Raiders Make Flurry Of Roster Moves

Oakland is coming off three straight lopsided defeats, and in the wake of the embarrassments Jon Gruden is reshuffling his roster. The Raiders are waiving veteran defensive players D.J. Swearinger, Preston Brown, and Terrell McClain while signing running back Rod Smith, the team announced today.

They also placed rookie tight end Foster Moreau on injured reserve, which was expected. Oakland has given up at least 40 points in back to back weeks, and Gruden made it clear he isn’t happy with the defensive effort. Brown, an inside linebacker, had been with the Bengals for most of this season and was starting for them before he was scooped up by the Raiders prior to this week’s loss to the Titans. Brown started almost every game for the Bills from 2014-17, but he lasted only one game with Oakland. McClain started the season with Kansas City before latching on with the Raiders for the last few games.

Swearinger was picked up by Oakland after the Cardinals cut him earlier this season, and he started three of his four games with the Raiders including their most recent loss to Tennessee. He’ll get a shot elsewhere in 2020 if not sooner. Smith is a former Cowboys backup running back, and his signing could indicate that workhorse back Josh Jacobs won’t be ready to return this week.

The shakeup comes as the Raiders’ playoff hopes have been all but dashed. Just a few weeks ago they were looking good at 6-4, but they collapsed in epic fashion. Gruden promised there would be changes following their most recent loss, and he delivered by sending almost all of their recently added guys packing.

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14 comments on “Raiders Make Flurry Of Roster Moves

  1. raiderfurlife

    Jon, please put in Peterman see if you can groom a quarterback is not afraid of getting hurt!!

  2. crosseyedlemon

    There has never been a better time for this team to re-brand. Out of respect to Al Davis they should stop the charade of pretending to be the mighty Silver & Black. Go to Vegas, with a new name and new look.

    • bowserhound

      And give up all of the merchandise money that has kept the team relevant for the last 20 years? Yeah, don’t think so.

    • compassrose

      They are favorites with gangs can’t give up that money. Some of the top selling merch on the NFL. I am not passing judgement but there is no way I would change. Marky Mark has to get money some way he needs it for the awesome haircut and to keep repairs up on his van. I wonder is that a creeper van or for the Oakland lady’s of the night? Lol

      • crosseyedlemon

        Merchandising trends are always changing. Do any of you guys still own a rotary phone or B&W TV? There are many examples of successful business re-brands. Las Vegas itself could be considered a re-brand as it was originally a dessert stopover for army GIs.

        • throughoblivion

          Moving to Las Vegas won’t make them any better, a rebrand is pointless.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      It’s more than just a name, or a logo. You’d be wiping away the history of the franchise. This is the Raiders, where guys like Stabler, Allen and Brown became legends. You don’t just wash that away with a rebranding.

      • crosseyedlemon

        You wouldn’t be wiping away the great achievements of Al Davis and the Raider history he forged but preserving it. There comes a time when every son has to escape the shadow his father cast and create his own mark in life (no pun intended).

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