QB Notes: Rudolph, Rosen, Wentz

Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph told reporters he did not say anything that “escalated” the altercation between him and Myles Garrett, according to Mark Kaboly of The Athletic. Garrett, of course, swung a helmet at Rudolph’s bare head and received an indefinite suspension from the league, which he is currently appealing. While Garrett was not the only player suspended, many have criticized the league for handing no suspension to Rudolph for instigating the situation.

At the moment, Rudolph has yet to hear from the league regarding any punishment, per Kaboly. Although everyone believes a fine will be coming his way.

Here’s some more news surrounding quarterbacks around the league:

  • While Dolphins head coach Brian Flores revealed Ryan Fitzpatrick would be the team’s starter this week at quarterback, he left the door open for Josh Rosen to retake the mantle at some point in the near future. Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald speculates that a three-game stretch beginning on December 8th could have massive implications for Miami’s draft position. Giving the reigns back to Rosen could both help the team evaluate his long-term future and improve their draft standing, per Beasley.
  • Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has struggled recently. Even with his poor play of late, Philadelphia’s starting center Jason Kelce said he has “all the faith in the world [in Wentz]” during an interview on 94 WIP. At 5-5, the Eagles have failed to live up to lofty expectations and in last week’s 17-10 loss to the Patriots, Wentz completed just 20 of 40 pass attempts. However, with former backup Nick Foles now in Jacksonville, current backup Josh McCown is not going to push Wentz for playing time anytime soon.
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15 comments on “QB Notes: Rudolph, Rosen, Wentz

  1. phnxdark23

    I don’t understand the logic for starting Fitz over Rosen. You’re not winning anything this year, in fact you’re actively trying not to so you can get a top pick – so why not see what Rosen can do? Maybe you boost his trade value a bit, maybe you even discover that he might be the guy the Cardinals thought they were drafting in the 1st last year. Obviously that’s not likely, but you gain literally nothing having him ride the pine in favor of a journeyman who won’t be there next year and isn’t helping you win this year.

    • DrewFranklin

      I agree…I thought the smart move would be to let Fitz start the first 4-6 games to let Rosen get adjusted to the new system/playbook and then let him take over and evaluate him the rest of the season. I don’t see how switching back and forth between the two every few weeks makes any sense at all.

    • To further strengthen your position, the Dolphins gave up a 2nd rounder to get him. To keep Rosen on the bench is to not even try to get any value for the pick you gave up.

      • DrewFranklin

        Exactly…I don’t particularly buy into the narrative that the Dolphins are without a doubt going to draft a QB next year…doesn’t make sense given what you said, plus there are so many other holes on that team that I think they’d wanna address first. But, then again, I’m just a fan who works for a living, and not an NFL GM.

  2. Carson

    Rudolph the lying nose reindeer started the whole fight. Making him start is more punishment for the Steelers than suspending him anyway

    • If you’re defense is ‘he started it!!!’, you may want to head back to the school yard and come up with something better.

      Football is a physical game. There are little scrums in every game. Pushing, shoving, etc are a part of the game. What is not a part of the game is ripping a guy’s helmet off and slamming it down with full force onto someone’s head.

      I’m a Giants fan who hates both teams. But you don’t punish someone because the actions of someone else were insane.

      • Carson

        You might wanna go see your eye doctor. He tried to rip Garrett’s helmet off and then when his got ripped off he stupidly went after Garrett. I’m not condoning Garrett’s actions, I’m just stating facts.

    • joesmith9809

      Well put. Rudolph being allowed to play will ultimately allow the Browns to win the second game, even without Myles imo. The fight overshadowed his terrible play.

  3. afsooner02

    Rosen is a bust. cards got lucky to get anything by dumping him on miami and now the dolphins have to waste time figuring out he is a bust. if tua falls to them in 2-3rd round in the draft, they should take him.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    What Kelce was actually thinking was…”Wish we still had Wentz on a rookie salary so there would be more money for me”.

    • Polish Hammer

      Or “wish we had some WRs and a healthy Howard” so it wouldn’t look like it’s Wentz’s fault…

      • Itrainsontuesday

        Seriously. Eagles as a team must lead the league in dropped passes.

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