing to this point. So I made the call. The whole idea is to change what we’re doing and make sure…what I’m looking for at the end of the day is for us to play fast on defense. We weren’t playing fast enough. We weren’t playing confident enough.” After starting the season with Super Bowl aspirations, the Raiders are holding out hope for a second-half revival to contend for a wildcard spot.
  • Former Chiefs general manager John Dorsey sat down with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on his Know Them From Adam Podcast to give his first interview since being fired in June. In the interview, which the Kansas City Star’s Blair Kerkhoff recapped, Dorsey didn’t address his departure much outside of saying he’s had better days. He did claim he wanted to make a return to football, however. “I know I can do my job with the best with my peers in the National Football League,” Dorsey said. “I’m very proud of being able to help an organization re-establish their winning ways, and I think that’s important.”
  • When asked if the team was committed to kicker Randy Bullock for the remainder of the season, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said they were committed to him “for the week.,” ESPN’s Katherine Terrell reports. Bullock has connected on 8-of-10 field goals on the season but has missed an extra point in each of his last two games.
  • It’s getting close to time for the Jets to see what they have in Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News writes. Though Josh McCown has played well, Mehta claims it is time to call the kids up from “Triple-A” to see what they can do.
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5 comments on “Extra Points: Anthem, Raiders, Bengals, Jets

  1. sportsfan101

    Wow what a way for the NFL to try handling this.. no let’s not face this head on let’s just not put players on the field during the anthem. Great job NFL, continue to suck your only hurting yourself. #firegoodell should be a nation wide situation, he Obv isn’t about improving the nfl but simply making the most money possible. I can only see the NFL continuing to go downhill with him in charge.

  2. Bob Knob

    What about the players that may want to be on the field for the National Anthem ?

  3. frankthetank1985

    I hope it crashes and burns over he next few years. Houston owner had it right. Can’t have the inmates running things. You want to have your issues heard, then actually do something with ur lives that matter, like those who sacrifice there lives for the flag and anthem that they protest under (even though they say it has nothing to do with the flag or military yet they stood for veterans day) can’t have it big ways. Make a difference yourselves, put all ur millions into ur cities and make a difference urself! U don’t need fancy cars and multiple houses and insane expensive things “while your people” are discriminated against or harassed by cops. Put ur money into the police force for recruitment of minorities and training and put money into anti drug stuff and put money into local store owners and schools. Actually put ur money with your mouth is and stop making ur cause more of a joke. NFL, grow a set and stand up for what EVERYONE knows is the right thing to do. U will gain respect and more viewership and money hat way instead of backing down and running away and trying to be politically correct. Grow a set and do the right thing. And goodell, u r a joke and a waste or time and money yourself. Go away.

    Sorry, had to get my rant out!


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