Poll: Will Eagles Regret Carson Wentz Deal?

On Thursday night, the Eagles and Carson Wentz reached agreement on a massive new contract. The four-year add-on is worth $128MM in total with upwards of $107MM in overall guarantees. Meanwhile, Wentz reportedly gets $66MM guaranteed at signing, a huge haul for a player who has finished the last two seasons on IR.

Wentz nearly captured the league’s MVP trophy in 2017 before a season-ending ACL tear sidelined him and cleared the way for Nick Foles‘ legendary run to the Super Bowl. It was a similar story (albeit with a different ending) in 2018 – Wentz managed to throw for 21 touchdowns against seven interceptions in eleven games last year, but a back injury forced him to cede the starting role to Foles once again.

Wentz’ injury history is cause for concern, but the Eagles have doubled down with this colossal new deal. The club no longer has Foles as a safety net and Wentz, the former No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft, is now the first QB in the NFL signed through the 2024 season.

Of course, the market for top-end quarterbacks advances rapidly, so Wentz’s $32MM average annual value might not seem like a big deal by the time he enters Year Two of the extension. And, if Wentz returns to MVP-level form, it will prove to be a rather reasonable contract for the Eagles.

Ultimately, do you see this deal backfiring for Howie Roseman & Co.? Cast your vote below (link for app users) and back up your choice in the comment section.

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30 comments on “Poll: Will Eagles Regret Carson Wentz Deal?

  1. kabphillie

    You have a talented (perhaps MVP level) quarterback who is still young. You can do your due diligence to determine his health. He has intangibles that you crave in a QB. You pay him. Every contract like this is going to be a risk. Look at Aaron Rodgers: he’s had multiple collarbone injuries, plus what he dealt with last year. But the Packers rightly extended him.

    I don’t think the Eagles will regret it.

    It will be more interesting when Dak and Jared Goff (and perhaps Mariota and Winston) get paid if they live up to their contracts.

    • Michael Chaney

      If Mariota and Winston get big deals, their teams will immediately regret them. But teams are so paranoid of losing even remotely capable quarterbacks that they overpay to keep them, so they’ll almost certainly get their money anyway. I also don’t think Dak will be worth what he gets.

      Wentz and Goff are definitely much better (who you think is better is just down to personal preference), but it won’t matter how good Wentz is if he keeps getting injured. In terms of pure talent, Wentz will be worth it, but I’d still be nervous because he just hasn’t shown an ability to stay healthy in the past.

    • troll_smasher

      Dak has better numbers in almost every important statistical category than Wentz, so if Wentz is worth it, then why isn’t Dak? Not to mention, Dak hasn’t been hurt.

      • kenleyfornia2

        Dak is not better than Wentz. Ask 32 NFL GMs and the answer is anonymous from anyone not named Jerry Jones.

        • troll_smasher

          Man, I don’t need to ask anyone. You can have all the talent in the world, but your production is your production. Dak has the same or better production with better durability. I don’t need to ask anyone to figure that out.

          • kenleyfornia2

            No he doesn’t lmao. Healthy is the only advantage Dak has had. Actual production is not even close. Of course he will pile up more yards because he played more games. Dak had 1 more TD last year despite your ridiculous claims about durability. Wentz was the MVP before he tore his ACL. Meanwhile Dak took a step back in his 2nd year. Dak is not worth it because of his skill, plain and simple. Your the only person on planet earth who values Dak over Wentz

              • kenleyfornia2

                When you don’t have an argument so you resort to being the grammar police. Imagine thinking Dak is a better player than Wentz, yikes. And you try to clown me for thinking Gase can run an offense LOL.

                • troll_smasher

                  Way to change your opinion from Gase being a good head coach, to Gase being good at runnning an offense. You actually clown yourself when you don’t know the difference between you & you’re. Nothing to do with me.

            • troll_smasher

              “He took a step back his second year” yet there is no mention of 2018. You can cherrypick all the stats you want, say if Wentz wasn’t hurt the “MVP” and keep on going with hypotheticals, but the numbers don’t lie. Wentz hasn’t been healthy enough to even play in the playoffs. Please find where I said Dak was better. I said his numbers are almost equal to better. BUT, if given the choice, I’ll take the guy that’s gonna be available more often.

              • kenleyfornia2

                No one cares about grammar on a sports website except weirdos. This is not an English class. Especially considering you can barley see what you type on the app when multiple replies are made. You want to mention 2018? Ok sure Wentz was a better QB last year too. I dont care he once tore his ACL trying to make a play at the goal line. The disk in his back is more concerning but thats not enough to take away from how much better he is than Dak. Dak at 30 million a season will be a mammoth disaster the likes of Kirk Cousins. Between Lawrence, Zeke and Daks potential deal the Cowboys won’t be able to surround the rest of the team at all. As for Gase let the dang season start. I dont care how dysfunctional the jets are, nothing matters until kickoff

      • burtgummer1

        Dak is ok thats about it the cowboys would be bottom feeders if it wasn’t for Zeke

    • Rondon

      Wentz is nowhere near Aaron Rodgers territory and has so far, won nothing. Huge risk on the Eagle’s part.

  2. kenleyfornia2

    No regret at all. Wentz is an elite QB in this leauge and so many average QBs get huge deals. Andrew Luck missed a whole season and no one cared at all. But when its Wentz people get set off because they buy into the Foles hysteria

  3. DarkSide830

    everyone’s so stuck on that one MVP-caliber season, and seems so hell-bent that he will be back 100% after what he showed last year. im fairly convinced that his back was fine – he was still injured from last year.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Great idea for a poll…in 2023 maybe. They still had him for another 2 years so it would take a couple years into the extension to see how it turned out.

  5. itslonelyatthetrop

    Keep him protected and keep the current system in place. The sky’s the limit.

  6. crosseyedlemon

    I think the Eagles cornered the market on regrets when they allowed Reggie White to join the Packers as a free agent.

    • Polish Hammer

      But they screwed up just as badly when Weapon X walked, that was a huge void on the field and in the locker room that took awhile to overcome.

  7. tsikoua1

    65% yes? Either these people have never watched an NFL game or are just Eagles haters

    • Rondon

      Or they took into consideration that Wentz has won nothing and his own teammates think he’s an I burger with me sauce.

  8. flagsrup

    Wentz put Eagles in position to win the big one in 2017. Many injuries in 2018 including Wentz capped their season. Dak wasn’t the same QB when he was missing Zeke after his suspension for 6? games.

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