Rapoport’s Latest: Mularkey, Arians, Rodgers

It’s a busy day in the NFL, as some teams fight for the playoffs while others prepare for the offseason and their next head coach. Let’s take a look at some of the latest reports from NFL.com scribe Ian Rapoport on the eve of Black Monday:

  • Despite the fact that the Titans could clinch a playoff spot today, Rapoport says that head coach Mike Mularkey is in trouble, and if Tennessee loses to Jacksonville this afternoon, Mularkey could be fired. Indeed, he could be canned even if the Titans make the playoffs but lose in the wildcard round. Apparently, ownership is frustrated with the development of Marcus Mariota, and if the Titans dismiss Mularkey, they could go hard after Patriots OC Josh McDaniels.
  • Rapoport tweets that the Cardinals have not given up hope of enticing head coach Bruce Arians to return, though ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Arians is likely to step away from coaching after Arizona’s season finale today.
  • The Packers recently extended Davante Adams, and Rapoport tweets that the team will make an extension for Aaron Rodgers its top priority this offseason.
  • There are expected to be two head coaching openings in the NFC North, with the Bears and Lions preparing to look for their next sideline general this offseason. Rapoport names Patriots DC Matt Patricia as a top choice for Detroit, while the Bears could look hard at a QB guru for young signal-caller Mitch Trubisky. Rapoport tweets that the SaintsPete Carmichael, the longest-tenured OC in the league, could get a look for the Chicago job.
  • Both Cowboys coordinators (DC Rod Marinelli and OC Scott Linehan) are on the hot seat and will be thoroughly evaluated, per Rapoport (video link).
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13 comments on “Rapoport’s Latest: Mularkey, Arians, Rodgers

  1. leprechaun

    The scary part is that Ryan Pace will be making a decision on who the next HC will be. He is the same guy who traded 4 picks to move up one spot for Trubisky. A guy who San Fran wasn’t picking and who had 13 starts as a starting QB in college. He also thought Glennon was worth 18 million guaranteed and now we are to trust him with picking a new HC. What a joke this organization is from top to bottom

    • bigjonliljon

      I disagree. Pace should get the chance to pick his own HC. He didn’t choose last time with fox. Also, the trade was due to other teams bidding for the same trade. Lastly, Glennon signed basically a one year deal. Was wioryh a shot. Now he be home

      • Kenleyfornia74

        There were 2 defensive studs both available. Could have just taken whoever the 9ers didnt. But instead they massively overpay to move up 1 spot

        • ghostoforsillo

          It stung to see Pace get played by Lynch during the draft but Pace did collect himself and made some moves to recoup some lost picks and positioning. The FO had their guy in sight and were afraid they’d lose him. Tribusky has shown flashes but it’s tough to tell when there are turnstiles on the OL and a junior varsity WR corp…Pace nails this next coach or he’s updating his resume.

    • bencole

      Agreed they are a joke. I was mad about the trade at first too, but then I realized the type of player those 3rd and 4th rounders usually bring. Remember names like Michael Okwo, Brandin Hardin and such? You sometimes do better there but those picks are often not NFL players. If he’s your guy, you’re not giving up much. You do have to be right though.
      Also, I feel like there’s no such thing as a bad one year deal. The guaranteed $ in that deal make it virtually that. What were you going to do with that money this year? You were going to lose anyway. Even if Glennon sucked, why not take the shot? What did you lose?

      • bencole

        But I do agree they are the 2nd worst run team in NFL. B cause if Ted Phillips and the McCaskeys. Awful

    • CriminalMethod

      Pace is fine. The frustrating part is the front office who hired Pace, and then let Ernie Accorsi, who doesn’t even work for the Bears, hire his buddy John Fox. I like Trubisky. He’s shown flashes while throwing to absolutely no one and playing behind bums like Charles Leno and Bobby Massie.

  2. Wally-the-green-monster

    Mari Ellie is the DC and Linehan is the OC…minor correction.

  3. noraj9

    Marinelli is the best thing that’s happened to that staff in years…its not Garrett’s fault.

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