Packers Trade Ha Ha Clinton-Dix To Redskins

Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has been traded to the Redskins, according to Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). In return, Green Bay will receive a 2019 fourth-round pick, Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter) hears. The deal represents the latest blockbuster move on deadline day and the Packers’ second trade of the afternoon. 

Before the Clinton-Dix deal, the Packers traded running back Ty Montgomery to the Ravens for a future 2020 seventh-round pick. The Montgomery trade was likely tied to discord between the player and the coaching staff, but the Clinton-Dix trade has more to do with finances. The young safety is in his contract year and he recently acknowledged that he is unlikely to re-sign with the team after shopping the open market.

Right now, I’m playing each and every game like it’s my last. I don’t think I’m going to be here next year,” Clinton-Dix said earlier this month. “That’s how I look at it. I just (have to) be honest with myself. You’ve got to play it game-by-game. Whether we’re losing by 60 points, you’ve got to go out there and perform. This is my biggest interview of my career. So I’ve got to perform, regardless of what the record says.”

The 25-year-old (26 in December) was retained for 2018 via the fifth-year option which is paying him $5.957MM. He stayed away from voluntary OTAs in hopes of getting a long-term deal from the Packers, but that never came together.

In seven games this year (all starts), Clinton-Dix has three interceptions, one forced fumble, and a sack to his credit. On an individual level, the free safety is in the midst of a career year.

Clinton-Dix will join a safety group presently headlined by D.J. Swearinger and Montae Nicholson. Rookie Troy Apke could have been on track for a larger role at some point this year, but he was recently placed on IR with a hamstring issue.

The Packers did not want to lose Clinton-Dix while only gaining some credit in the compensatory pick formula, but the deal unquestionably will cost them in the short term. At 3-3-1 in a closely contested division, it’s somewhat surprising to see the Packers in selling mode.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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37 comments on “Packers Trade Ha Ha Clinton-Dix To Redskins

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    They had plenty of cap room to keep him. Makes no sense at all for a team that wants to win now and showed they can play with the Rams

      • enricopallazzo

        Also might of been the player who talked to the media about Ty behind his back, just an idea.

    • twentyforty

      You’ve never watched him play then. He’s a “name guy” who two years ago decided he doesn’t want to tackle and whose instincts in coverage are poor. He’s a very, very replaceable player and GB did extremely well to get rid of him.

    • wellyou'rewrong

      Because why pay him when you can just play a frustrated Josh Jones!

    • crosseyedlemon

      Being able to play with the Rams is irrelevant. It’s the teams in the NFC North they have to be able to beat.

  2. enricopallazzo

    Dix checked out at the end of 2017 (watch that Lions game, he avoided tackling), good riddance. Was hoping they’d cut ties. He’s ok at best, not a game changer. Obviously they think the same way.

    • wellyou'rewrong

      Yeah check that game where they were already eliminated from the playoffs!

      • twentyforty

        So you can only trust a guy to play when they haven’t been eliminated? That’s the definition of a front runner and getting rid of those types is NEVER wrong.

  3. Thronson5

    Is that it? Trade deadline over with? Surprised the 9ers didn’t trade Garçon.

    • crosseyedlemon

      A team that loses TWICE to that Cardinals team has bigger things to worry about.

  4. darquee

    The Packers gave a past his prime, injury prone Jimmy Graham $10 million/year for 3 years and can’t find money to keep a good young player like Dix. That is why they will continue to be mediocre despite having arguably the best QB in the NFL

    • Point-Special

      Seems like Dix missed a lot of assignments and was a poor tackler. I don’t think they are downgrading very far by sliding in Whitehead or even Breeland.

  5. victorg

    dang it .. I literally just put money on the pack vs pats .. lol seems with this news they are in give up mode and are not expecting to compete this year.

    • twentyforty

      Some of you people have no clue what you’re talking about. Pop in the tape….HCD hasn’t been competitive as a tackler or cover safety since 2016.

