Kaepernick Still Interested In Playing

With Alex Smith suffering a broken tibia and fibia on Sunday, the Redskins have begun searching for another quarterback, with several veterans expected to work out for the team on Monday. One name that has not been linked to a workout is Colin Kaepernick. If Washington called, however, people close to the quarterback said he is still interested in returning to the NFL, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio writes

This contradicts another story from USA Today’s Mike Jones, who tweeted that some people close to the former San Francisco signal-caller didn’t know if he wants to play anymore. Florio, however, says he still works out five hours per day, six days a week in the hopes of landing another gig. Regardless which source is right, any time a team has a void under center, Kaepernick’s name will appear.

After all, filling in for an injured Smith was how he rose to prominence with the 49ers in 2012. In seven starts, the dual-threat passer led San Francisco to a 5-2 mark and then proceeded to power the team to the Super Bowl, where it fell to the Ravens, 34-31.

Though he wants to play, it remains to be seen if he will be given the chance.

Kaepernick, of course, has not played in the NFL since 2016, as clubs have shunned him following his national anthem demonstrations. While he was scheduled to work out for the Seahawks earlier this year, the audition was eventually canceled after Kaepernick declined to stop kneeling during the anthem.

Kaepernick alleges that owners from around the league colluded to keep him unsigned. The alleged collusion stems from his protest of social inequalities in the United States, which included kneeling for the national anthem.

At 6-4, the Redskins sit atop the NFC East heading into a pivotal Thanksgiving Day tilt with the second-place Cowboys. A loss will drop them into a tie for first place with Dallas.


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93 comments on “Kaepernick Still Interested In Playing

  1. Screamer


    No one is interested in Kap and Kap has ZERO interest in returning, so knock off these bull pieces

    • crosseyedlemon

      Aaron Hernandez and about a thousand other guys are still interested in playing. This series could take a while.

      • Woodcutta

        Really? When is the last time he was a QB and not an activist? A few years? He’s not even interested in playing. He’s making that easy money from Nike.

        • Polish Hammer

          Wait, he’s an activist? Oh that’s right, he became one long after sitting on the bench pouting and people thought he was protesting something. He was merely sulking about losing his job. He didn’t get in front of any cause, they got behind him, a guy that gave not $.01 or a minute of his time previously…

          • Woodcutta

            Apparently I need to catch you up. Today’s activists get paid to be activists that is why you 1) see them admit to that and 2) all of these younger people not at work but instead protesting. Plus, there’s the whole Nike thing but you know, Kaepernick is a saint, right? He couldn’t even articulate what he was kneeling for the first few times he was asked. He is a brainwashed moron.

            • Polish Hammer

              He’s an activist by convenience. Even those socks with pig cops on them, took 3 weeks for somebody to notice them in an old picture of him wearing them in a practice. Then of course he was vocal to say how and why he did and what they represented. He’s a fraud, and his protesting while wearing a t-shirt of somebody that executed many people is so hypocritical it’s pathetic.

    • brucewayne

      Exactly! His crappy career is OVER ! Of course he has to say he wants to still play or his phony collusion case will go bye-bye!

  2. Ironman_4life

    I told everybody yesterday. When they posted the pro football rumors guidelines I knew that meant there was a Colin Kaepernick article coming.

    • crosseyedlemon

      But I think you said Zack Link would be writing that so we can’t give you the crystal ball award just yet.

  3. jnastasi15

    The guy is still good enough to start for a crappy team or have a backup role but no team wants to deal the media frenzy that’ll come with him.

      • Polish Hammer

        He’s already been offered jobs, he didn’t want them, also didn’t want his SF contract anymore so he opted out. He’d rather be this pseudo activist and get paid by Nike to do nothing.

  4. deeznuts

    I appreciate everything that all of you guys post on a daily bases
    And appreciate the posts especially about Kaepernick even if the racist ignorant people that comment on the page don’t understand why it’s important to report on
    Keep up the good work

    • mitchrapp

      Typical liberal scum like deeznuts, everything is racist… how about looking at Kaps stats his last few years in the league, and he’s just gotten older. Plenty of blacks and Latinos are just as offended about kapernicks disrespect for the country that got him paid.

        • twiker

          This whole thing is complete lunacy. No chance a kap supporter understands the game. They want a socialist form of football where it’s always fair, everyone gets equal chances and all games end in ties

            • mitchrapp

              Deez You literally have not ideal what socialism is if you think the packers are a socialist organization. They are own by individuals, the shares are not taken from one group and distributed to another group, I.e. socialism. Your parents failed you

      • strostro

        1. Kaepernick isn’t disrespecting the country
        2. His stats are better than the other QBs that the redskins are interested in
        3. Being liberal is not a bad thing

      • deeznuts

        Conservatives snowflakes like mitchrapp don’t understand what kaepernick did was not wrong what so ever and did not disrespect anyone.

        • sithdude

          Fact is kaepernick is polarizing and brought good and bad opinions on himself costing him his NFL career. I personally could careless about whatever his perception is of America, he has the right to believe in whatever he wants to believe is his truth. I just want to enjoy the games without the drama. This season has been great!

        • Polish Hammer

          A guy kneeling and pouting about losing his job will make the next policeman called out to an emergency think twice before acting. Makes sense.

