Latest On Patriots’ Antonio Brown

Bill Belichick faced the media on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Antonio Brown but, as expected, he was light on details regarding the embattled wide receiver. The Patriots’ head coach said that he expected Brown to practice on Wednesday, but would not say whether Brown would be permitted to suit up on Sunday.

Brown was accused of rape in a federal lawsuit, which could result in NFL discipline, among other more serious consequences. That is to say, Brown could be barred from playing by the league office via paid leave, taking the decision out of the Patriots’ hands.

Here’s the latest on Brown:

  • In an interview on ESPN, agent Drew Rosenhaus came to the defense of his client: “I wouldn’t be doing this interview if I didn’t believe Antonio. These allegations are false. He denies everyone of them. I’m very confident his legal team has facts that will prove this.”
  • Rosenhaus went on to say, “I’ll repeat this. This is a money grab. I believe this: this is a money grab.” The phrase “money grab” also appeared in an official statement from Brown’s attorney on Tuesday night.
  • Here’s a snippet from Belichick’s less-than-informative presser: “On Antonio’s situation, both Antonio and his representatives have made statements, so I’m not going to be expanding on any of those. They are what they are. We’ve looked into the situation. We’re taking it very seriously, all the way through the organization. I’m sure there are questions but I’m not going to be entering into any discussion about that.”
  • The language of Brown’s contract may allow the Patriots to escape his guarantee, as to Albert Breer of The MMQB tweets. Reportedly, $10MM of Brown’s $15MM 2019 salary is, or was, locked in.
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66 comments on “Latest On Patriots’ Antonio Brown

  1. KCChiefs3485

    When will you ever see someone say “You know what? I did that. I totally raped that girl.”

    Of course he denies them, anyone would.

    Good luck to him. The Pats don’t really need him anyway.

    • badco44

      Not pointing fingers yet, but for it to happen three times just seems far fetched to even be around him after the first time… just saying it makes you wonder if this is all about money

    • bdallen714

      I have to agree KCChiefs, there was a rookie that looked really good, not to mention Dorset and Gordon had good games as well

      • KCChiefs3485

        As a Chiefs fan, obviously, I hate to admit it but the Pats looked as good as ever even without Brown and Gronk.

    • compassrose

      I wrote this out a few times last nite but deleted it. I will explain after but I want you to hear my story that might answer questions to why she did what she has done. Read it until the end even though it will be a bit long.

      As a ten year old boy my neighbor was a retired older man. He was friendly and always out tinkering with something in his garage. We became friends and he would take me fishing and hiking. He taught me a lot about fishing. My dad took us to the local fishing derby and to a lake every now and then. Her just sat there with a scowl. He is not a very good man and was abusive towards me. The neighbor was exactly the opposite didn’t get mad if you asked a question or anything like that.

      One day in the summer when we were off for summer break he asked my mom if he could take me to his sons house. He was on vacation and he needed to check on in it. She said that was fine so we left. I was a little confused because we went downtown and not to a house. We got out of the car and went into this old building. It was ornate and probably cool looking when new. Inside was run down like the outside. There was a heavy lady sitting behind the counter he paid and we went into a shower room. He sent me to a stall and told me to wrap a towel around my waist after undressing. The place smelled almost like a pool but s but different. He then asked if I had ever been in a steam room.

      I said no and he said you will really like this. We went into a private room. I can still see the white marble covering everything. We sat down he put water on the hot rocks to make steam. After talking for awhile he pulled a jar out from under a wash cloth he had with him. He opened it then opened his towel and started putting Vaseline on his erection. I was terrified not knowing what was going on. He then stuck the wash cloth in my mouth turned me over and raped me. It was the most horrifying thing I had ever been through. I don’t know what happened after. The only memory I have after is walking out and the lady begging l behind the counter had a smirk on her face like she knew and thought it was funny.

      On the way home he unzipped my pants and fondled me all the way home. I was so terrified and in shock I couldn’t do anything about it. We got to his house and I went home and to my bedroom. It took me around 10 years to tell anyone and some of the memories were nicked out until a few years ago when I woke up one night and many of them came flooding back.

      I would go back to his house and go fishing. We could walk to the river we fished in. I wouldn’t go places with him unless there was someone else. I eventually stopped going at all. I never told anyone I was embarrassed and shamed and felt I did something wrong. I was afraid I would get into trouble for doing this. I to this day have not told many people and it is hard to this day to tell anyone even on here. I know I was not in the wrong but I am afraid of what people will think of me. There is guilt and shame still there even after counseling.

