Injury Updates: Trubisky, Smith, Hockenson, Allen, Ingram, Mack, Stills

Perhaps the most significant injury of Week 4 afternoon games was Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky going down. Trubisky went down hard on his left shoulder, and was quickly ruled out before returning to the sideline with his arm in a sling. Bears coach Matt Nagy didn’t offer many details after the game, but he said he didn’t expect the injury to be season-ending, per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network (Twitter link). While it certainly could be worse, that does seem to suggest that the Bears expect Trubisky to miss at least a little time. Chase Daniel will fill in under center.

Here are more injury updates from around the league:

  • Bears linebacker Roquan Smith was surprisingly inactive for the team’s win over the Vikings, and Nagy said after the game Smith’s absence was for personal reasons, Pelissero tweets. Nagy wouldn’t elaborate and wouldn’t say whether Smith’s personal issue would extend beyond this week. This will be something to monitor, as Smith is a key part of Chicago’s defense.
  • Lions rookie tight end T.J. Hockenson took a hard hit in Detroit’s loss to the Chiefs, and was ruled out with a concussion. The Lions drafted Hockenson eighth overall back in April, and he’s shown a lot of promise in the first few games. He had three catches and a touchdown before going down against Kansas City, and is a big part of Detroit’s passing game. Hopefully he’ll be able to get cleared in time for Week 5.
  • Speaking of concussions, Bills quarterback Josh Allen suffered one on a brutal hit in Buffalo’s loss to the Patriots. He was ruled out for the remainder of the game and if he can’t get cleared by next week, Matt Barkley will be under center. Allen was struggling before getting hurt and had thrown three interceptions, but Barkley wasn’t much better in relief.
  • The Chargers’ injuries continued to pile up, as star pass-rusher Melvin Ingram left their game against the Dolphins and was quickly ruled out with a hamstring injury. Los Angeles was already one of the most banged up teams in the league, so this was the last thing they needed. Head coach Anthony Lynn said after the game that Ingram pulled a hamstring and they didn’t know how long he’d be out, according to a tweet from Eric D. Williams of
  • Colts running back Marlon Mack tweaked his ankle, but it doesn’t seem serious. Mack only had two carries in the second half, but he said after the game it was just “coach’s decision” to hold him out and that he expects to be fine for Indy’s Week 5 game against the Chiefs, according to Charlie Clifford of WISH 8 (Twitter link).
  • Texans receiver Kenny Stills left his team’s loss to the Panthers with a hamstring injury, but it’s unclear how severe it is. After the game, head coach Bill O’Brien said the team would have to wait until Monday to determine the severity, per a tweet from Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. Stills would be a big loss, but Houston would still have a very solid receiving corp in Will Fuller, DeAndre Hopkins, and Keke Coutee without him.
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19 comments on “Injury Updates: Trubisky, Smith, Hockenson, Allen, Ingram, Mack, Stills

  1. billykent

    I always love seeing the lack of respect shown for the Bills. Trubisky has been horrible for quite some time and bot a single work is said about it. The only players that this and most other writers give a performance critique on pretty much saying they sucked were Allen and Barkley. They came extremely close to pulling off the upset. As a matter of fact, the hit on Allen should have seen a player disqualified. And, there were several game-changing calls against the Bills blown by the refs that stopped scoring drives. Ridiculous. Write fairly or don’t write at all!

    • Richard Hangslow

      Maybe you should retreat to your safe space. Your entire comment is absurd. If the Bills were worth talking about then they would, but they’re not so no one cares.

      • TrollHunter

        His comment may have been slightly homer, but definitely not absurd!

        The Bills are definitely worth talking about, and a lot of people will care when they get 10-11 wins!

        • stug14

          So I’m 2023 when they get 10 wins feel free to come back and we’ll talk about them.

    • fieldsj2

      I’m not a fan of either team, but get real dude! Allen has got tons of positive press so far this year. Trubisky being horrible for quite some time is a ridiculous statement. A missed chip shot field goal cost him playing in the NFC championship game just 5 games ago. No reason to make up stuff just because your team lost, get over it.

      • TrollHunter

        He has looked awful all year. If it weren’t for that defense the Bears would be picking in the top 5 next draft!

    • TrollHunter

      In all fairness Allen was struggling. But you right Trubisky has stunk all year and Buffalo gets no respect.

      I’m a Steeler fan so being objective, the Bills and 49ers are both legitimate playoff contenders.

    • Rondon

      I don’t know what you’ve been reading, but Trubisky has been hammered left and right. Check out any Chicago paper or sports talk show.

    • diller1340

      And week 6 game is Monday night so Hock will have the most time possible between games to get cleared

  2. ski44

    Appears the Patriots’ MO is to headshot the QB if the game is close to get the backup in and ensure a victory…

    • Dorothy_Mantooth

      Watch the replay of that hit. The Pats defender lined up to hit Allen with his the last second, Allen lowered his head and initiated the helmet to helmet contact. At some point, the NFL has to start considering this as a major issue with the helmet hits. If a guy ducks his head at the last second when a defender has already committed to the hit, how can this be the defender’s fault? I’m all for making the game safer for ALL players, but there needs to be an emphasis on both sides of the ball here.

  3. ChiSoxCity

    Been a Bears fan for 40 years, and trust when I say the bar is low for QBs. As long as he looks the part, any Bears QB can average 145 yards passing with a mediocre QB rating and most Bears fans will worship him. Meanwhile, Mahomes, who was on the board and considered the best arm in the draft, when the Bears traded all their picks away to move up ONE SPOT and draft Trubisky. Trubisky will be selling insurance in three years—Mahomes breaking records and headed for the HOF. Typical Chicago sports dysfunction and ####ery.

  4. unclemike1525

    Nobody says anything bad about Trubisky? You really shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about. Mitch has been bashed Ad Nauseum by both National Media and even Home Media ever since Pace traded up to get him.
    His first year under Fox was basically a waste leading to Fox being fired. Last year he was 12-4. Even with Nagy’s odd decision not to give him any re season reps he definitely needs, the Bears are still 3-1 and yet he still gets panned even by ignorant fools from Buffalo of all places. Something like being called ugly by Randy Johnson.

    • Rondon

      Trubisky has proven to be average at best. As bold as the Mack trade was, drafting Trubisky was a huge mistake. Pace is also the QB genius who signed the ‘legendary’ Mike Glennon to a crazy amount of guaranteed money.

  5. unclemike1525

    Plus, let’s not forget this because it’s relevant, Mitch was drafted for Fox’s dull 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense, BEFORE Nagy got here. Nagy has a good system but it’s still a case where the coach is trying to make a player fit into a system he doesn’t really fit into at all.
    I wonder how that draft plays out if Nagy was here BEFORE that draft. I bet it goes a whole lot different.

    • crosseyedlemon

      If Trubisky isn’t the guy for the system then the Bears should be trading him for Mariota…although I suspect OC Helfrich (formerly of Oregon) wouldn’t even be able to make that work.

  6. metnoxious

    I like Allen and it’s only year two. He looks like a weapon out there but at some point he has to learn to just bring it down and take what you can get. Whether that’s something he can learn or a permanent flaw will define what he becomes.

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