Browns Sign Baker Mayfield

The Browns have signed quarterback and No. 1 overall selection Baker Mayfield, the club announced today.

According to Over the Cap, Mayfield’s four-year deal should be worth roughly $32.683MM in total, and will also give Cleveland a fifth-year option season in 2022. Mayfield will collect a ~$21.849MM signing bonus, and count for approximately $5.942MM on the Browns’ 2018 salary cap.

Mayfield had been one of only six 2018 draft picks without a contract in place, and offset language was reportedly holding up the deal. Players with offset language in their contracts who are cut before the end of their rookie deals have their remaining guaranteed money reduced by what they earn elsewhere. Mayfield’s pact does indeed contain offset language, tweets Mary Kay Cabot of

Even after using the first overall pick on Mayfield, the Browns have been adamant that veteran Tyrod Taylor — whom Cleveland acquired from Buffalo for the cost of the 65th overall selection — will be the club’s Week 1 starter. Still, the Browns, who face a difficult opening schedule, could conceivably insert Mayfield under center later in the season.

Cleveland still has one more draft pick to sign in cornerback Denzel Ward, the fourth overall pick in April’s draft.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 comments on “Browns Sign Baker Mayfield

  1. sportsfan101

    He better ask for top dollar, as much as I wanna see cle succeed and I’m a pats fan. It’s just so unlikely they do in the near future Esp with Gordon back to being a ? Mark. With no huge offensive weapons it’s easy for a young qb to show his weaknesses over his strengths

    • sufferfortribe

      No huge offensive weapons? Geez, so the leading pass catcher doesn’t qualify as one? A RB who has rushed for over 900 yards each of the last two seasons is any good? As for Gordon, nothing has been determined that’s detrimental.
      Oh, and it wasn’t necessary to add the word “mark” after the ?.

      Patriots fan………smh.

          • Quit acting like some kids can’t we have a debate with out people getting in there feels

            • sufferfortribe

              Kids? So now you want to tell me how to act? Listen, all I did was point out a lack of awareness on the part of the Patriots fan. I’ve been a Browns fan since the 60’s, so I do have some idea what I’m talking about.
              I swear, this site is becoming more polluted every day.

              • brewcrew08

                See I would agree sufferfortribe but Cleveland has been a town where QB’s go to die. Every year browns fans expect a 7 or 8 win season and look how many they won last year….0. Baker Mayfield is Johnny 2.0. If you’ve been a browns fan since the 60’s you’ve seen exactly 1 title in over 50 years. If you think baker is your savior just ask the 18 QB’s in 15 years before him in Cleveland how that went.

                • sufferfortribe

                  Myself, I would have passed on drafting a QB in the most recent draft. None to me were that great. They should have signed Taylor to an extension, instead.

  2. afsooner02

    I think the talent is there for them to get better but now the players and coaches have to show it. The offense….in time….could be very potent.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I guess the big question is how many bad games will Mayfield be allowed before Hue Jackson starts using the kid as an excuse for his own incompetence.

  4. GeoffTheScout

    I think the bigger point is how do people still not get we have a rookie cap system and deals are almost identical year to year. He has to get top dollar sportsfan101 because that’s the rules.

    Tribe if you didn’t like any of the QB in this draft give up football. 2/5 look like they will be All-Pro. With Lamar Jackson a Wilson clone. Mayfield and Allen are the only two I don’t know what to expect 3 years from now. It depends on the team.

    The browns have tons of offensive talent, but that doesn’t mean wins. Half the time most fans can’t name all 22 patriot starters and they win. Yet, the Steelers don’t win anything with 3 HoF level offensive players. So there’s that.

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