  5. twiker

    3-17 in his last 20 starts. He is at best a backup in the bottom tier of the league. Right behind colt mccoy. How much controversy do chase Daniel and Sam Bradford cause?? ZERO they’re paid to wear a head set and do a chart on the sideline. If he would just act like a backup and be quiet he’d have a job. Clearly you don’t have a collusion case against you when they explicitly tell you they would work you out if you stopped being a clown and bringing unwanted attention to yourself

    • diller79

      Sam Bradford has also made 1.57million for every single game he has put on the pads and a total of 130million in his career…… sounds like a great backup to me!!!!!!

    • Kenleyfornia74

      Yup this is what the Kap fanboys don’t get. Signing him will be a media circus. No one needs that for a backup QB. He is not good enough to start no mattwe what they tell you, and no the Jags employing Bortles is not proof Kap can start. When Bradford gets signed they will cry, but look at Bradford vs Kaps numbers in 2016. Not even close Bradford is better

    • mitchrapp

      This is America so if Grandma works hard and goes for it, she can fly jets if she puts her mind to it. Bless her heart.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Grandma might need a clearance from Irene Kennedy to fly jets for the CIA.

      • brucewayne

        No she can’t ! Cuz just like Kap, she doesn’t have the ability to do the job she wants!

  6. Z-A

    Sure that sounds like a perfect fit… Guy that’s “fighting racism and police brutality” goes to QB a team that’s been at the forefront of protests against their team Mascot as being “racist”.

    • bradthebluefish

      Could you imagine Kap being on the Redskins and doing interviews saying how the team has to change their name!?

  7. sigdawg25

    would he also advocate for Native Americans like he does for Black Lives Matter if he signed a contract with the Redskins? I doubt it.

  8. Kwflanne

    That’s really cool that Kaepernick works out a lot. Could we also get a post regarding his diet? Maybe post his favorite movies of the year? Relevant stuff like that. Love it. “Kaepernick might still be interested in playing”….. in other big news, if any running backs go down, Reggie bush…. ray rice…. Ricky Williams…. might be interested in playing also.

  9. elemons17

    Kaepernick will never play another down in the NFL! He only wants to use the NFL to continue to divide this great country even more than it already is.

  10. Guest617

    kap wanted out of san fran. he restructured his guaranteed contract and left.. ppl forget that, this is smoke/mirrors from kaps camp

    • diller79

      Guest617 must have forgot what actually happened….. San Fran told Kaep if he didn’t restructure his deal to make almost no garunteed money after that season they wouldn’t play him. So what did he do he restructured his deal so he COULD play actually put up decent numbers on an awful team and then got cut and run out of the league

      • Kwflanne

        NFL is racist? Haha please explain. Because there are WAY more minority players than there are white players. A growing number of minority coaches. A growing number of minority front office position holders. Dang…. maybe I should sue the NFL for not giving me a fair chance because I’m not a minority. That logic seems about right. Didn’t eric reid get signed? Yep, sure did. So the flag demonstration didn’t keep him out of the league, so that excuse can’t be used for Kaepernick. Didn’t literally hundreds of players ultimately protest? Yet they’re still employed? Weird…. I thought Kaepernick was only unemployed because of his demonstrations. While we are on conspiracy theories, if you don’t mind, could you solve the JFK assasination, moon landing, and find Amelia Earhart for us? Thanks

  11. K3vin

    Kaepernick wants to fight social injustice, but signs a big marketing deal and gets a big-promotion campaign by NIKE, who uses sweatshops for labor.

  12. diller79

    Kaepernick will be the first person ever to be the president of the united states and win the super bowl in the same year 2020!!!!!

  13. fungie22

    Been out of game too long. I still think teams are afraid of controversy. Especially in DC.

  14. Wolf Hoffmann

    Bzzzzttt… 2038 newsflash.. Kaepernick seen working out in a Mao Zedong T-shirt. Will the Austin Antifa sign him? Seriously if the NFL survives another 20 years will we still be hearing about Kap working out? He hasn’t taken a snap in 2 years and he was bad then. Factor in the fact he is a lightning rod for protests and controversy it is easy to understand he will never play again. Can we move on to other stupid things that will never happen like Condoleezza Rice becoming a head coach in the NFL?

  15. bkfansler2

    Anyone who thinks his initial kneel down had anything other to do with money is sorely mistaken. He was about to be cut by the 49ers. Once that knee touched he got job security. I don’t disagree with the mission, just find another way that disrespecting the flag. Please go somewhere else, come back and still say it’s that bad.

    • Polish Hammer

      He wasn’t even kneeling, he was sitting on the bench pouting over losing his starters role. This was all a cause of convenience that got behind him.

  16. crosseyedlemon

    I was hoping to find a forum that would offer some controversy….but I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.

    • crosseyedlemon

      With 98% against, Kap now has the qualifications needed to replace Roger Goodell as commissioner.

  17. Sick of Losing

    This site has got to stop race bating and click bating and report about real NFL rumors. Did not read the article. Do not FKN care! You know who else still is interested in playing? Jeremy Maclin, Ray Rice ETC. Does anyone care? NO. Why should we care about this bum?

  18. azbobbop

    Why spend so much space on a guy 32 teams have passed on and hasn’t played in 2 years. #nflalumni

  19. John Casper

    If CK wanted to play again, he’d hold very public tryouts/displays of his ability – like Gruden’s QB camp.

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