      I understand her actions and fears. I am inclined to believe her because her actions make sense to me. I was attacked by a bigger more powerful man and fighting would have never worked. I understand the reluctance to come forward these are all normal actions. As an adult I would do anything to not let this happen but as a kid I felt powerless. I am also very sensitive to sexual assault. I can get worked up over it and people saying stupid stuff like troll hunter and the other guy said.

      If you have a female at your house and neither are in a relationship you should be able to expose yourself or kiss her it get naked to initiate sex. He has never gotten any or pleased a women with that stupidity. Not even close to wooing a.women. Anyway that is my long story and maybe a reason these articles and sombre of the posts have made me react the way I have. That was 50 years ago and still I have bad feelings from it. I also used Swype and tried to catch any errors but there might be a few I missed. Sorry for that.

      • dombrowski

        Good of you to share your story. That can’t be easy. You don’t deserve what happened to you. No victims do. We often lose sight of the victims in these stories because we are blinded by fandom and preconceived notions. And we’re all afraid of aggressors. There are no winners in any of this.

      • pasha2k

        I totally hear you, n thank god you are grown up n faced your demons. This woman was not a child, n personally if someone raped me(I think he did) why in God’s name did she take up with him again. I also heard she’s been taking money from him for yrs? If so shame on her, n shame on him! Any woman I know of would never go near her attacker again so I have a hard time with this, n the money.

  2. TJECK109

    Of course the agent is going to believe him. That’s a nice commission. It’s disgusting to use the term money grab.

    • BloodySox

      If it really was rape, she should file a police report and have him charged criminally. Not suing him in civil court to get money.

      • On the surface, it does seem to be a matter of not agreeing the price. Britney Taylor seemed to determined to get $1.6 million out of Brown (as an “investment”). When he declined to meet her price, the civil suit fell.

        As Antonio Brown behaves vilely for money and to get his way (the way he pushed his way out of Pittsburgh, the wild goose chase on which he led Jon Gruden and the Raiders), Brown should understand Taylor’s perspective very well.

        Goose, meet gander.

      • Rapes have an absolutely atrocious record of prosecution. Check the stats. Also check the stats on the number of rape kits that are actually processed. The threshold for someone being held legally responsible for an act is waaaay less in a civil case than it is in a criminal one.

        Further, take a look around at the degree of public ridicule any woman gets for accusing someone of rape. I mean, here you are, implying that she’s lying in order to get money based on. . .what, exactly?

        And who are you to tell someone how to heal? Presuming this is true, her suing him versus her going to the police to seek criminal justice is not any of your business.

        • BloodySox

          I dont care how she heals. As a human being I want justice. You’re sounding a little self righteous.

          • I’m not being self-righteous. If she is indeed a victim, you’re trying to legislate how she heals. You’re telling her that she should do this and not do that. THAT is self-righteous. You don’t have any say in it.

            • BloodySox

              No. You are suggesting that crimes go unpunished as long as you have enough money.

            • BloodySox

              Inhumane? If he did rape her, I want him in jail. You and rct want him to pay a fine so he’s able to reoffend.

        • Kenneth haas

          Look I’m not saying she’s lying or he’s innocent but automatically labeling Antonio brown as guilty is just as bad as the people automatically labeling her as guilty. We would be crazy to just automatically believe she’s telling the truth without seeing everything first. It would be like the Salem witch trials all over again. I think her argument is strong but the fact she claims she was watching a church service while he ejsculsted on her back and the fact she went to his house 10 days after he allegedly raped her at his other home is enough to be weary and want more information before prosecuting and vilifying a man who could (not likely) be innocent

          • Kenneth Haas

            After the rape, she grabbed her stuff and left the next day with never seeing him again according to the report. I am not sure where it says she saw him 10 days after the rape. See points 53 – 65 on the lawsuit.

            • Kenneth haas

              I’m sorry I meant 10 days after the first allegation should not have said rape. If a person unwantingly exposes themselves to me I don’t think my gut is to be there 10 days later but thank you for correcting me on that remark

          • I think we’re on the same page, Kenneth. I don’t know if her claims are true at all. I’m just pushing back on all the dudes judging this woman and how she’s going about her business based purely on their own personal biases and ignorance.

