Kraft: Patriots “Plan To” Keep Tom Brady

As expected, Tom Brady rumors have picked up steam over the past couple of days. It has been clear for some time that the chance of a split between the future Hall-of-Famer and the Patriots is as great as it’s ever been, but a return to Foxborough is still on the table.

And team owner Robert Kraft wants to see Brady back with the Pats for his age-43 season. Kraft was asked by a TMZ reporter on Tuesday if the Patriots are going to re-sign Brady, and Kraft said, “we plan to” (h/t Doug Kyed of

Of course, we recently heard that Brady is looking forward to exploring free agency, and even if he ultimately remains with the Patriots, it will not be before he has first had the opportunity to test the market. The Chargers continue to be mentioned as a possible landing spot for Brady, and the Colts and Raiders have also been named as speculative fits.

Brady is not the player he once was, but the fact that he is still playing is remarkable in and of itself. In 2019, the Pats were driven primarily by their defense, as Brady posted a fairly pedestrian 88.0 QB rating. But with a very underwhelming collection of talent at wide receiver and tight end, he still threw for over 4,000 yards and 24 TDs against just eight interceptions.

The Chargers boast much more receiving talent than the Patriots do at the moment, and they also have a running back in Austin Ekeler who is adept at catching passes out of the backfield (assuming the Bolts bring Ekeler back, which they almost certainly will). With a strong supporting cast, there is no reason to think Brady cannot play at a starter level for one or two more seasons.

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25 comments on “Kraft: Patriots “Plan To” Keep Tom Brady

  1. KCChiefs3485

    You mean to tell me the team Brady has played with for 20 years is planning to try to keep him?

    NO WAY!?!?

    This is totally mind boggling.

  2. echozulu88

    I think we all know Robert Kraft is just hoping for a happy ending in this situation.

    • forwhomjoshbelltolls

      Sure, but the question is…

      Is he willing to pay for it?

      And if so, whether the evidence of it will be admissible.

    • Not everyone likes Tom Brady, but Kraft is not about to kick the jerk off the team.

      • vtncsc

        LOL, a small part of me hopes Brady does leave NE and goes to your favorite team.

    • frank858

      Indy is the place to go, 3rd rank offensive line, weapons like T.Y. Hilton, Jack Doyle TE and Marlon Mack RB , not to mention a stout young defense and over 92 million under the cap to get him other weapons like A.J. Green and still get paid well.

      • dynamite drop in monty

        Kraft will never let it happen, even though you are correct.

        • vtncsc

          Kraft can’t control it. Tom is a FA and if he wants to go, he’ll go. Patriots only have like $30m in cap space.

          This literally has nothing to do with what Kraft wants.

          I could def see Tom going to Indy, sadly.

      • captainchaos55

        Hilton is over rated , Doyle is so so and Mack is decent but nothing special. I’ll give you the strong line but skill players are probably league average in Indy.

  3. I give no fox

    So why can’t the Pats just franchise tag him if they want to keep him so bad?

    • ron swanson

      It was put into his contract that they couldn’t tag him after the 2019 season.

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Coming Soon To a Theatre Near You: PATRIOT GAMES II. Starring Tom Brady, directed by Robert Kraft. Cameo appearance by Harrison Ford.

  5. Neither the Patriots nor Brady have a Plan B. Unless the Pats want to try and sign Rivers, Eli, or Winston. Or Brady wants to play for San Diego (5-11 last year, not likely) or Tennessee (a good team, but they probably wouldn’t want him). Brady will be back for 2020 and 2021 on the Pats.

    • pads fan1980

      I would love to see the chargers back I. San Diego thank you for making that mistake.

  6. fungie22

    Who cares? He’s cooked they need to get a QB of future? If Brady takes a one year deal ok, nothing longer than that!

  7. davidkaner

    Will Brady still be “embarrassed” if Kraft only offers him 25 million instead of 40 million? Greedy will get him no WR which he badly needs.

    • captainchaos55

      Brady would have a field day with Allen, M Williams, Hunter Henry, Gordon, Eckler ….. if the line can hold up that would be special.

      • frank858

        Henry, Gordon and Eckler are all free agents and their offensive line ranked 29th out 32 and gave up 88 QB pressures 2nd most in the NFL and to top it off are only 54 million under the cap. So highly doubt it.

  8. Ramon Garciaparra

    Prediction – cap rich Miami with former Patriot Flores as their head coach will sign free agents Brady, Thuney, McCourtey, Van Noy, and Collins ruining the cap strapped Patriots. Then the Dolphins add three studs with their first round picks and go into season as favorites in the AFC East. The patriots string of bad drafts and poor free agent signings finally catches up to them.

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