North Notes: Steelers, Burnett, Lions

If you’ve missed the latest Thursday-night game, injuries have limited the Steelers. Pittsburgh lost JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner; the former suffered a concussion and the latter re-injured the AC joint that sidelined him for the past two games. Both are out for the rest of the Browns game, as are cornerback Artie Burns and wideout Diontae Johnson (due to a knee injury and a concussion, respectively). This is Smith-Schuster’s third known concussion since coming into the league. He suffered two as a rookie in 2017.

Here is the latest from the North divisions:

  • Both of the Browns‘ starting safeties are out of tonight’s game. Shortly before Damarious Randall was ejected for a helmet-to-helmet hit, the Browns lost Morgan Burnett. The ex-Packers and Steelers defender suffered what the Browns fear is a significant Achilles injury, according to Adam Schefter of (on Twitter). After being relegated to a part-time role in his one Pittsburgh season, Burnett has been a full-time starter in Cleveland.
  • The NFL is looking into the Lions‘ handling of Matthew Stafford‘s back injury, Michael Rothstein of notes. Multiple Lions players were informed Saturday that Stafford would not play, but Detroit had called the quarterback a game-time decision. Stafford has been playing through back pain all season. The league requires teams to update their injury reports if it has been decided, prior to a team’s stadium arrival, a player will not play.
  • With Michael Pierce battling an injury, the Ravens bolstered their defensive tackle corps with two veteransDomata Peko and Justin Ellis.
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31 comments on “North Notes: Steelers, Burnett, Lions

  1. 2012orioles

    Rudolph had a rough game, but these injuries didn’t help, nor did the line, until it came time to fight Garrett. I’ll give him credit, he showed mental toughness. I gained some respect for him

  2. sufferfortribe

    And the rivalry is renewed! Browns beat Squeelers in more ways than one.
    Now it gets interesting.

  3. SunsetStripper

    It’s been 3 hours…isn’t it time for another Colin Kaepernick update?

  4. mcdusty49

    Rudolph started it, Myles took it too far…should e just kept his helmet as a souvenir

    • sufferfortribe

      Maybe Pouncey kicking him in the head while he was down will help to lessen Garrett’s suspension time?

      • Why would that have any bearing on it? It happened after Garrett lost his mind. It will just mean that Pouncey also gets a big suspension.

      • kevin

        nope Myles should be suspended for a entire season for that . Pouncey will get like 2 mabe 3 for his role but he was protecting his qb who just got a helmet to the head . the other OL made sure Myles was not gonna get up tho so that OL did good

      • madmanTX

        Sure, kicks into Garrett’s helmet that hurt Pouncey’s foot more than Garrett’s head versus assault with a deadly weapon that could have killed Rudolph. Yeah, those really equate. Moron.

    • kevin

      it looked like Rudolph had his left hand stuck in Myles helmet in the front face mask area so I think he was trying to get it unstuck while Myles was trying to get up

    • frank costanza

      Rudolph didn’t start anything until Garrett made a late hit then continued to tackle Rudolph to the ground unnecessarily, therefore Rudolph reacted by trying to rip his helmet off. I don’t blame Rudolph for ANY of it. Garrett just absolutely lost his mind the minute he tackled Rudolph. Btw, I am not a Browns fan. I hope Garrett’s suspension caries over into the next season as I think it will. What a coward!

        • TJECK109

          For swinging and connecting with another players head with a helmet? No way he gets 4 games

          • afsooner02

            How many times have you said that about punishment issued by the front office? Just going by track record here. Should it be more? Sure, but history has shown us they are weak willed to enforce tough standards and rules. So yeah….he’ll get 6 games and appeal it down to 4.

  5. brewcrewbernie

    Ripping a guy’s helmet off and hitting him in the head with it?! Makes Burfict look tame. Dude should be arrested for assault, what an animal. He shouldn’t see the football field for a very long time.

  6. Dennid

    Reading some of these idiotic comments makes me want to hit myself in the head with a helmet. And to think people like you end up on juries.

  7. 2012orioles

    I can’t get over the amount of people defending Garrett! He’d be in jail if he did that on the streets. And of course people try and make it about race.

  8. TJECK109

    It amazes me how glorified these athletes are. Anything like that happens anywhere but in sports it’s handcuffs and an assault charge

  9. BuckarooBanzai

    That … that was just redamndiculous.

    From the “Helmet as a Blunt Weapon” to the curb-stomp beatdown … just a whole lot of “what in the name of thuggery am I watching?”

    But hey, at least none of them bent the knee during the anthem … because that has no place in football right?

  10. madmanTX

    Nobody should be defending Garrett. Like someone said elsewhere, if he had done that to Brady, Garrett would have been electrocuted in the stadium last night by the NFL. NFL needs to send a message to players about what Garrett did or expect it (or worse) to happen again during a future game.

  11. BuckarooBanzai

    Somewhere, Vontaze Burfict, with an evil smile, is paying close attention to the fallout.

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