Kaepernick Interested In Dolphins’ QB Job

Both Tyrod Taylor and Teddy Bridgewater were linked to the Dolphins this week, with the latter being brought in for a visit. Each agreed to be backups elsewhere, Taylor in Los Angeles and Bridgewater in New Orleans.

The Dolphins also traded Ryan Tannehill to the Titans on Friday. No team has less at quarterback presently. The Dolphins have been connected to a strategy of pursuing 2020 quarterback prospects, perhaps leading to Taylor and Bridgewater signing elsewhere. But Colin Kaepernick is interested in the position, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports (via Twitter).

This comes after the passer’s camp spoke to both the Alliance of American Football and the XFL. In each instance, a $20MM salary demand surfaced. Kaepernick would not get that with the Dolphins, who have not shown interest in the long-unattached quarterback, but La Canfora notes the 31-year-old free agent continues to train and would be “ready to play” if the team contacted him.

While Kaepernick has been mentioned in connection with numerous jobs since his 49ers stay ended in 2017, he has continually been passed over. The NFL settled grievances from Kaepernick and Eric Reid earlier this year, lending some credence to the players’ case they were avoided as free agents due to their decisions to kneel during the playing of the national anthem before 49ers games.

Since becoming a free agent, Kaepernick has only received a workout invitation from one team — the Seahawks — and that was in the summer of 2017. The Seahawks cancelled a 2018 Kaepernick visit. Reports have surfaced of the former Super Bowl starter working out independently, but nothing has transpired regarding a possible return to the NFL.

The Dolphins’ current quarterback contingent consists of Luke Falk and Jake Rudock. They have combined for five regular-season pass attempts (from Rudock in Detroit). Other options for veteran help include Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blake Bortles, Josh McCown, Geno Smith and Brock Osweiler. None are as accomplished as Kaepernick, but given what has occurred on this front over the past two years, it would certainly be a surprise if the Dolphins went in this direction.

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47 comments on “Kaepernick Interested In Dolphins’ QB Job

  1. Mack83

    A little lacking on the details here. He received a contract from Denver, and nearly had one from Baltimore until his girlfriend put a stop to that one.

    He’s had his chances, he just hasn’t found one suitable to him.

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      A lot of stories on him lack these details because they don’t fit the narrative that he’s getting blackballed.

      • cka2nd

        Collusion doesn’t require all 32 teams to be involved. Only two parties are required to have worked together to make it collusion.

  2. dirtbagfreitas

    Doesn’t matter if he’s interested – nobody is signing him. A team would rather kick the tires on a 38 year old retired since 2011 JP Losman than think about signing him.

  3. ChiTownFanTilDeath

    Johnny Manziel is also “interested” in playing. Doesn’t mean a team has any interest in either one of them.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Well we have two things in common, we both that gig and neither one of us will get it…

  5. kenleyfornia2

    Too bad he burned that bridge by wearing a Castro shirt in Miami. Funny how its the 1 team that actually has no QB at all.

  6. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    How awful is the Dolphins organization that Bridgewater would rather hold Drew Brees’ water bottle than be Miami’s starter?

    • Saints also offered more money. 1 yr $7.5MM from NO and 2 years $10MM from the Dolphins I believe.

      • Polish Hammer

        A chance to start should be worth something for him as opposed to cycling through backup duty roles from here on out…

        • bass86

          yes, but to a quarterback who the head coach is can be extremely important. Maybe Teddy Bridgewater is just smart enough to see that and it is willing to wait for the starting quarterback job in New Orleans. Sean Payton is clearly one of the best offensive coaches in the league.

          if he signs and starts for Miami and then plays like crap because of a terrible offensive scheme and a terrible head coach it could ruined his chances of getting a starting gig ever again.

          • compassrose

            Are you guys kidding a back up QB has the best job in the world. Get paid millions to hold a clipboard. I would rather start but it is a pretty sweet gig.

            Clipboard Jesus had it down to an art. Play just bad enough the team wanted another QB as a starter but good enough they kept you around as back up. He probably made around $50 mill doing it.

  7. George Ruth

    Would be a huge mistake for the Dolphins to sign a self absorbed player like Kaepernick & his demand of 20 million a season from the AAF & XFL proves he is self absorbed & not a team guy.

    Kaepernick has had the chance to play professional football with the CFL & the AAF & he chose not to play & I think the NFL was wrong in settling with him.

    • trout27

      The NFL settled because they thought that they would lose in court. This case was a test of the First Amendment, the NFL was concerned it would cost way more to try the case.

      • Polish Hammer

        Those two sentences don’t equal the same thing. They settled because it was cheaper and painless not exactly because they would lose in court. This is a guy suing because he had no contract yet opted out of a contract and declined others,

      • Dodgethis

        Has nothing to do with 1st amendment. The NFL isn’t a government entity, so it doesn’t apply. Your employer can 100% control your speech while your “on the clock”. The NFL settled because it forced kaepernick and his clan to stop talking. They are no longer allowed to discuss it. When kaepernick lost in court he would of been able to keep talking. NFL made a business decision to buy silence. Welcome to the real world. Kaepernick will never play football again.

  8. la verdad

    Kap is interested in the Dolphins job, but no teams are interested in him as a QB in the NFL. He was a one trick pony and the NFL figured out how to game plan against him. People can complain all they want about other mediocre QBs getting a shot with other teams, but the fact of the matter is each team is free to sign whoever they want, for whatever reason they want. Same goes for a team’s reasons for not signing a player. If a team thinks JP Losman fits their system and could provide something to the team, they are free to sign that guy. If they feel that Kap’s style of play doesn’t fit their system there is no obligation for that team to sign Kap. They are also free not to sign Kap if they think the off field distractions he brings are not worth whatever physical skills he could provide to the team. Additionally, for those those who say the only reason Kap isn’t signed is because of his “protests”, stop and think for a moment about other players that have some physical skills that are not signed by NFL teams. Tim Tebow is an extremely popular player and would be a distraction for any team that signs him because each week the team would be answering questions about a player that is not talented enough to be a starter. Ray Rice went from being a starting RB in the NFL to being cut and never signed because off the field issues overshadowed his on field ability. Sometimes a player is just not worth the extra distractions and aggravation.

  9. sports is life

    Please Miami pick him up! I want to see that locker room after 1/2 a year

  10. BoSoxWin

    It’s quite obvious that Miami has committed to full tank mode for 2019 so they can draft either Tua or Herbert out of Oregon. Only thing that changes this is if they believe Josh Rosen is a franchise QB and Arizona decides to go with Kyler Murray at #1 overall. I could see Miami making a move to get Rosen…but none of these other guys (including Kaep) make any sense for the team.

    Looks like NE is getting handed the division yet again this year. Buffalo will be better; Jets will still be lucky to win more than 6 games and Miami will be lucky to win 3 games if they stay the course. Ring #7 coming soon for Brady & clan!

  11. Sports

    The city of Miami would start a riot if this happens. Cubans despise Kap, for a good reason.

  12. Eric Lord

    There is one major issue with Kaepernick & Miami that often goes unmentioned. Miami has a large Cuban population. Kaepernick publicly praised Fidel Castro, the same Fidel Castro that most of that Cuban population fled. That is a public relations nightmare right there

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