2018 NFL Head Coaching Search Tracker

Several NFL teams are currently hunting for a new head coach, and amidst reports about interview requests and potential candidates, it’s easy to lose track of the latest updates in the shuffle. So we’ll use this space – which will be updated until every team has hired a new head coach – to keep track of the most recent news and rumors. It can be found on the right-hand sidebar under “PFR Features.”

Listed below are the head coaching candidates that have been linked to each of the teams with vacancies, along with their current status. If and when other teams decide to make head coaching changes, they’ll be added to this list. Here’s the current breakdown:

Updated 2-11-18 (2:35pm CT)

Arizona Cardinals

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Indianapolis Colts

Second search

Original search

New York Giants

Oakland Raiders

  • Jon Gruden, ESPN commentator: Hired
  • Bobby Johnson, tight ends coach (Raiders): Interviewed
  • Tee Martin, offensive coordinator (USC): Interviewed

Tennessee Titans

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16 comments on “2018 NFL Head Coaching Search Tracker

  1. itslonelyatthetrop

    Lions not interviewing Josh McDaniels. Makes me think they’re just gonna promote Mr. James Robert Cooter to Head Coach.

  2. dugdog83

    Jon Gruden – mentioned as candidate is all or says for Oakland haha

    I hope he goes to take up a spot of one of the best openings.

    • justinept

      No way ESPN personalities are reporting Gruden as a done deal unless Gruden told them to do that…

      • PeterDipersio

        it is a done deal! They just can’t report it as such until Oakland satisfies the Rooney rule by interviewing a minority candidate

  3. Thronson5

    Gruden is a done deal to Oakland for sure. This is the first time he’s not denying reports. I think McDaniels finally takes a coaching job again and I think it ends up being the Colts honestly. I think the Giants sign Schwartz, the Bears get Shurmur and the Lions I’m not sure at all lol. Curious to see how many of these I get right besides the obvious one we all know Gruden lol

  4. dust44

    My guess…
    Raiders-Gruden (pretty much a forgone conclusion)

  5. ShortJr

    Since everyone’s doing it I’ll post my completely biased and uninformed coaching jobs as well, as a Bears fan I said weeks ago the hopefully Pat Shurmur is the next HC so the Bears get him. Now I think the Colts should try to get David Shaw from Stanford, but if he doesn’t wanna leave I think they’ll get McDaniels. Cardinals will get Matt Patricia. Lions could go either way and promote either Teryl Austin or Jim Bob Cooter, in this projection I’ll go Cooter… The Giants will get McDaniels if the Colts don’t get him but otherwise I bet they go get Schwartz (which I’m just not sure is a good idea unless they just wanna be 7-9 or 9-7)… And the Raiders get Jon Gruden.

    • oldleftylong

      The Lions did courtesy interviews with Austin and Cooter. Look for Vrabel or Patricia as next head coach in the Motor City.

    • oldleftylong

      Lions did courtesy interview with Austin and Cooter. There will be a new coaching staff headed by either Patricia or Vrabel.

  6. profhambone2

    I looked at all of these comments and Nagy as “Da Bears” next doomed HC was never seen. Shows how Pace’s little brain works…….without reason………

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