      • bostonbob

        Sox correct you are. Why not go to the police instead of an attorney? I’ll tell you why $$$

        • Chromimw

          Wait… So are we feeling bad for a crumb of a person, before these allegations, because of greed??? Making Antonio Clown a victim of greed?! BAHAHAHA… Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

    • al avias phone

      that’s totally it! a money grab! why did she wait? he’s had millions before in Pittsburgh so why wait? beacuse it’s a money grab!

  3. pasha2k

    What bothers me as her being a victim is WHY did she have anything more with after the first encounter of the alleged rape, why 2 times? That is mind boggling about the psyche of the victim.

    • haywire4fun

      I do read it right. The rape was the third encounter. I’m not taking any side, but why did she wait so long to bring this up? Waited until he finished his drama and was in a better position.

    • Luck of Irish

      pasha2k: I don’t understand your comment. I believe you have misunderstood the sequence of events. The third incident was the alleged rape.

    • greg7274

      I dont know if it was you or others, but I keep seeing this posted. The timeline seems rather cut and dry, and not at all what you’re basing you’re opinion on.
      1. He flashed her and tried to kiss her…
      2. A month later, he does his creepy wad shot on her…
      3. Finally, 11 months later, he raped her.
      There was no first and second rape event, quit posting that. He escalated straight from 2 juvenile actions… to criminal rape.
      It’s all alleged, but is a common and highly plausible behavior and timeline for sexual predator.

        • 2012orioles

          If you’re in her shoes, she’s probably with her most important client. It’s Antonio Brown. You want to deny what happened. I can see what she kept coming back. As for her just letting it out now, she probably wants to get him back since it looks like he finessed everyone and he’s back on top. She wants to bring him back down. Sadly I don’t know who to believe though, but I know Antonio’s character and wouldn’t be surprised at all if he did something

        • greg7274

          Your point?
          The first event wasnt rape…that was my point.
          It was flashing and an unsolicited kiss… fairly innocuous…these days anyway.
          He probably apologized, etc, etc… and she relented, forgave and then got burned by him a month later.
          Sound familiar? The Raiders just did that for him like 5 times in the last 3 weeks. His disingenuous apologies are borderline sociopathic, at this point.
          So, yeah she errored in allowing herself to being alone with him the first month or so. Sounds like that didnt happen anymore after the wadshot incident… 11 months later, he forced his way back in and raped her.
          Again, seems incredibly plausible to me.

    • ‘That is mind boggling about the psyche of the victim.’

      Then maybe you should start studying the psychology of people who encounter traumatic experiences. Look at Stockholm Syndrome for an example that everyone is familiar with. Doesn’t make much logistical sense on the surface, but it happens.

      • al avias phone

        your trying to equal combat experience or hostage experience into the same as a rape victims way of thinking is just out there.first off most of us here are guys,so we can’t know what a females mind is after that.all I’m saying is she’s had a lot of time to go after him financial wise.i would think that rape victim would file a police report first.but,as I said we can’t know her state of mind.but I say this too,AB maybe a money grubbing a hold but he is accorded innocent before being proved guilty.

      • al avias phone

        your trying to equal combat experience or hostage experience into the same as a rape victims way of thinking is just out there.first off most of us here are guys,so we can’t know what a females mind is after that.all I’m saying is she’s had a lot of time to go after him financial wise.i would think that rape victim would file a police report first.but,as I said we can’t know her state of mind.but I say this too,AB maybe a money grubbing a hole but he is accorded innocent before being proved guilty.

    • Chromimw

      No different than people who are abused for years, whether mental, physical and/or sexual. There’s a lot of factors that play into psychological behavior, and a lot of ways to define how people can hold a power over another. Everyone knows common sense is to get away after the first instance, but we don’t know the nature of the relationship. Furthermore, people forget that there are people who are in active relationships that get raped by their partners.

  4. leprechaun

    What else is his agent going to say. As for her greed look what he just did to the Raiders.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Even if the charges are false you have to wonder if the AB drama is getting beyond the limits of damage control. At some point Brown may be viewed by owners as being just as toxic to the NFL as Kaepernick was.

    • 58camsnightmares

      Krapernick isn’t out due to toxicity, he’s out due to a lack of talent.

      • Nonsense. Kap had a very good record in the league and there were at least two suitors post-San Fran contract tear up.

