Compensatory Pick Formula Ends Today

Starting at 4pm ET/3pm CT, any unrestricted free agent that signs with a new team will not count towards the 2020 compensatory draft pick formula, as Field Yates of tweets. This should quickly accelerate the market for several free agents of note, including:

Compensatory picks are given to teams that lose a greater number of compensatory free agents (or, a greater quality of free agents) than they acquire. The complicated formula that dictates how the picks are dispersed is not disclosed to the public, but teams are wary of signing even lower impact UFAs while it is in effect.

But, when the formula is turned off, veteran free agents should start flying off of the board.

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10 comments on “Compensatory Pick Formula Ends Today

      • Polish Hammer

        He’s going to retire no matter who comes in or doesn’t come in, Unless they can’t fill it and beg him to come back.

    • Z-A

      It’s like the 1st day of FA all over again. Theres still a lot of money on the table for teams. Not like MLB where they wait until after the draft to sign guys. MLB would be wiser to adopt this form, like guys on the street that are All Stars or Cy Young winners bc of draft pick compensation and contract value.

    • Polish Hammer

      It’s there to save the poorly run franchises from themselves and help with the competitive balance. The well run franchises don’t skip a beat and remain competitive. I don’t think it should go, all of that stuff is negotiated and bargained into the CBA.

    • JT19

      Why? The system rewards the teams who are run well. But outside of rewarding teams with some extra picks, it doesn’t negatively affect the balance in the league. And in regards to the players who are unsigned, most of them are unsigned for reasons that are not related to compensatory picks. The star and other big name free agents get signed.

      • jkoms57

        Looks like JT is right. No one signed at 4.
        Thought we’d see at least Ansah man come off the board

  1. phenomenalajs

    I expect the Jets to re-sign Mo Claiborne and to try to sign Ziggy Ansah, if they’re satisfied with his health. I don’t think Polite’s ready to be a starter and I don’t think they want to go with Copeland as their main edge guy. Shane Ray’s a possibility but past character issues may cause them to stick with Copeland.

    • jkoms57

      If the Jets wanted Mo, they’d have signed him already.

      None of these top guys still out here are returning to their former team.
      With the comp picks removed, it’s open season for the rest of the league to bid.

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