Browns Confident They’ll Land S Earl Thomas

After trading for Odell Beckham Jr. and signing Sheldon Richardson, it sounds like the Browns are still targeting big-name veterans. Jason La Canfora reports (via Twitter) that the organization is confident about their chances of landing free agent safety Earl Thomas.

As the reporter notes, the organization is apparently looking for one more big splash. After that, they’ll look to “stack depth” via the draft, and they’ll then presumably fill out their roster with journeyman and undrafted free agents. At the very least, it’s clear that the Browns are motivated to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

The market hasn’t necessarily been quiet for Thomas, but it’s uncertain if the safety will be able to secure his desired $13MM per year. There were also rumblings that the veteran wanted to be the highest-paid safety in the game, a market that was reset by Tyrann Mathieu‘s $14MM annual salary with the Chiefs. The Cowboys have been connected to Thomas for the better part of a year, and there were rumblings yesterday that the Texans could make a run at the 29-year-old.

The Browns would be a natural fit for the veteran, as the team is currently rostering only three safeties in Damarious RandallDerrick Kindred, and Jermaine Whitehead. Thomas played in just four games last season before a leg injury landed him on injured reserve, but he’ll be fully recovered by the time the 2019 season rolls around. He wouldn’t only provide the Browns with an upgrade at safety, but he’d also add some veteran-savvy to the entire defense.

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25 comments on “Browns Confident They’ll Land S Earl Thomas

  1. benster04

    why not? give the brownies credit for going out aggressively and getting what they needed….realize if it wasnt for a few missed field goals last year they would have been a playoff team….now with their additions they become the team to beat in their division and a serious conference contender!

  2. of9376

    John Dorsey has a proven track record of building teams the right way. Should be GM of the year .

    • dugdog83

      The browns were 0-16 two years ago. Only took them two years to flip this. The Lions have been trying since 62.

    • jonesadoug

      John Dorsey is the reason the Chiefs have had cap issues. Signing aging veterans to overpriced long term contracts. see Eric Berry and Justin Houston

      • Connorsoxfan

        Most successful teams have cap issues at some point though. Philly has a yearly cap crunch at this point and the Pats never have much space available despite letting just about all of their free agents leave yearly with no clear replacements, at which point they just wing it and it still works..

      • dombrowski

        Silly. John Dorsey is a key reason the Chiefs were the best team in the AFC last year. And somehow those CAP issues still allowed them to add the best Safety on the market this off season.

  3. jb19

    3 yr front loaded contract. Off the books before the Mayfield and Garrett extension.

    • benster04

      cowboys wont spend the money on Thomas nor should they when they have their own players to resign or extend. they will sign a S, DR and DT and maybe even a veteran slot in the 2nd tier of FA’s

  4. balteagle

    Moneyball doesn’t work at all…crazy no one mentions the capital and room sashi brown left. 1st and 3rd is a blip on their radar, but is a decent amount to give up

      • akaydn

        Sashi Brown tore down a condemned building and John Dorsey built a better one with the real estate left behind.

  5. ehawks62

    Browns will definitely be a playoff team they just need a few more pieces to have a legitimate chance at the SB.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    Kudos to the Browns ownership for at least giving their fans a reason for optimism. Cleveland will be breaking in a new coaching staff so expectations about division titles and such should be held in check. Still plenty of work to do but the days of being a punch line to jokes appears to over.

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