Patriots Notes: Kraft, Flowers, Tate

Patriots owner Robert Kraft will likely not face many legal repercussions from his prostitution charges, according to a Florida criminal defense attorney (via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe). Kraft will probably be required to pay a several hundred dollar fine and attend counseling of some sort, at which point the charges may be dropped.

But the consequences from an NFL standpoint are likely to be much more severe. Volin believes commissioner Roger Goodell should “come down hard on Kraft” and impose at least a six-game suspension and a hefty fine (the maximum fine is $500K). Kraft is obviously one of the most prominent and powerful owners in the league, but he may be relieved of some of his duties (he is a part of five major ownership committees). He was supposed to guide the league through a potential 2021 lockout and lead negotiations with television networks when those contracts expire in 2022, but that is all in question now.

Volin still believes Kraft will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but his induction will now be delayed, and the 77-year-old may not be around to enjoy his enshrinement when it does happen (Volin says Kraft was likely to get the HOF nod in a year or two). And, while Kraft will almost certainly not be forced to sell the club or hand it off to his son, Jonathan, this incident will be a permanent blot on his reputation.

Now let’s take a quick look at a few on-field notes from Foxborough:

  • Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers will be a hot commodity if he hits the open market, but Jim McBride of the Boston Globe says locking him up to a long-term deal is high on New England’s list of priorities. The Pats are unlikely to use the franchise tag on Flowers, and they are unlikely to keep him if it takes an Olivier Vernon-esque deal to do so (five years, $85MM). However, McBride believes Flowers will ultimately return to New England on a multi-year contract, even if he tests the free agent market first.
  • In the same piece linked above, McBride looks at the other Patriots eligible for free agency and their chances of returning to the club. For instance, he believes specialists Stephen Gostkowski and Ryan Allen will certainly be back, while Eric Rowe and Danny Shelton are more likely to find homes elsewhere.
  • Assuming the Patriots don’t trade out of the first round, Doug Kyed of sees tight ends Noah Fant (Iowa) and Irv Smith Jr. (Alabama) and DB Taylor Rapp (Washington) as potential fits.
  • Golden Tate would be a good fit in the Patriots’ offense, but Kyed does not believe the Pats will be willing to meet Tate’s asking price.
  • Brothers Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty have announced that they will continue their careers in 2019 after some retirement speculation prior to the Super Bowl. Devin is still under contract with the Patriots, but Jason is eligible for free agency.
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32 comments on “Patriots Notes: Kraft, Flowers, Tate

  1. z3rogs

    Everyone is rushing to judgement. It may well turn out to be true, but consider how little sense this whole thing makes and that he has denied the allegations. Just saying there may be another side to this story and the man deserves to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

    • sports_pimp

      I mean….When the Police state publicly “We have Mr Kraft on video engaged in acts” i’m willing to waiver a large sum of cash that it’s probably true.

  2. Richard Hangslow

    Does anyone really care that a 77 year old man may have gotten a hooker? My guess is the clientele of most ho’s are old men. What’s the problem?

    • jb19

      no. Bc then if you let Kraft off the hook then you would have a bunch of people criticizing the league for punishing weed use, DV penalties and even the people that defend Kapernick would probably call it “white privilege” if he’s not punshined by the league in some sort of way.

    • afsooner02

      Research “human trafficking” before you think its a harmless profession.

      • Were these women trafficked? If this is the case, then, yes, Mr Kraft has a very serious PR problem.

        White privilege: maybe the NFL should lay off of the black reefer smokers. A little ganja is not good for knowledge workers or quarterbacks but doesn’t really affect wide receivers, cornerbacks or running backs where performance is more a question of speed and instinct, than strategic analysis.

  3. Yep it is

    You already put Jerra “ Pick my nose Jones” in why not “ Hey do you have change for a hundred little lady” Kraft. The Networks wouldnt know what to do without showing them and their “ daddy I want a team “ sons and stable of suite guest after getting a first down during a game. Cowboys- Patriots first down let’s show the suite with the sons trying to high 5 daddy who appear to want to high five anyone but their sons. These 2 need to start their own league.

  4. vegasloveforthebills

    No way Goodell can avoid suspending him. After Suspending Irsay, and forcing Richardson to sell, they have to do something for an illegal act. The NFL actually has a better consistent record in owner discipline than player discipline

  5. OCTraveler

    Goodell won’t suspend Kraft – would be embarrassing for the league to have him not be at the opener when the championship rings are passed out. Kraft’s punishment will be massaged to something like a major fine with a matching contribution to some major charity – it will be a happy ending for all.

  6. bencole

    Who cares? Let’s be honest, the dude wanted sex and he’s 77 years old and his wife is dead. Where else is he gonna get it? Sure it’s against the law, but in the kind of way speeding is, except maybe a little grosser? I certainly don’t find his actions to be a moral issue, just maybe an embarrassment to the league.

    • sports_pimp

      6 month sting? Maybe there is something more going on besides rubbing/tugging. Sex Trafficking? Under age girls? Guess we will see

      • crosseyedlemon

        It would take cops in Jupiter 6 months to find Uranus. Most of these guys don’t have the brains of Barney Fife and the investigation is on the taxpayers dime anyway. After they halt this national crime wave they will be ready to tackle furniture throwers like their pals in Hollywood Florida.

      • bencole

        Yeah, I mean, trafficking still wouldn’t be his fault, it’s irrelevant in terms of him unless he knew. In terms of age, I would blame him if it were obvious for sure, but if it were misrepresented to him or he didn’t know I wouldn’t. I know the law doesn’t recognize mistake of fact in these cases, but I just don’t agree with that theory.

  7. carlos15

    I’m sure the judgmental & self righteous out there can’t wait to go after this guy as much as they can. If the NFL was judged on its morality it would be out of business.

  8. sportsfan101

    Bc it’s Robert Kraft and the patriots this is going to be blown so far outta proportion as well as goodell being known for coming down harder on the patriots then any other franchise, god do I wish Adam silver will leave the NBA and truly come to the NFL. Goodell is such a horrible commish but he makes the nfl money so they like him.

  9. Brad

    What does he get suspended from? Sitting in the box watching the games? Not like he’s losing paychecks. I’m for proper punishment, but what can you do to an owner that doesn’t tarnish the NFL anymore? Blackout their first six games.

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