Three Teams Inquired On Antonio Brown

Three teams have inquired on trading for Antonio Brown, Steelers GM Kevin Colbert told NFL Network (via Yahoo Sports). Still, he does not expect a trade to come together right away. 

Stressing that the process will take time, Colbert indicated that things could pick up over the next week or so as teams gauge the free agent wide receiver market, make their “own free agency evaluations,” and watch prospects at the combine.

Still, the Steelers don’t have all the time in the world. Brown is due a $2.5MM roster bonus on March 17 and it would make little sense for them to pay that bonus and then trade him. A deal could take time, but, realistically, the Steelers have less than a month to get something done.

Some NFL executives believe the Steelers won’t get more than a third-round pick for one of the game’s most dynamic talents. Naturally, the Steelers want more.

By no means are we going to make a trade or any type of move that will not be beneficial to Pittsburgh Steelers organization,” Colbert said recently.

Between Brown’s shots at the Steelers on social media and his other off-the-field issues, it will be interesting to see how much leverage the Steelers have in trade talks. Any team in the NFL would probably like to have Brown, but clubs also know that his relationship with the club appears to be irreparably damaged.

Brown, 31 in July, earned his sixth consecutive Pro Bowl selection in 2018, finishing with 104 catches, 1,297 yards and a league-leading and career-high 15 touchdown receptions.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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45 comments on “Three Teams Inquired On Antonio Brown

      • Senioreditor

        Lol, you don’t think the 30th will get it done? You’re comment is laughable. They’ll be lucky to get anything better then a pick in the 70’s.

      • graysondecker

        Are you trying to say that the 30th pick isn’t enough? They aren’t going to get much more for him than that because of his antics. It’s the unfortunate reality of the situation. Best case scenario is they either get a solid young player like Xavien Howard, an aging pro bowler like Patrick Peterson, or a late first rounder.

    • TJECK109

      I’d be happy with the 30th. Trade down and try to accumulate additional capital

  1. goldenmisfit

    That funny moment when Packers fans think their organization will make a splash with the trade even though they really never have done that LOL. The three teams that are probably in the mix would be 49ers, Jets and Raiders

    • rodgerspack26

      new packers regime, new gm new head coach, if it weren’t for the bears last year, the pack could very well have ended up with mack…… and you say they have never made a splash trade… Brett Favre disagrees with your statement… get your facts straight

    • Marytown1

      As a Packer fan I hope we are not the team that gets him. He’s toward the end of his prime. Jared Cook would cost less in $$ and picks and would be just as effective in the slot. Rodgers had a good chemistry with him while he was in GB so why not?

    • brewcrew08

      there’s exactly 0% chance the Steelers trade AB to the Pats. Unless they extremely overpay for him and the Pats don’t do that.

  2. ahale224

    I thought that the Steelers got a massively smaller cap hit if they waited to trade him until June?

    • pantherfan73

      They don’t save anything, a portion just gets bumped into 2020 based on the later date. They owe him 2.5million actual dollars after March 17th and I doubt Mr. Rooney wants to hand him that check.

  3. Curious question, if a team sits a player or makes them a healthy scratch the players association can file a grievance against team. Assuming Brown doesnt gets traded and basically dogs it when he plays. Is there anything the team can do to him? Or is it like the Marshawn Lynch, Im here so i dont get fined (in this case lose paycheck)?

    • tylerall5

      Maybe but teams make players inactive all the time. You can only have so many players dressed on game day so, in theory, the Steelers can just hold on to Brown and if he does “dog it” then they can just make him inactive.

  4. zach 1224143625

    Half the fun is figuring out what teams inquired. Which teams are trying to improve.

  5. swartnp7

    Can they just swap him straight up for Patrick Peterson? Solves two problems in one move.

    • rodgerspack26

      never gonna happen… in this specific case due to brown wanting out of Pittsburgh, makes it a buyer’s market… cardinals would never trade their best player in this case… the best that the Steelers can hope to get is one 1st rounder

    • rodgerspack26

      doubt it… so many ex teammates of brown have said of how great a teammate he is…. and with Rodgers, it’s more ultra competitive then ego

      • troll_smasher

        Exactly… Brown only had a problem with one person on the team. Teammates loved him b/c he worked harder than anyone else. Rodgers/Adams/Brown would be ELECTRIC

        • brewcrew08

          Not to mention if Jimmy Graham can stay relatively healthy. AB and Adams on the outside would take a lot of the congestion out of the middle of the field for Jimmy to work.

            • I think both Cobb and Graham would unfortunately have to go if Brown was acquired for financial reasons. I think Cobb is gone either way, actually.

  6. 94yankees

    If I’m the Steelers I want at least a 1st and second. When I don’t get it I just don’t trade him. Their ownership has shown they will let you sit out without a problem. They will not trade him for a 3rd.

  7. MBarry

    I don’t think the Packers “need” AB. Rodgers can make an WR look phenomenal. So why give up a 1st rounder for him?!? Sure offer a 4th if you want to give it a shot but the Packers have holes in so many other places. Go for Devante Parker if you want…at least he’s younger, cheaper, and Rodgers can get him the ball.

  8. canajay12

    Don’t think the Steelers will even get a 1st for Brown. There’s no real surplus value in his contract. You get a good WR but you’re also paying a top end cap slot to him as well. And he’s 31 this year…

    If I’m the Steelers I almost prefer an assortment of picks like a couple 3rds and 4-5ths than to be fixated on getting a single 1st or 2nd for him. A ton of good players to be found in middle rounds.

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