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More trouble may well be cropping up for Kareem Hunt. A man accused Hunt and running back George Atkinson of striking him in January at a Kansas City, Mo., nightclub, TMZ reports.

A man alleges Hunt and Atkinson were part of a group that repeatedly struck him to the point he needed to be hospitalized. This assault allegedly occurred hours after the Chiefs were eliminated from the 2017 playoffs via home wild-card loss to the Titans. Atkinson was a member of the Chiefs at the time of this incident.

This came before the incident — Hunt pushing and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel/apartment building — that has the 23-year-old’s career in jeopardy. The NFL also began to investigate Hunt for allegedly punching a man in the face in June in Ohio.

Hunt was not arrested or charged in connection with any of these incidents. Atkinson was also not charged in connection with his alleged assault. The injured man did not press charges, Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star tweets.

According to a police report, Atkinson punched the accuser in the face before “several” other suspects began striking him while he was on the ground. He identified Hunt as one of those people and accused him of kicking him while he was on the ground, William Joy of KMBC in Kansas City reports (on Twitter). Both Hunt and Atkinson kicked the man in the head, according to the police report (via Pryor, on Twitter).

No team claimed Hunt on waivers Monday. He is a free agent, but one who may not be available for much of the 2019 season. Hunt is likely to be suspended for more than six games, per Ian Rapoport of (video link) because of multiple incidents. The league is not believed to be investigating this latest accusation, but that may change soon and thus increase Hunt’s suspension.

Rapoport adds a few teams looked into a potential Hunt waiver claim but decided against making that decision due to needing more time to examine the situation. It’s likely Hunt will be unattached by the time the 2018 season concludes. But the 2017 rushing champion could, at some point in 2019, be in position to sign for more than he would have made on his rookie contract.

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38 comments on “Latest On Kareem Hunt

  1. LordBanana

    The Chiefs already made it clear the worst thing Hunt did was lie about it to the owner. Unless this turns into Aaron Hernandez 2.0, Hunt will be on a team by next years playoffs.

      • playicy

        I don’t acknowledge any abuser, so I would kick him out of football if it was me

        • Dennid

          He said he thinks he deserves to come back because he has worked hard to get to the NFL. If that’s the way you feel then why risk it by breaking the law and more importantly assisting someone. Being soft on this type of crime gets us nowhere.

          • It’s not up to the NFL to replace the legal system. This is a drunken kerfuffle at 3 in the morning where everyone involved looks like a ho or a thug. Hunt’s kicks were more a kick in the ass to insult than an attempt to inflict injury. It’s all very low rent but has precious little to do with assault or domestic violence.

            So far the police have not found the incident worthy of charges. If every idiot (male or female) who slaps someone at 3am goes through the court system, the police would have precious little time to look after rape, murder, assault and battery and robbery.

            Hunt was waived for violating the team’s trust (he misreported the incident).

                • If you think this drunken incident at 2am was one of the serious criminal offences committed that night after midnight in the United States, you are delusional and have no idea what is going on out in the real world. Even in Kansas City that night (which is why the police just sent everyone on their way – they have real work to do).

                  Some party girl tried to push her way back into a private party in a hotel room for free booze and drugs. She was shoved, fell and was shown disrespect (the “kick”). If Hunt had any intention to injure her (or you and I), it would be a hospital stay.

                  My opinion of both the woman and Hunt is lower for the incident. Should it be life changing? Probably not.

        • TrollHunter

          Your missing the point of the article, which is:

          Don’t F with Kareem Hunt, unless you want beat down!

          Don’t start nothin, won’t be nothin!

    • Tigers2384

      I’m not certain he will be back. This is Ray Rice level activity. He may not play again, and for good reason.

      • Vedder80

        He is much younger and much more productive than Rice was when he had his incident. You are over estimating the morality of the league. Had Rice had his issues when he was younger and still productive, he would have been back.

        • seth3120

          Vedder is spot on. The league has a false morality thing going. Wait to pick him up and that somehow makes a difference. If you claim him on waivers somehow that sends a different message than waiting. Barring another event before his suspension is over he’s playing in the NFL for someone next year

          • jellbuc

            I’ve noticed some people patting the chiefs on the back for letting him go. They could have had his video 10 months ago if they cared to look for it.

            The rule isn’t don’t lie. It’s don’t get caught on video.

            • crosseyedlemon

              The Chiefs spent $142M on their team payroll yet they can’t afford to invest in a lie detector machine?

              • brucewayne

                Why? What good would that accomplish ? It’s not even sub missable in court!

        • phenomenalajs

          What Rice did was horrible, to be sure, but he had no prior similar incidents before and no incidents since + he’s been counseling high school and college players since about the seriousness of domestic violence. He’s worked very hard on his relationship with his then fiancee, now wife, and is a true family man. My brother spotted him this summer at Sesame Place with his children. However, people will always know him for that video. He accepts that.
          Guy’s like Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Ben Roethlisberger and, possibly, Kareem Hunt will get their second, third, and fourth chances as long as teams believe their skills will make people forget about their past. There’s a lot of phony righteousness among the owners in the NFL.

  2. JJB0811

    If a player is going to federal prison in January only gets 8 games. Slapping up a woman should be no more than 6 games. Hunt isn’t going to the Pen like the Seattle LB.

    • TJECK109

      Just because one goes to jail and one doesn’t has zero to do with suspension time. The acts of Hunt are beyond disgusting. Break the code of conduct and it’s simple. You get suspended.

      • JJB0811

        So stealing millions from many people is less disgusting? The MLB made decisions to steal for his own profit. Pretty disgusting to me.

  3. TrollHunter

    Once again I think the NFL should just stay out of these things all together. Let the level system play out and suspend if found guilty.

    The NFL has no business trying to be the morality police!

    • crosseyedlemon

      It isn’t just the NFL that is concerned about employee conduct. Almost every business has rules related to that.

  4. SoCalBrave

    He’s saying the right things, he’ll get some anger management help and he’ll be given a second chance. It doesn’t seem like he’ll get any jail time so I’m sure he’ll pay off the people he assaulted and issue another 2 or 3 TV apologies and all will be forgiven, at least in the eyes of NFL owners.

  5. MickyFicky

    You commit domestic violence and it’s on video and your not a high paid athlete your calling someone to post bail. Period Paragraph!

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