        1. Baltimore Ravens (willing to pay near full price) but Kap’s girlfriend lipped off about “modern day slave owners” meaning Baltimore’s owner specifically.
        2. Denver Broncos. Elway willing to pay $6 million on a prove it deal. Kind of like the Keenum deal but at a steeper discount. Here Kap refused to offer a discount: as undamaged goods he was definitely in the $15 to $20 million/year category.

        There’s not many teams/markets who could afford to sign Kap (local backlash). The two above, Seattle, San Fran and that’s about it. Of the eligible, everyone except Baltimore and Denver already had quarterbacks.

        This is why Kap signed the NFL collusion agreement – he had had reasonable offers (in line with a controversial star player coming off of a slightly down season). But is/was Kap good enough to star in the NFL – you bet. He’s almost at the level of Alex Smith, that is to say top 15 to bottom of top 10.

        • crosseyedlemon

          The bottom line is that image is more important to the NFL than an individuals talent. It’s much easier to replace talent than repair a damaged public image. Kaepernick had talent as does AB but there is only so much backlash the league will tolerate and then they say “enough is enough”.

  6. Steezy

    NFL Fans:

    AB complains about helmet: Dude is a POS, I hope he’s out of the league soon!

    AB accused of rape: woah woah woah, don’t rush to judgement we don’t know all the facts.

    • Kenneth haas

      Two drastically different things it’s better for us to let the system play out than to automatically assume he’s guilty. This is isn’t the Salem witch trials but if it was I’d say he’s probably a witch just saying

      That said I will wait til everything comes out because while I do believe his emails were aggressive as she pointed out they did not however show that no consent was given st the time of these actions

  7. anvil35

    So I guess “innocent until proven guilty” is dead in the post-Modern period??? F progressive swine!!

  8. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    Luckily for Mr. Big Chest, he has no history of destructively selfish behavior where he puts his interests above those of the people who trusted him, even if it devastates them, that her lawyer can point to…

    So, he’s got that going for him.

  9. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    I’ve started a new pool. How many days until a new crazy Mr. Big Chest story erupts?

    Get your bets in now:
    1 day: 3-5 odds
    2 days: Even
    3 to 7 days: 9-5 odds
    > 7 days: 2-1

    Also, how many days until his release from the Patriots?:
    1 day: 2-1
    2 days: Even
    3 to 7 days: 9-5 odds
    > 7 days: 1-5

  10. antsmith7

    Obviously don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. But Ryan Clark tried to tell us that Antonio Brown is not a good human being.

  11. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    BREAKING: Antonio Brown being pursued by Massachusetts State Police on I-90 driving a white Ford Bronco

  12. ahale224

    Look obviously none of us want anybody to ever go through rape or sexual assault. There are optics of how this shook out that don’t look great in terms of time or a lack of criminal charges. But who are we tell a person how to handle things and go about getting their justice if it happened?
    And at the same time, Antonio Brown comes off as kind of nuts and willing to do anything to get what he wants. That being said, he should absolutely be treated as innocent until this shakes out. I hope they both get help, and justice is served for whoever deserves it.

    Finally I’ll reiterate a point I made last night, which is just that having consensual sexual contact with a person, does not mean that whatever they decide to do in the future is consensual. If she had sex with him, but was uncomfortable with some things he did, that doesn’t mean that things did not escalate.

    • Chromimw

      Agreed. Also, even if it was a consensual relationship, people forget that there are marriages and relationships filled with different forms of abuse, and there are women who get raped by their own husbands and boyfriends.

  13. g8752

    what a fiasco. assuming Antonio Brown is able to play at all in the 2019 NFL season can you imagine him possibly winning the Super Bowl MVP? Can you imagine the Optics of that with the trophy being handed to Kraft and then ultimately to Antonio Brown and then to the GOAT? Or the Belichick interview after the game? Or maybe Donald Trump calling to publicly praise them for winning. what strange times we live in.

    • g8752

      maybe we could have Dawg the Bounty Hunter come out and arrest all of them at the Super Bowl including Rodger Goodell. That would make us some great comedy TV. even if it’s just a stunt some comic relief. can’t make up the stuff

  14. madmanTX

    People are just ignoring the texts Brown sent her, which are horrible. If it didn’t happen, then why taunt her with that stuff? Either way, he’s a horrible human being. He’s perfect for Trump’s favorite team though. Even his agent is doing that “repeat repeat repeat” statement method, like saying 2-3 times makes it more true. It doesn’t.

  15. padreforlife

    Usually cases like this women come out and pile on saying AB also did this to them

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