  6. brewcrew08

    Like we saw this past offseason the Safety is extremely weak. Guys going way below their market value. I’m fine with this move. Give Josh Jones a run and see if he can produce. Now the Packers will have Matthews, Cobb and Ha-Ha contracts off the books and they can go after LB and pass rush. Not to mention with 2 first round picks in 2019 drafting a Safety and pass rusher is an option.

  7. Saint

    A lot of Packers fans are going to be going to work on Monday and realizing how much Dix actually does. Now we are left with Whitehead and Brice. And nether are breathtaking individuals.

    I am a diehard Packers fan, and I will say this. A lot of Packers fans are just straight up dumb and have NO clue what they are talking about.

    If they didn’t want to pay Dix that is fine. I get that. But at least you would have a safety worth something for the next 9 games, maybe more if we make the playoffs… and if he were to sign onto another team next year, guess what you get… a comp pick. Which probably will be worth a 4th, or a 5th.

    This is the first move Gutey has made that I will question. I don’t see how we are better today.

    • enricopallazzo

      Time will tell. I’m guessing they won’t miss a beat. Let’s check back in 5-6 weeks and see how much they really miss him.

      • twentyforty

        I’m with you. HCD hasn’t helped in two years. Addition by subtraction.

    • brewcrew08

      Yeah the Packers prolly get a 4th or 5th for Dix if they keep him through the yeah then let him walk. That would also be a 2020 pick instead of a 2019. Also, this gives Jones a shot to see if he has what it takes to start. If he doesn’t the Packers will have 2 1st round picks next year they can use to address safety if needed. Plus cap space to go after edge rushers

  8. tammelinb

    Dix for a 4? Ty for a 7? I’m fine with trading both, but this is a head scratcher. I’m not overly impressed with Dix; good player, but not a safety any WR/TE fears. And too selfish. But, should have been a 3rd rd pick, he’s worth that. Ty is worth a 5. I’m still not sure why he wasn’t moved back to WR with all the injuries.
    BL: gave up good players for little return. Did nothing to improve on this season b

    • victorg

      I feel like ty for a 7 is way more value then Thomas for a 4th … same with tate … I would of preferred the Texans did this deal instead.
      why are the pack throwing in the towel on the year ?

      • tammelinb

        It sure does seem they are throwing in the towel this year. I was hoping a pass rusher/OL would come back in return. I hope it’s not another year of Rodgers wasted…

  9. julienk

    This is a huge move for the Redskins. The defense is the only reason they’re 5-2 right now, and Swearinger is playing like the best safety in the league right now (4 pics, 2 forced fumbles, 1st ranked 90.9 Pro Football Focus Safety grade). Adding Clinton-Dix is gonna take them to an elite level.

    • twentyforty

      If you thing PFF is a reputable judge of talent, you’re just a sheep. Watch the tape.

      • julienk

        Wow great job avoiding the fact that I said he’s got four pics (which leads the NFL and matches his season total for ‘17) and the forced fumbles. PFF grade is just icing on the cake.
        Watch the games; DJ is playing lights out right now. He’s all over the field. One minute he’s grabbing a pic thirty yards downfield, next minute he’s in the backfield for a TFL.

  10. afsooner02

    Isn’t worth 8 mil a year. Pack would have lost him in the offseason and got a comp pick. Don’t mind a mid 4th pick. Wish it was higher.

    • tammelinb

      That’s my only issue with it, the 4th rd. Pick. Coaches talked him up like he is a top safety in the NFL. But only worth a 4? Glad he’s gone, wish it was at least a 3

  11. wellyou'rewrong

    Between this and Ty, the Pack undoubtedly got worse and no wait and see can change that. Here’s to wasting another year of Rodgers HOF career and not taking the comp picks.

    • twentyforty

      Clueless post. Watch the tape….that’s all you need to do to see that HCD can’t play.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I really must get around to reading “The idiots guide to building a dynasty with comp picks”.

  12. crosseyedlemon

    When did Ha Ha join the ranks of Willie Wood and Herb Adderley? Guy has the attitude of a quitter that pouts when he has to deal with adversity. Glad he won’t be coming to Chicago.

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