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Over the weekend, Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury told people that the selection of Kyler Murray at No. 1 overall is a “done deal,” according to Tony Pauline of Kingsbury doesn’t necessarily have final say on the matter, but it’s yet another sign that the Cardinals are serious about drafting the undersized, yet immensely talented, Oklahoma quarterback. 

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The Murray-to-Arizona talk seemed far fetch just a few weeks ago because drafting Murray with the first pick would mean walking away from Josh Rosen, just one year after the Cardinals traded up to the No. 10 pick to select him. If they trade the UCLA product, the Cardinals might not get much in return.

Probably a three,” an NFL GM told Peter King of NBC Sports when asked to approximate Rosen’s trade value. “Not what the Cardinals would think his value is.”

If the Cardinals settle on Murray at No. 1 and put Rosen on the block, they could find a suitor in the Redskins. Or, they could stand pat with Rosen – who just celebrated his 22nd birthday – and dangle the top pick to a team intensely interested in Murray, such as the Raiders.

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24 comments on “Latest On Kyler Murray, Cardinals

  1. Screamer

    Cardinals are just posturing. QB talent is weak, trying to up their value for the #1

    • kabphillie

      Agreed. They cannot be stupid enough to cut bait after trading up for Rosen.

      • brewcrewbernie

        Rosen looked terrible last year and is not Kingsbury’s guy so I could see this happening. Especially if they can get a decent return for Rosen from a team like Washington.

        • Matthew Heywood

          So he looked bad in his rookie season on a bad team. Instead of adding talent around him it makes sense to draft another qb and not put talent around that qb either?

          • ATL_ranger

            Literally what the Browns did for over a decade. Amazing how people don’t learn

        • TJECK109

          Who wouldn’t look bad on that offense? Zero offensive line. Imagine if Dallas had said the same thing about Troy Aikman after his first 2 years. Rosen won’t be Aikman but he needs more around him to succeed

  2. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    If all they are going to get is a 3rd, they should keep Rosen.

    Ex. The Redskins were smart to have Kirk Cousins on the roster even though they had RG3.

    • TJECK109

      They definitely were in take the best player available mode when they made those 2 picks in the same draft. Don’t see 2 of the teams top 3 picks spent on QBs

  3. Kwflanne

    Chargers should be all over this (as should the saints). You get your future QB who is a first round talent…. for maybe a second or third round pick? And they Rosen gets to sit 1-2 years behind either rivers or brees?? That has been all the talk…. “will the chargers (or saints) look for their heir apparent at QB in this draft, last years draft, next year, etc…”

    They could address that RIGHT NOW and for relatively cheap compared to his talent level. I don’t care what people are saying about his performance last year. He was a rookie…… on the cardinals. He was the best pure passer in that draft, has some mobility, and is very bright. In the right situation, I think he thrives.

  4. How can you justify trading Rosen for a 3rd round pick? I was thinking NYG would be interested, but for their 2nd round pick. I still think that would be a steal for the Giants who were linked to Rosen at #2 overall last year. The giants then would get their future franchise QB and still have the #6 overall pick that they won’t have to waste on Haskins.

  5. Yep it is

    The Cardinals aren’t drafting Murray. They want picks and will trade the 1 and move down and still get an awesome player and more picks.

  6. fungie22

    I don’t like Rosen as he’s a cocky rich kid. But I agree he was in a horrible team and you gave up after one year? If Murray was say a Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning type I would pull trigger. But too many unknowns and size. And you have so many needs!!!! What a waste of a pick if they trade Rosen

    • TheTruth12

      How is size still a question? He’s a half inch shorter than Wilson and weighs more.

  7. Compton

    New England should trade their first for Rosen. He would be the perfect guy to groom and eventually replace Brady.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    The Cardinals as so dysfunctional that Kingsbury might only be employed a year like the guy he replaced. Drafting a QB every year gets you no closer to being a winner if the OL is garbage.

  9. Eric Lord

    The Cardinals have so many holes on their roster. They can’t afford to keep drafting quarterbacks with their first round picks. While I’m not the biggest Rosen fan, it is hard to judge him after one season with that awful offensive line he has in front of him.

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